Daredevil #507

Title :"Left Hand Path: Part Three"
Writer:Andy Diggle/Antony Johnston
Penciler:Marco Checchetto
Inker:Marco Checchetto
Cover:Paolo Rivera
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna
Editor:Stephen Wacker
Assistant Editor:Tom Brennan
Cover Price:2.99


Matt Murdock
The Hand
White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)

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Andy Diggle
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Antony Johnston
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Marco Checchetto
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Paolo Rivera
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Issue Summary

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The Hand Daimyo conspiring against Daredevil are watching the hero's movements through Makoto's "third eye" abilities. DD is outside on a rooftop, brooding. But he quickly has company, as Bakuto's men attack. The Daimyo wonder if they should intervene, but decide that if DD can't defeat a ninja-kill team then he's not the man they thought he was, and their years of careful planing will be for naught.


While DD battles outside, the Daimyo tell White Tiger to make her move now while Murdock is distracted. Bakuto is in his chambers taking tea with his lieutenants...


Daredevil continues to battle Bakuto's ninja team. The Daimyo wonder if they can trust White Tiger... they reveal that without Black Tarantula's healing factor, her Hand conditioning reasserts itself. And they also reveal that it was White Tiger who planted the seed of Shadowland in Matt Murdock's mind.


Bakuto and his men await news of Matt Murdock's death and hear a knock at the door. The door is opened only to find White Tiger. She quickly breaks the neck of one of Bakuto's men, and then another. She grabs a sword off the wall and attacks Bakuto...


DD is outnumbered but is disposing of many of the ninja. The Daimyo wonder how Murdock will react to Bakuto's death... will he believe he know has total control of The Hand? DD battles the last ninja and tries to save him from falling to his death. He demands to know if it's Bakuto or one of the other Daimyo who is behind the attack. The ninja cuts the line holding him, without answering.


White Tiger gets the better of Bakuto and stabs him in his stomach, making it appear that Bakuto has performed Seppuku (ritual suicide). White Tiger walks outside the chamber and DD comes smashing his way through a windor. She pretends that she has been looking for him. He says that he was attacked by ninja carrying Kusarigama, Bakuto's signature weapon. White Tiger directs DD to Bakuto's chamber, lying that she found Bakuto "like this". She says that after Bakuto saw his attack on DD had failed, he didn't see any other way out. The other Daimyo appear, demanding to know what has happened. DD reveals the plot against him, but he thinks the way it has played out is a little too neat. White Tiger convinces DD that his planned outcome has occured... the unification of The Hand. He wonders if cold blooded murder is the answer. She says that The Hand is full of murderers and that's why DD joined them, to turn them away from this path. It's decision time, she tells DD. "You decide how this plays out. You." After a few moments, DD decides that she's right and they've got what they came for. They can go home.


DD and White Tiger are leaving on their jet. The Daimyo reveal everything is going according to plan... Matt Murdock thinks himself to be in control.

Matt tells White Tiger that he is appointing Black Tarantula as South America Daimyo. WT says "I'm sure he'll be... thrilled."

As the jet leaves, the Daimyo reveal themselves...

"And so Murdock returns to set his destiny in motion, and with it, the fate of all mankind. In Shadowland, the tree of our ambition shall bear bitter fruit, and Snakeroot shall reign supreme."

The Snakeroot were last seen in the Elektra: Root of Evil mini-series, and were thought to be no more...


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