Daredevil #506

Title :"Left Hand Path: Part Two"
Writer:Andy Diggle/Antony Johnston
Penciler:Marco Checchetto
Inker:Marco Checchetto
Cover:Paolo Rivera/Michael Del Mundo
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna
Editor:Stephen Wacker
Assistant Editor:Tom Brennan
Date:June 2010
Cover Price:2.99


Matt Murdock
The Hand
White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)

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Daredevil #507

Andy Diggle
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Antony Johnston
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Marco Checchetto
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Paolo Rivera
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Issue Summary

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Continuing from last issue, Bakuto is under the influence of magic and is seeing visions of DD as a demon, as the Hand ninja attack. While DD tries to convince Bakuto that he isn't behind the attack, several ninja are dispatched. Sensing their defeat, a ninja throws a flash bomb. DD chases after one of the ninjas while Bakuto waits. A ninja emerges from the shadows and places a sword on Bakuto's neck.

Daredevil chases down the ninja outside and subdues him. He asks who is behind this attack. The Hand ninja says "Those who walk... the Left Hand Path. From Shadow we came, and to shadow we return." The ninja then dissolves.

Back at Bakuto's room, he defends himself, but quickly is on the ground awaiting a deathstroke. Daredevil returns and saves Bakuto with a well thrown billy club. The ninja dissolves. Bakuto is not convinced that DD is not behind the attacks and is just pretending to save his life to gain his trust.

Later, DD and White Tiger walk the halls. DD wants WT to be in charge of security for Bakuto as all his men have been killed. All the Daimyo have been called to the Great Hall. DD knows it's an inside job but can't let the events destroy his work so far... the Hand has to be united. The discussion turns to magic, where DD talks about the "Left Hand Path"... the ancient quest to achieve divinity through black magic.

Later, in the Great Hall, Matt tries to get a confession from one of the Daimyos, and then all will be forgiven. Bakuto gets up from the table, seething at the discussion. Matt listens for any changes in the heartrates of the men, but none is acting guilty (or are hiding it well).

Outside, Bakuto tells one of his men that Matt is behind the attack and is perplexed that none of the others realize this. He says that Matt will learn that he is not the only one with "hidden blades at his command".

Later that night, Matt is in bed and is groggy. He realizes he can smell Elektra's scent in the room. "Elektra" tells him that something inside him needs to be cut out. She stabs him with a sai. Matt awakes with a startle, only to find out he is bleeding. Was it really a dream?

Underground, all the Daimyos (except Bakuto, of course) are secretly meeting again. They are unhappy with the turn of events... a different approach is needed. They need to focus on Matt's sense of decency to manipulate him. Another hooded figure enters, saying that Matt just needs to be wound up and pointed in the right direction... but why has he been chosen to lead them? The mysterious person is told to not question... only to carry out the mission. The hooded figure is asked... "Does he begin to suspect?"

The hood is pulled down... "Suspect me? Hell, no. As far as Matt's concerned... I'm as pure as the driven snow."

It's the White Tiger.


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