Daredevil #503

Title :"The Devil's Hand: Part Three"
Writer:Andy Diggle
Penciler:Roberto De La Torre/Marco Checchetto
Inker:Roberto De La Torre/Marco Checchetto
Cover:Esad Ribic
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna
Editor:Stephen Wacker
Assistant Editor:Tom Brennan
Cover Price:2.99


Becky Blake
Black Tarantula
Dakota North
Detective Alex Kurtz
Foggy Nelson
Lady Bullseye
Master Izo
The Hand
White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)

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Issue Summary

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Continuing from last issue, Daredevil, Black Tarantula, White Tiger and The Hand all descend on the Oscorp Cargo Dock and subdue the corrupt SWAT and policemen. BT explains to DD how Norman Osborn's fingers are all over this drug deal. DD tells White Tiger to dump the one million dollars worth of heroin into the river.

One of the Hand ninjas has a sword to a policeman's throat. White Tiger checks on the cop who had his hand chopped off last issue. He needs medical attention fast. The cops plead for their lives. The ninja waits for the kill order from DD... WT asks DD "You chose this path. The question is how far are you willing to take it?"

At the law offices of Nelson, Murdock and Blake, Foggy dumps a pile of appeal case files onto Becky's desk. With Foggy disbarred (see last issue), Becky is working on an appeal. Dakota shows up and hears the news. Becky says since she is the only one running the firm, she won't be able to afford Dakota's PI services. Dakota checks some mail and is shocked to learn her PI licence has been revoked. The three know something fishy is going on... first Matt, then Foggy and now Dakota.

Back at the Oscorp Cargo Dock, Detective Kurtz goes over the crimescene with a CSI. They determine that there were police issue bullets used, but no return fire. There's bloodstains from 15 different people. But no bodies. It doesn't make sense, Kurtz thinks... why would a dozen cops up and disappear in the middle of a drug bust?

From atop a building looking over the Dock, White Tiger is worried about what has transpired. BT thinks the cops deserved their fate... WT thinks there could have been a better solution. The reader is left to wonder what did DD decide to do with the corrupt cops...

Elsewhere, in Chinatown, DD meets with Master Izo, who is in hiding. Izo is perplexed... he doesn't know what DD plans to do next. Izo wants DD to destroy The Hand from within. DD does not want to be Izo's puppet. DD tells Izo he should leave NYC now... if The Hand finds out Izo is still alive, things could get bad for Izo... which Izo in turn says would be bad for DD. DD asks if that is a threat. Izo laughs and says DD is so easy to manipulate because he doesn't back away from a threat. As Izo leaves, he tells DD that he's not the only one who knows that about him. DD wonders what Izo means by that...

Later, in Manhatten, a bus full of cons is supposed to be headed to Ryker's Island. But the cops in charge stop the bus and order the cons to get out. One of the cops meets with two men named Mosley and Todd. The cop tells the men to make his "injuries" not too severe. But Mosley and Todd have other plans and double-cross the other cop and kill him. The cons want to know what is going on. They are told that The Hood has arranged their early release and they are now indebted to him -- by staying in NYC and handing over half of whatever they earn on the streets.

Later, Mosley and Todd pay a visit to the Kingpin, only to find KP disposing of several former henchmen of the Owl, who disagreed with the new arrangement. The men tell KP that the bus full of cons work for them now... but they are wondering why half the men think they work for the Owl and the other half think they work for the Hood. KP tells the men they should never, ever question him again. The men leave in a hurry. Lady Bullseye comes out of the shadows and asks KP the same question. KP wants to know why Norman Osborn is allowing the Hood to operate with impunity.

Back at the inner sanctum of The Hand, DD is addressing his ninja. If the cops will not be trusted, then The Hand should be the force in charge. The Hand will take back the streets. But, DD says there must be boundaries. He calls the ninja who sliced off the cop's hand. DD says that line must not be crossed. In shame, the ninja impales himself on his sword before DD can stop him. DD says to White Tiger that this isn't what he wanted. She replies that "you joined a league of assassins, what did you expect?"

She ominously says "And if you think things are ugly now... how much worse do you think they're going to get?"


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