Daredevil #504

Title :"The Devil's Hand: Part Four"
Writer:Andy Diggle
Penciler:Roberto De La Torre
Inker:Roberto De La Torre
Cover:Esad Ribic
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna
Editor:Stephen Wacker
Assistant Editor:Tom Brennan
Cover Price:2.99


Black Tarantula
Dakota North
Detective Alex Kurtz
Foggy Nelson
Judge Kramer
Lady Bullseye
Norman Osborn
The Hand
White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)

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Andy Diggle
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Esad Ribic
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Roberto De La Torre
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Issue Summary

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Daredevil sits in his underground Hand lair, and one of his architects presents some blueprints to him. The site in Hell's Kitchen from "Dark Reign: The List - Daredevil" has been purchased and all permits have been acquired. DD wants this site, "Shadowland", to be built within 3 months. The architect expresses his shock at the timeline, but will use the resources at his disposal to get the job done.

Black Tarantula enters the room as the architect leaves. He says it's too bad about DD's friends. DD doesn't know what he's talking about. BT is surprised that DD doesn't know about Foggy getting disbarred and Dakota losing her license. DD tells BT to gather all the men. They are going into action tonight against Norman Osborn.

At NYPD's Precinct House 18, Detective Alex Kurtz and Officer Lowrie are visited by one the Hand ninjas. The ninja tells them that the precinct is in Hand territory and it should be abandoned. If not, it will be considered an act of war. Lowrie is about to draw his gun, but he is knocked unconscious. Kurtz says aloud "I think we got ourselves a ninja problem".

Midtown. Lady Bullseye and Kingpin are watching DD and the Hand's activities. KP wants to watch the Hand and HAMMER destroy each other, and then he can pick up the pieces. Lady Bullseye thinks this is all a game and wonders why she can't just kill DD. KP says DD still has a role to play. He tells Lady Bullseye to blend in and kill only police and HAMMER...

At Avengers Tower, Norman Osborn gets word that Mayor Jameson needs HAMMER's help to root out The Hand. Bullseye (as Hawkeye) wants in the action, but Osborn tells him he has to sit it out because of his past failures. He will send in a company of HAMMER troops...

Meanwhile, at the Excelsior Hotel, Foggy and Dakota are on a mission to blackmail Judge Kramer. They bang on a door and find the judge with a young girl. The girl leaves while Dakota and Foggy ask who is behind his recent actions (getting Foggy disbarred and having Dakota lose her license). They ask if it's Osborn. The judge puts his head in his hands... no, it's not Osborn. It's Wilson Fisk. Dakota and Foggy need to find Matt, right away.

In Hell's Kitchen, HAMMER troops are moving in. DD stands atop a building, telling all the people below that a person under Osborn's employ (namely Bullseye) massacred over 100 innocent people. This is where they draw the line. He instructs HAMMER to fall back and there will be no bloodshed. But Lady Bullseye is sneaking around and kills one of the police snipers and throws him off the building. This sets off the battle...

The next morning, Dakota and Foggy find one of the HAMMER troops in the war zone. They ask him where everyone is... HAMMER, the police etc. He says The Hand dragged them away. It was horrible as they were dragged away screaming. Dakota wonders aloud what has become of Matt.

In the underground Hand lair, White Tiger asks DD if it was worth it... HAMMER will come down harder on them. DD says they'll be ready once Shadowland is complete. Black Tarantula says there's no way it will be built in time. DD says it better be. BT will be in charge while DD is away. He is going to Japan to attend to Hand business, and he's taking White Tiger with him. She asks what to do with their "guests". DD says to keep them on rations. It is then revealed that DD is keeping HAMMER and police captive in cages in the lair. He is not worried that they will run out of room to keep all the prisoners. Once Shadowland is complete, there will be a bigger prison.


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