Daredevil #505

Title :"Left Hand Path: Part One"
Writer:Andy Diggle/Antony Johnston
Penciler:Marco Checchetto
Inker:Marco Checchetto
Cover:Paolo Rivera/Max Fiumara
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna
Editor:Stephen Wacker
Assistant Editor:Tom Brennan
Cover Price:2.99


Matt Murdock
The Hand
White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)

Daredevil #504

Daredevil #506

Andy Diggle
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Antony Johnston
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Marco Checchetto
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Max Fiumara
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Paolo Rivera
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Issue Summary

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In a private jet over the Pacific Ocean, Matt and Angela Del Toro are on their way to meet with the Hand at a summit in Japan. Angela doesn't see the point of the summit. If there are people who oppose Matt, they should be cast out. But Matt says he needs all five Daimyo's (regional warriors) support before he can execute his plan. Angela is now Daimyo of North America. Matt needs her support, but Angela wonders if it's the right choice.


Makoto (Eurasia), Takashi (Japan), Yutaka (Africa)... three Daimyo of the Hand are practising their archery. They are interrupted by a gunshot which destroys the target. Bakuto (South America) announces himself. He is younger than the other three. Bakuto is not happy that Matt is now in charge. He is warned that he must abide by the unanimous Daimyo decision. He is told his old sensei, Izanagi, understood the importance of this. Bakuto reminds them that Izanagi is dead... and they are no longer unanimous. Yutaka and Bakuto are about to draw weapons when they are interrupted by Matt and Angela.

All the Daimyo kneel before Matt, except for Bakuto. Matt gathers all the men and tells them that he knows many of them don't trust him. But he doesn't care. He is their Shogun and they must obey. He hopes in time he can show he's worthy of their respect.

Bakuto interrupts the speech and lets Matt know they need a leader who is uncompromised. Angela mutters that she knows who he's thinking of. Bakuto and Angela almost start fighting when they are stopped by Matt. He tells Bakuto that he can air his grievances at the summit tomorrow. Now it is time for rest.


Sitting around a pit (like one Elektra once had to endure), the three Daimyo discuss the night's events. Yukata mentions that the second adept is appointed. But now they have a new problem... namely Bakuto.


Bakuto is rolling dice and is having lots of good luck. Later, with some of his men in his limo, he tells them that he needs to show the other Daimyo the error of their ways. He also tells how he killed his old sensei Izanagi. He didn't even give Izanagi the honour of killing himself with seppuku. He shot him in the face.

Back at the castle, the three Daimyo realize their years of planning might be undone by Bakuto. They need to act tonight. They say Murdock is blind to his true role in this... and to the real power behind the Hand. He may yet turn Bakuto. If not... they will kill him.

The next day, at the summit, Matt tells the Daimyo that The Hand has not changed with the times... that is why they reached out to him. They have degenerated into a gang of common killers-for-hire. He offers them a purpose, a way to bring justice. With their resources they can effect real change in the world, with their contacts in high positions. Bakuto says he is betraying every one of The Hand's ideals. Matt tells him he should think twice about accusing his Shogun of betrayal. He killed Master Izo... his friend... to prove his loyalty. Bakuto also is not quite impressed that a woman is a Daimyo. Matt tells him that they once appointed Elektra to lead them. The Daimyo say they have learned from their mistakes. Matt says they should retire and meet again after the banquet.


The Daimyo are eating, but Bakuto is eating way too fast for the other's liking. He wants to be away from the corruption, he says. Suddenly, Bakuto starts seeing demons... and is taken away to his quarters. Angela and Matt don't know what has happened. Matt can't smell any poison (or bad sushi). Matt says he needs to get Bakuto to trust him.

Later, Matt, in costume, sneaks to Bakuto's room. He tells him that he has come unseen. Matt senses that Bakuto's heart is beating like a jackhammer. Bakuto is still seeing demons. Matt realizes some magic must be at play. Bakuto swings his sword and chops an arm of a member of the Hand. Matt turns to realize the room is now full of Hand soldiers, with their swords at the ready.


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