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December 2003

  • 29/12 - [Shipping update]

    January 2

    * Kingpin #7 (final issue) $2.99
    * ACTOR Daredevil Death of Elektra Litho $19.99
    * Elektra Bound Wall Scroll $17.99
    * Elektra V T/S (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Elektra VI T/S (O/A) $17.95

    January 7

    * Elektra #31 $2.99
    * Ultimate Spider-Man #52 $2.25 (Elektra, Kingpin storyline)

  • 29/12 - [MK Encyclopedia info]

    As most of you have noticed, there is a new Marvel Encyclopedia coming in March, 2004, for the Marvel Knights. It will feature Daredevil, Punisher, Ghost Rider & Blade related characters. The Daredevil section will have information on many of your favourites, including Bullseye, Elektra, Kingpin, and some characters you may not have heard about in a while, like Micah Synn, Becky Blake and the Masked Marauder. There is also an appendix, for many of the characters who didn't get a profile in the book. I am honoured to finally announce that the Daredevil characters portion of this book was written by... Kuljit Mithra! I've been working on the book for the better part of the last 4 months (and counting) and am extremely thankful to Marvel for this opportunity. Hope you guys like it! Any questions, please ask on the message board, and I'll ask Marvel what I can reveal.

  • 23/12 - [Bendis update]

    On Brian Bendis's web site:

    "DAREDEVIL HARDBACK VOLUME 3 has some real kick ass extras. I wrote a little valentine to every guest artist in issue fifty where we single out my favorite piece of their Daredevil work. Plus Alex [Maleev] and I saved all the goodies so we really got some good stuff."

  • 22/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 24

    * Marvel Previews January 2004
    * Punisher #37

    January 2 (due to holiday)

    * Kingpin #7

  • 17/12 - [Previews preview]

    As always, here's a sneak peek at what to expect in next week's Previews that is DD-related, for items shipping in March 2004. Full solicit info soon!

    * Pulse #2
    * Daredevil #58
    * Elektra #34
    * Marvel 1602 #8
    * Marvel Encyclopedia Vol. 5: Marvel Knights HC $29.99
    * Daredevil Vol. 8: Echo: Vision Quest TPB (already!) $13.99
    * Elektra II Poster $5.99
    * DF Daredevil Death of Elektra Statue w/ Bonus Statue $189.99
    * Classic Daredevil Symbol Long Sleeve II T-Shirt ($23.95/$26.95)

  • 15/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 17

    * DAREDEVIL #55 $2.99
    * ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #51 (Kingpin, Elektra) $2.25

    December 24

    * PUNISHER #37 $2.99

  • 12/12 - [More Affleck comments]

    This time in an interview with Dark Horizons...

    "I am not eager to get back into the crimson outfit. It was a really, really, really hard movie to make and was sometimes really frustrating. They want to do a sequel, but what would be really interesting to me was if Kevin Smith wrote it. I don't want to do it just to do more kung-fu in the red suit and I actually think there is an even kind of darker way to go with it. I would do that verbatim, because I think it's a great story."

    Dark Horizons

  • 12/12 - [Mighty Beanz!]

    The Marvel Mighty Beanz are now in stores... Daredevil is a common bean, Bullseye is an uncommon bean, and Elektra is a rare bean. If you want more info on what the beans are, check out their site:


  • 11/12 - [DD#55 First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has posted next week's First Looks, and the conclusion to the Echo storyline in DD#55 is among the previews. Have a look if you're interested.

    Comics Continuum

  • 09/12 - [Bendis talks DD]

    Newsarama spoke with Brian Bendis about the forthcoming DD arc, and Bendis drops some hints on what to expect. Also, if you missed the preview in Marvel Previews #4, there are several scans on the Newsarama site.


  • 08/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 10

    * MARVEL 1602 #5 (Of 8) $3.50

    December 17

    * DAREDEVIL #55 $2.99

  • 08/12 - [Affleck Downplays DD II]

    Ben Affleck spoke with Sci-Fi Wire while promoting his new movie Paycheck and had this to say about his involvement in a Daredevil II movie.

    "I would do some sort of cameo in Jen's movie - she's going to do Elektra - just because she's cool, and she's my friend. But I'm not banging down the door trying to get Daredevil II made. You'll know when my career is really on the slide when I start resurrecting the franchise."


    More at Sci-Fi Wire:

    Sci-Fi Wire

    Discuss this on the Message Board

  • 05/12 - [Daredevil on HBO]

    The Comics Continuum has posted today that HBO will air the Daredevil movie starting Feb. 7, 2004, and the Making Of special will also be aired again. Check out the site for the schedule.

    Comics Continuum

  • 01/12 - [Fall From Grace: 10 years]

    In 1993, Daredevil: Fall From Grace hit the stands, promising vast changes to the title. And what changes they were! The armoured costume, Hellspawn, Eddie Passim, Kenkoy, Snakeroot, John Garrett, Erynys, Venom, Silver Sable, Crippler, and the Chaste all showed up, and the most controversial of all... Elektra returned.

    I had the chance to interview many of the people involved with this arc, so here they are again for your reading pleasure! :)

    Link: Interview with D.G. Chichester
    Link: Interview with Scott McDaniel
    Link: Interview with Hector Collazo
    Link: Interview with Mike Oeming
    Link: Interview with Pat Garrahy
    Link: Interview with Harry Candelario

  • 01/12 - [Shipping update]

    December 3

    * Elektra #30
    * Ultimate Spider-Man #50 (Elektra, Kingpin)

    December 10

    * Marvel 1602 #5

  • 01/12 - [Tales of Wonder Sale]

    Tales of Wonder has a 50% off sale on selected Daredevil TPBs and HC's, so check them out if you're interested!

    * Daredevil Vol. 1 HC - $14.99 ($29.99 retail price)

    * Daredevil Vol. 2 HC - $14.99 ($29.99 retail price)

    * Daredevil Born Again TPB - $8.99 ($17.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Yellow TPB - $7.49 ($14.99 retail price)

    * Daredevil Man Without Fear TPB - $8.49 ($16.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Typhoid Mary TPB - $9.99 ($19.99 retail price)

    * Daredevil Visionaries Kevin Smith S&N HC - $29.99 ($69.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 1 - $27.99 ($39.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 2 - $27.99 ($39.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 3 - $27.99 ($39.95 retail price)

    November 2003

  • 25/11 - [10 page DD#56 preview]

    Wednesday's Marvel Previews #4 will have a 10 page preview of Daredevil #56, by Bendis and Maleev. 99 cents or free with Previews purchase!

  • 24/11 - [Console game date?]

    Kodiak wrote in to tell me this about the long-delayed DD video game...

    Gamestop.com is advertising the Daredevil video game for the Playstation 2 console to go on sale 1-27-04 for $39.99

    Go here for more details...

  • 24/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 26

    * Marvel Previews
    * Punisher #36
    * Gene Colan Treasury SC Signed (O/A) $30.00

    December 3

    * Elektra #30

  • 20/11 - [Punisher #36 First Look]

    Next week's Punisher #36 preview is available at the Comics Continuum. See the result of last issue's DD fight with the Punisher...

    Comics Continuum

  • 19/11 - [Previews preview]

    February 2004 Previews will be available next week, but here's what you can look forward to that is DD-related...

    * Daredevil #57
    * Daredevil Vol 3 HC
    * Marvel Masterworks DD Vol.2 2nd edition HC
    * Pulse #1
    * Secret War Book One
    * Elektra #33
    * 1602 #7
    * Punisher Vol. 6 Confederacy of Dunces TPB
    * Daredevil Justice Superlitho ($14.95/$24.95/$64.95/$244.95)
    * Daredevil Vol. 1 Digital Comic DVD
    * Daredevil/Elektra Vol. 1 Digital Comic DVD
    * Elektra in White Wall Scroll

  • 19/11 - [Director's Cut in April]

    In a conference call to analysts yesterday, Marvel's Avi Arad revealed that the long-rumoured DD Director's Cut DVD is slated for April of next year. He also noted that Elektra is on target for 2005.

    For more details, please see: Newsarama's report.

  • 18/11 - [New Attakus statue]

    Kamikaz Comics, who sold quite a few Red Daredevil statues, have informed me of a brand new yellow costumed version of the statue. Here's a pic, and if you want more details, please follow this link:

    Kamikaz Comics

  • 17/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 19

    * Daredevil #54

    November 26

    * Punisher #36

  • 13/11 - [DD#54 First Look]

    Comics Continuum has posted a preview of next week's Daredevil #54 by David Mack, so head on over if you want to have a look...

    Comics Continuum

  • 12/11 - [TalesofWonder.com sale]

    Thanks to the people who ordered some books through TalesofWonder.com last month. It will help offset some of the costs of running this site. Here is the list of books that are still on sale. In the coming weeks I will post some more links to DD items, and we may run a contest as well.

    * Daredevil Visionaries Kevin Smith S&N HC - $29.99 ($69.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 1 - $27.99 ($39.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 2 - $27.99 ($39.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 3 - $27.99 ($39.95 retail price)

    Some others you may be interested in:

    * Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson S&N HC - $29.99 ($69.95 retail price)

    * Earth X Hardcover Package - $34.99 ($95.00 retail price)

  • 11/11 - [SFBC DD novelization]

    If you are a member of the Science Fiction Book Club, they are currently offering an exclusive hardcover edition of the Daredevil movie novelization by Greg Cox for $9.99 ($16.99 in Canada). SFBC hardcover editions are usually smaller than a normal hardcover in size.


  • 10/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 12

    * Kingpin #6
    * Marvel 1602 #4
    * Punisher #35
    * Captain America #20

    November 19

    * Daredevil #54

  • 06/11 - [New DF Lithograph]

    Dynamic Forces sent me a press release concerning some new lithographs coming in January, 2004, and there is a Daredevil litho available!

    Art Featuring the X-Men, Daredevil, Spidey And More Available For Your Collection.

    November 6, 2003, Runnemede, NJ - Dynamic Forces is preparing four new Lithographs -- featuring art and characters from Marvel Comics - for release in January, 2004. Pre-Orders are being taken now, both direct from DF (via www.dynamicforces.com) and your local specialty retailer.



    This amazing new piece of commissioned and original art, depicting Daredevil, Elektra and Bullseye, is available exclusively as a high-quality DF Lithograph!

    Set in the streets of NYC, painter John Watson has captured the trio in the midst of a deadly encounter, with DD sweeping down on his mortal enemy as the true-love of his life looks on, and New Yorkers flee the scene!

    Measuring 18" by 24" and printed on archival 80lbs. Gallerie Silk Stock this masterpiece will be a treasured addition to your collection!

    $24.99 Suggested Retail Price
    Limited to only 500 pieces in the world!

  • 06/11 - [Elektra movie info]

    Just a quick mention of the Elektra movie in a conference call with Avi Arad, that was posted on Newsarama a short time ago...

    "Elektra", which is in current development, will be the "sequel" to Daredevil, with the character first appearing there, and then be reunited in Daredevil 2.


  • 06/11 - [Punisher, Cap First Looks]

    Next week's Punisher and Captain America books are available for preview at the Comics Continuum site. Both books feature Daredevil/Matt Murdock.

    Comics Continuum

  • 03/11 - [Shipping update]

    November 5

    * Alias #28
    * Elektra #29
    * Art of Marvel Comics HC
    * ACTOR Death of Elektra Statue $189.99

    November 12

    * Kingpin #6
    * Marvel 1602 #4
    * Punisher #35
    * Captain America #20

    October 2003

  • 31/10 - [AICN Bendis interview]

    AICN's Vroom Socko sat down with Brian Michael Bendis and asked a ton of questions... find out if Bendis believes if Daredevil can really tip over a limo... and find out which of Matt's girlfriends he'd choose.

    Bendis interview

  • 30/10 - [Elektra #29 First Look]

    Next week's Elektra #29 is previewed at the Comics Continuum...

    Comics Continuum

  • 30/10 - [DD in Marvel Previews]

    If you want to get a sneak peek of a double-page spread of Alex Maleev art, check out the Marvel Previews from this week. There's a pic of Matt Murdock unmasked, standing over the Kingpin. My guess is that this is from issue #56, coming in January!

  • 27/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 29

    * Marvel Previews

    November 5

    * Alias #28
    * Elektra #29

  • 22/10 - [Previews preview]

    As always, here's a quick look at what to look for in next week's Previews for January 2004 items. Complete solicitation info will be posted shortly...

    * Daredevil #56
    * Elektra #31
    * Elektra #32
    * Marvel 1602 #6
    * Elektra Vol.3 Relentless TPB
    * Marvel Minimates 2-pk Series 4 $6.99
    * ACTOR Death of Elektra Litho $19.99
    * ACTOR Earth X Daredevil Mega Bust Bronze Edition $69.99
    * DF Daredevil vs. Elektra & Bullseye Litho $24.99
    * Elektra T-Shirt $17.95
    * Elektra Bound Wall Scroll $17.99
    * Elektra Excellence 8x10 Framed Superlitho $14.95
    * Elektra Excellence 18x24 Unframed Superlitho $24.95
    * Elektra Excellence 18x24 Framed Superlitho $64.95
    * Elektra Excellence 3ftx4ft Framed Superlitho $244.95

  • 21/10 - [Mack newspaper article]

    The Cincinnati Enquirer ran a story on David Mack today... check it out when you get a chance. Thanks to Alice for the heads up.

    David Mack: Portrait of a Comic Book Artist

  • 20/10 - [DD#57 sneak peek]

    Alex Maleev posted some preview art from DD#57 on the Bendis board...

    Bendis Board

  • 20/10 - [Intec Digital Books]

    The Pulse has an interview with Intec, a company that is producing digital comic books. Daredevil is in the plans for release, so check out the links following the interview link.

    The Pulse

    Check out these links too, from the Intec site. "Guardian Devil" will be released on November 7, 2003, as well as Ultimate DD/Elektra.

    * Guardian Devil
    * Ultimate DD/Elektra

    They've even got trailers for the books too!


  • 20/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 22

    * Daredevil Hardcore TPB $13.99
    * Captain America #19 (DD appearance)
    * Punisher #34 (DD appearance)

    October 29

    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 17/10 - [Kingpin ends with #7]

    The Pulse is reporting that the Kingpin series will end with #7. More details:

    The Pulse

  • 17/10 - [Graphitti Designs HC sale]

    Tales of Wonder has recently purchased all of Graphitti Designs remaining stock of Marvel hardcover books. They are selling them at discount and let me know about it since this includes all the Frank Miller Visionaries hardcovers, and the Kevin Smith hardcover book w/ CD-ROM. If you're interested, please click on any of the links below. If you buy any of them, it will help offset some of the costs of running my site.

    * Daredevil Visionaries Kevin Smith S&N HC - $29.99 ($69.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 1 - $27.99 ($39.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 2 - $27.99 ($39.95 retail price)

    * Daredevil Visionaries Frank Miller Vol 3 - $27.99 ($39.95 retail price)

    Some others you may be interested in:

    * Thor Visionaries Walt Simonson S&N HC - $29.99 ($69.95 retail price)

    * Earth X Hardcover Package - $34.99 ($95.00 retail price)

  • 16/10 - [Punisher, Cap First Looks]

    Comics Continuum has posted First Looks for next week, and DD makes appearances in Punisher #34 and also in the Captain America storyline in #19.

    Comics Continuum

  • 15/10 - [Vampirella appearance]

    Not-so-subtle versions of Matt Murdock and Foggy Nelson appear in a story in today's Vampirella Magazine #1. "Mark" is a lawyer who has a friend that looks exactly like Foggy. "Mark" mentions that "I'm not a villain" in reference in the DD movie, and also is admonished by "Foggy" because he mentioned he sleeps in an isolation chamber (once again, in reference in the movie). "Mark" also seems to have a healthy attraction for the ladies. The magazine is probably not suited for all ages, so reader discretion advised...

  • 13/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 15

    * Daredevil #53

    October 22

    * Daredevil Hardcore TPB $13.99
    * Punisher #34 (DD guest-stars)

  • 13/10 - [Mack show images]

    Thanks to Josh Blair, here are some images from David Mack's art show at NKU.

  • 13/10 - [Lower CDN prices]

    Newsarama has reported that Marvel has lowered Canadian cover prices, to properly coincide with exchange rates... so Daredevil will now cost $4.25, instead of $4.75. More details below:


  • 09/10 - [Appearances]

    Several DD-related appearances this week...

    * Punisher #33 - DD, Spidey and Wolverine plan to take Frank Castle down...
    * Paradise X: X - Matt Murdock, Elektra, Kingpin, Vanessa Fisk...
    * 1602 #3 - Matt Murdoch (note spelling) and Natasha on their mission...

    Kingpin #5 is also out, as well as the next chapter in 'Blockbuster' in Ultimate X-Men, although Daredevil does not appear in both of these books.

  • 09/10 - [DD#53 First Look]

    The Comics Contiuum has posted their First Looks for next week, and Daredevil #53 is among them. Head on over if you want the first four pages spoiled for you...

    Comics Continuum

  • 07/10 - [Daredevil/Bullseye Minimates]

    If you are a member of the 'Radicals' on the Diamond Select Toys site, you can get a first look of the next wave of Minimates. This wave has the 'Battle Damaged' Daredevil, with a new Bullseye in the same pack.

    Diamond Select Toys

  • 06/10 - [Shipping update]

    October 8

    * Kingpin #5
    * Marvel 1602 #3
    * Punisher #33 (DD guest-stars)

    October 15

    * Daredevil #53
    * Art of Marvel Comics HC $29.99

  • 02/10 - [DD figure recalled?]

    Thanks to David for pointing me to this item:

    From Off The Card:

    Naughty Words Corrupt The Youth
    Today at work while servicing two different Wal-mart stores, 45 miles apart and in two different districts, I noticed something very unusual in the claims booth. What I saw were stacks of the Marvel Legends Daredevil figure, waiting to be returned to the Wal-mart return center. I asked the claim associate(s) about the pull and they informed me the comic included with Daredevil contained inappropriate language for children. I then looked at the e-mail myself and noticed the recall was something to the effect of a manufacturers recall. So maybe Toy-Biz made the recall and this will effect all stores, but that might not be the case. For now look for the ML Daredevil figures to disappear from your Wal-mart stores.

    No idea if this is true or not, but if you notice this in a Wal-Mart near you, let me know!

  • 02/10 - [News items]

    * David Mack's gallery show opens today... more details in item on 29/09
    * This week: Alias #27, the next to last chapter of Purple, where Jessica confronts Killgrave in prison
    * Also: Elektra #28, Darkdevil in Spider-Girl and the Ultimate version of Kingpin in Ultimate Spider-Man
    * Next week: Kingpin #5, 1602 #3, and DD's appearances in Punisher and Ultimate X-Men
    * If you didn't download that DD video game trailer, don't worry, it will be available soon on the official site.
    * If you've never heard of Mighty Beanz, just be warned there are some Marvel versions of them out there...
    * Watch for some news soon of the next wave of Mini-mates, including a Daredevil/Bullseye pack!
    * Did you buy the Marvel Urban Legends Gift Pack this week?

    September 2003

  • 29/09 - [Shipping update]

    October 1

    * Alias #27
    * Elektra #28
    * Marvel Legends Urban Legends Gift Pack $34.99 (includes Elektra and DD figures)

    October 8

    * Kingpin #5
    * Marvel 1602 #3
    * Punisher #33 (DD guest-stars)
    * Ultimate X-Men #38 (Ultimate DD)

  • 29/09 - [David Mack show]

    From David Mack:

    Here is an update on my new gallery show that will be opening this week! I have over 300 original art pieces in the show. It is a one man show and has the ENTIRE main gallery of the university that I graduated from. My biggest show ever.

    Included are: The original art from the entire issues of Daredevil #51-53. 33 original art pages from the Daredevil Wakeup story I did with Brian Michael Bendis. Hundreds of Kabuki pages from Metamorphosis, Skin Deep and Dreams (including the entire Ghost play art, and entire Kabuki One Half art).

    Four figure sculptures at real life scale. Large full figure paintings at real life scale and larger. Many, many personal figure drawings, sketches, studies and doodles. A brand new never before published black and white autobiographical 8 page story called .Self Portrait..

    The original cover art to selected published covers of Kabuki, Daredevil, Alias and more. The Tori Amos painting I did for her upcoming calendar.

    Handmade artbooks including .My Invisible Friend. (as seen in pages of Kabuki), Father Hymn Book, Mother Her Book. Child hood robot sculpture and first childhood oil painting and more.

    Also included are many books and books will be available for sale to the public at the night of the opening reception.

    Also free posters and post cards with the show art are free to public at the night of opening reception.

    Reception will have free food and drinks. Including SUSHI! Yum. I hope I have time to eat some.

    Previous update below will have other info dates, times and lecture night info:

    I have a new gallery exhibit of my artwork in October. It will be held in the art gallery of the University that I graduated from and will extensively feature original pages from Kabuki, Daredevil, Echo, and many non-comic related works and paintings.

    The opening night reception of the gallery will be Thursday October 2 from 5-8 pm. It will be held at the main gallery of the Art Building at Northern Kentucky University. Right across the river from Cincinnati Ohio.

    It is a one man show and my work will be up thoughout October but I hope people can make it on the opening night, as there will also be a signing held, a free poster for the gallery show, and books available. On Friday October 22 I will be having a lecture/discussion at the University. Last year NKU had Neil Gaiman do this at the University, and If you attended that you know how fun and interactive this can be.

    The last two years the NKU Literature dept hosted something like this. I did it the first year, and Neil Gaiman did it the second year. This October the art dept is sponsoring my show and working hand in hand with other departments of the University including the Literature dept, and book stores in the area. Both events are free to the public, and everyone is welcomed to attend!

  • 25/09 - [Elektra #28 First Look]

    Comics Continuum has posted First Looks for next week, and Elektra #28 is among them. Have a look if you're interested.

    Comics Continuum

  • 22/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 24

    * Nothing DD-related

    October 1

    * Alias #27
    * Elektra #28

  • 18/09 - [Previews preview]

    Here's a quick look at what you can expect to see in the next Previews Magazine that is DD-related. As images and solicitations become available, I'll update the site.

    December 2003

    * Daredevil #55
    * Elektra #30
    * Marvel 1602 #5
    * Kingpin #7 (price raised to $2.99)
    * ACTOR DFE Spider-Man/Daredevil Litho $24.99
    * Daredevil Limited Hardcover (not sure if it's new...) $79.95

  • 17/09 - [Punisher #33 Preview]

    The Comics Continuum has a preview up for Punisher #33, which features Spider-Man, Wolverine and Daredevil! It's on sale October 10.

    Comics Continuum

  • 16/09 - [Elektra movie news]

    Variety is reporting that the Elektra movie will begin production next summer during Jennifer Garner's break from Alias. Also, Joe Pantoliano gave some details about his contract situation with any Daredevil sequels at the Moviehole.net site.


  • 15/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 17

    * Daredevil #52
    * Marvel Universe Elektra Bust $45.00

    September 24

    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 12/09 - [Video Game Update]

    The long delayed Daredevil game from Encore looks like it will be finally be coming out in early 2004. Check out the Daredevil game site, where they've updated it with the new information and visuals. The Gameboy Advance information is still there as well.


  • 11/09 - [DD#52 First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has their First Looks up, and DD#52 is among them. Have a look if you're interested!

    Comics Continuum

  • 10/09 - [Comics on CD-ROM]

    Topps is releasing the Marvel Comic Book Library on CD-ROM, featuring 100 complete comics on the disc. Daredevil's first 10 issues are included, as well as the first 10 issues of Amazing Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America and more. More details at the Comics Continuum.

    Comics Continuum

  • 10/09 - [Jon Mefford interview]

    If you've had a chance to go through all the extras on the 2-disc Daredevil DVD, you've no doubt watched the documentaries produced by Sparkhill Productions. I recently had a chance to ask Sparkhill producer Jon Mefford about working on the DVD and meeting many past and present Daredevil greats. Rather than a question and answer format, I just suggested topics and let Mr. Mefford comment as he saw fit. Hope you guys enjoy it! Thanks to everyone at Sparkhill, especially Colleen Rice, for her help with the interview.

    Interview with Jon Mefford

  • 08/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 10

    * Kingpin #4
    * Marvel 1602 #2
    * Ultimate X-Men #37
    * Marvel Studios 12 inch Daredevil Action Figure $41.99

    September 17

    * Daredevil #52
    * Art of Marvel Comics Vol. 1 HC $29.99

  • 08/09 - [Mack interview]

    The folks at X-World got a chance to speak with David Mack at the recent Toronto convention... he talks about Echo and his Ultimate X-Men plans.

    Mack interview

  • 02/09 - [Shipping update]

    September 4 (due to holiday)

    * Daredevil #51
    * Alias #26
    * Elektra #27

    September 10

    * Kingpin #4
    * Marvel 1602 #2
    * Ultimate X-Men #37

    August 2003

  • 29/08 - [Garner, Fiege talk Elektra]

    SHH! has posted info from the latest Entertainment Weekly. Jennifer Garner and Kevin Feige talk about what may be coming up next year for the Elektra movie!


  • 28/08 - [Bendis interviews]

    Here are some snippets of Brian Bendis from the past weekend's Comic Expo in Toronto. Thanks David!

    * ComiX-Fan
    * ComiXtreme

  • 28/08 - [2 million hits]

    As I write this, the counter on the site is just under 2 million visitors for the main page. In 1996, I started this site as a diversion from studying at university... it was a small site, but surprisingly, I started getting e-mails from Daredevil fans, and the site started to grow. It moved off the school server, to Interlog, then to my own domain at Boiling Point. In February 2003, the site had over 4 million hits because of the movie! Anyway, I just wanted to say a quick thanks to all the people who visit every day, participate on the message board or mailing list, and to all the great DD fans I've 'met' online. There are some great things coming...


    Kuljit Mithra

  • 28/08 - [Elektra #27 Preview]

    Comics Continuum has posted their First Looks for Marvel comics shipping next week, and Elektra #27 is there, as well as Daredevil #51, in case you missed yesterday's preview.

    Comics Continuum

  • 27/08 - [DD#51 Preview]

    PopCultureShock has the first four pages of David Mack's Echo story, which will be coming out September 3rd (well, 4th because of the holiday...)!


  • 25/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 27

    * Earth X Vol. 4 Paradise X Book 1 TPB $29.99
    * DD Visionaries Vol.I-III Ltd. HC (O/A) $39.99 each
    * Daredevil Distressed Action Post Ringer T-Shirt $16.95

    September 4 (due to holiday)

    * Daredevil #51
    * Elektra #27
    * Alias #26
    * Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra TPB $11.99

  • 22/08 - [Buy DD, Elektra costumes]

    I recently heard of a site called buycostumes.com that has a Daredevil mask and an Elektra costume for sale! The DD mask is only $12.99 US, but is currently out of stock, but the Elektra costume is available for $41.99. Have a look at the links:

    Elektra costume
    DD mask

  • 21/08 - [Toronto Comic Expo]

    The annual Canadian National Comic Book Expo starts tomorrow in downtown Toronto. Brian Michael Bendis and David Mack are both scheduled to attend, along with many other comic writers/artists. I plan on going Friday night and Saturday, so if you are attending the show, send me an e-mail...

  • 20/08 - [Previews preview]

    Here is a list of November 2003 DD-related items to look for next week in Previews Magazine. Full solicitation info coming soon...

    * Daredevil #54
    * Kingpin #6
    * Elektra #29
    * Marvel 1602 #4
    * Alias #28
    * ACTOR Daredevil: Death of Elektra Statue $189.99

  • 18/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 20

    * Daredevil #50

    August 27

    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 14/08 - [DD#50 First Look]

    If you really cannot wait for next week's milestone issue, Comics Continuum has the first 4 pages available to view! Spoilers ahead!

    DD#50 First Look

  • 14/08 - [MSJ interview]

    UGO has an interview up with Daredevil movie writer/director Mark Steven Johnson. He talks about what he would have done differently on the movie and his progress on the Ghost Rider movie.

    UGO MSJ interview

  • 11/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 13

    * Kingpin #3
    * Marvel 1602 #1
    * Ultimate X-Men #36
    * Daredevil ACE Edition #1 (Offered again)

    August 20

    * Daredevil #50

  • 10/08 - [WWC news]

    Russell Lissau had a chance to speak with David Mack at the Wizard World Chicago show this weekend...


    Some tidbits about DD from Brian Michael Bendis:


  • 07/08 - [Can comics grab respect?]

    Longtime friend of the site, Russell Lissau, has written an article for the Daily Herald newspaper about comics, the movies and more. Check it out!

    Daily Herald

  • 07/08 - [DVD $55 million]

    Thanks to Comics2Film for the pointer... The Daredevil DVD has grossed $55 million since its July 29th release in Region 1! More details from the Hollywood Reporter.

    Hollywood Reporter

  • 07/08 - [Bendis talks Alias/Pulse]

    Newsarama spoke with Brian Michael Bendis about the end of Alias and the beginning of Pulse! What will the future bring for Jessica Jones, Ben Urich and other characters?


  • 06/08 - [News digest]

    Lots of items to go through, so here we go:

    * That special Daredevil statue is now available from Attakus. Head on over to Kamikaz Comics to order it! I've seen the statue, and it is huge!
    * Alias #25 continues the Purple Man storyline... with some DD references throughout
    * Foggy Nelson and Kingpin both show up in Spider-Girl #63
    * Elektra #26 continues its African dictator storyline
    * Seen the XTreme Desktops and Screen Mates at DaredevilDVD.com?
    * Wizard World Chicago is this weekend... will the true Daredevil news be revealed? Is there another DD series coming? Ultimate DD/Elektra?
    * Have you heard what Cary Nord is up to?
    * Congrats to Colin Farrell for his Teen Choice Award for Best Villain

  • 04/08 - [Shipping update]

    August 6

    * Elektra #26
    * Alias #25

    August 13

    * Kingpin #3
    * Marvel 1602 #1

  • 01/08 - [New Toy Biz figures]

    Comics Continuum has updated their site today with new images of figures coming from Toy Biz. There is a gift pack that includes Elektra and DD, and also a new DD figure coming in a Spider-Man line. Check them out!

    Comics Continuum

    July 2003

  • 31/07 - [Elektra #26 First Look]

    Comics Continuum has posted First Looks for next week and you can take quick peek at the cover and 4 pages from Elektra #26!

    Comics Continuum

  • 30/07 - [DD Virtual Concert]

    DaredevilMusic.com has made an addition to their site to coincide with the DVD release. Right now you can view 'virtual concerts' by Finger Eleven and Seether, and in the coming weeks, Evanescence, BOYSETSFIRE and 12 Stones will be added.


  • 29/07 - [DVD Reviews]

    Please feel free to e-mail me more links to DD DVD Reviews on the 'net to add to this list.

  • 29/07 - [Marvels: Eye of the Camera]

    Kurt Busiek will return to Marvels with a 10th anniversary special series called Marvels: Eye of the Camera. Of note is this quote from Busiek:

    "We'll still see a lot of Marvel moments, but it's not as if I've got a list of milestones to hit," Busiek said. "I'm more concerned with making sure we see things like the rise of the Punisher and Wolverine and the new X-Men, the darkening of Daredevil, Bullseye and Elektra, Phoenix, the Avengers at some of their various peaks through that period."

    For more details, please visit Newsarama!

  • 29/07 - [Daredevil DVD out!]

    Not like I need to remind you, but the Daredevil DVD/D-VHS is now available in Region 1. With a marketing push of 140 million dollars, Fox is spreading the word of DD!

  • 28/07 - [Comics2Film reviews DVD]

    Here's another DD DVD review, this time by Comics2Film's Rob Worley. He notes some vital info for all the people who will be accessing some extra features!


  • 28/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 29

    * DAREDEVIL DVD/VHS (Region 1)!

    July 30

    * DAREDEVIL LOGO T/S (O/A) $17.95/$20.95

    August 6

    * ALIAS #25 (MR) $2.99
    * ELEKTRA #26 $2.99

  • 27/07 - [Calendar, Magazines info]

    Thanks to Kevin Moyer, who passed along an image of the Daredevil Movie 2004 Calendar, which should be going on sale next month. So keep an eye out for it!

    Also, if you are collecting magazines which feature covers or news on the DD DVD, be sure to look for Ultimate DVD (shown at right), Widescreen magazine (shown at right), and also Film Review: Deadly Divas Special #46 (not shown). Click on the magazine pictures for links to their respective sites!

    And finally, I got an e-mail from John C. Snider, editor of scifidimensions:

    The online science fiction magazine (www.scifidimensions.com) is giving away three copies of the upcoming Daredevil DVD. Registration simply involves signing up for the scifidimensions email announcement list.

    Instructions for registration (as well as some Daredevil sneak preview pics and clips) can be found at this link.

  • 26/07 - [DVD news items]

    The Daredevil DVD comes out on the 29th (in Region 1)! Here are some of the promotions out there:

    * Future Shop (in Canada) has a free DD or Elektra bobble-head with each pre-order
    * Blockbuster has DD featured on its News and Previews flyer
    * Columbia House has DD as its monthly Director's Selection pick
    * There is a commercial for the DVD, so watch for it!
    * Seen or heard any others? Let me know!

  • 19/07 - [Alias ends & 1602 images]

    Newsarama has posted images from the 1602 series coming this summer. There's a first look of Matt Murdock!

    1602 Newsarama article

    Then comes the surprising news that Alias will be ending, but a new series that may interest DD fans will emerge from it!

    Alias Newsarama article

  • 19/07 - [DD Eisner Awards]

    Congratulations to the team on Daredevil for winning Best Continuing Series, and to Brian Michael Bendis for Best Writer!

  • 17/07 - [Previews preview]

    Watch for full solicitations soon for October. In the mean time, here's a list of things to keep in mind when you make your order in the new Previews coming July 23.

    * Daredevil #53
    * Elektra #28
    * Kingpin #5
    * Marvel 1602 #3 of 8
    * Ultimate X-Men #38

    * Daredevil Vol. 7 Hardcore TPB $13.99
    * Marvel Must Haves Daredevil #41-43 still available

    * Elektra VI T-Shirt by Bill Sienkiewicz $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil Face Digital Watch $3.99

  • 14/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 16

    * Daredevil #49

    July 23

    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 13/07 - [DD Day in the UK]

    As you know the DD DVD comes out tomorrow in the UK, so check out this opportunity if you are eligible!

    Yahoo! UK & Ireland has teamed up with 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment to announce the launch of Daredevil day, the first dedicated competition to run on its homepage. The exclusive online campaign, designed to promote the launch of the Daredevil film on DVD and video, will consist of a new competition every hour, on the hour, from 9am to 5pm on 14 July. Prizes provided by Lastminute.com include bungee jumps; land yachting; aerobatic flights, paragliding, and tandem skydiving, and will announced every hour. The campaign, created and managed by online marketing agency n1media and bought by MediaVest, will consist of a range of ad formats. The homepage will lead traffic through to a competition microsite and will be supported by media in Yahoo! Movies and elsewhere on the Yahoo! network. Yahoo UK & Ireland

  • 13/07 - [DD#49 First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has posted next week's First Look of Daredevil #49. If you want to see the first few pages of the issue, please click on the link!

    Comics Continuum

  • 10/07 - [Klaus Janson interview]

    Matt Brady at Newsarama chatted with former DD artist Klaus Janson about current work, and if he ever thinks about re-teaming with Frank Miller on a comic project. And what did he think about the Daredevil movie? Hmmm...

    Klaus Janson interview

  • 10/07 - [DaredevilDVD.com online]

    The Daredevil DVD site is now online, and has character profiles, photos, backgrounds, and info on the DVD. You will need Flash to view the site.


  • 09/07 - [Shipping update]

    July 9

    * Kingpin #2
    * Ultimate X-Men #35
    * Marvel Minimates

    July 16

    * Daredevil #49

  • 09/07 - [San Diego panels]

    The San Diego Comic-Con is next week and here is a list of panels/events that would interest Daredevil fans! These descriptions are taken from the Comic-Con.org site...


    1:30.3:00 Late 80s Marvel Bullpen Films
    As a sort of mini programming track this afternoon, Comic-Con is happy to present a series of films made by comics creators. First up: It seems the Marvel Bullpen of the late 80s was a hotbed of creativity.of filmmaking! Here are two films from that time period, recently re-edited and re-mastered just for showing at Comic-Con! Room 6B

    . The Assistant (1988) Starring David Wohl, Howard Mackie, Mark Gruenwald. Directed by Marie Javins. Before he was Top Cow.s editor-incChief, before he co-created Witchblade, David Wohl was The Assistant! This mockumentary was directed by ex-Marvel/Epic editor Marie Javins in 1988, while she was still a college intern. The Assistant follows a day-in-the-life of a Marvel Assistant Editor. The production values may be crude, but this short video is a true gem that shows the fun-loving atmosphere (and downright mayhem!) that used to rule the Marvel offices. Featuring appearances by Carl Potts, D. G. Chichester, Mark Chiarello, Don Hudson, Mike Rockwitz, John Galvin, and the whole Marvel Bullpen! Plus: Jim Shooter and The Amazing Spider-Man!

    . The Freelancer (1989) Starring David Wohl, Mike Heisler, Don Hudson, Dan Chichester, Mark Gruenwald, and Tom DeFalco. Directed by Steve Buccellato and Mike Heisler. A frightening look at the worst day in the life of a freelance comic book letterer! Mike Heisler is about to lose his car, his apartment, and quite possibly his life! Featuring a host of real-life Marvel Comics employees and a peek at what really goes on behind-the-scenes! The "Vietnam Flashback" is simply icing on the cake! Featuring Bob Harras, Ralph Macchio, Chris Eliopoulis, Marc Siry, Sara Tuchinksy, Chris Ivy, and and many more faces familiar to comics pros and fans (only with 80s-style haircuts).

    2:30-4:00 Spotlight on Sal Buscema
    . At one time or another, he drew almost every Marvel Comic, including memorable stints on Hulk, Rom, The Avengers, The Spectacular Spider-Man, and Captain America! In his first-ever West Coast convention appearance, Sal Buscema will be interviewed by Mark Evanier Sal Buscema will be presented with his Inkpot Award at this program. Room 8

    4:00-5:30 Death of the Letter Column
    What the @#$% happened? Time was, the comic book letter column was a hotbed of controversy, intrigue, and fans about to become pros. Now it.s a vanishing breed, with the most interesting examples turning up in some of the independently published comics. Join Marv Wolfman (one of those fans turned pro) as he chats with Batton Lash (whose comics Supernatural Law and Mavis still run letter columns each and every issue), well-known letter hacks Malcolm Bourne and Dana Gabbard, and another fan-turned-pro, Bob Hall, as they discuss the life, death, and future of letter columns in comics. Room 16AB


    10:30-12:00 Comic Books in the Movies
    Some of the warriors of sf- and comic book.themed movies join Stan Lee for an insightful panel about the hottest phenomenon in movies today: the comic book superhero film. Lee, who is co-creator of the characters featured in the biggest blockbuster comics films in recent years (Spider-Man, Hulk, X-Men) and other panelists explore the involvement of independent producers as well as big Hollywood studios in the development of superhero films. Joining Lee on the panel are Creative Light Entertainment's Scott Zakarin (Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters & Marvels, Comic Book: The Movie), Mindfire Entertainment's Mark Altman (The Specials, House of the Dead), and actress Chase Masterson (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Creature Unknown). The panelists will share the secrets of what it takes to make a successful superhero movie and how to make comic book-themed movies economically. Room 6CDEF

    4:00-5:00 Cup o.Joe (Quesada)
    Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada sits down to talk about whatever you the fans want to ask. Joe shoots from the hip and never pulls punches. Find out what's happening at Marvel right now and what's in store for the future straight from the man himself! Room 1AB

    5:30-7:00 50 Years of Steve Ditko
    From Spider-Man to Shade, from Dr. Strange to Mr. A., Steve Ditko has produced work that continues to challenge and amaze. Celebrating 50 years since Ditko.s first artwork graced comics, Blake Bell (author of the upcoming Fantagraphics book Steve Ditko: The Mysterious Traveler) presents a PowerPoint slide show featuring over 100 images with commentary on the legendary career of Steve Ditko. Room 7A


    10:30-11:30 Marvel Blockbuster
    Marvel EIC Joe Quesada holds an intimate Q&A with two of comic books biggest stars. Join Brian Michael Bendis (Ultimate X-Men, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Six, Daredevil) and J. Michael Stracyznski (Supreme Power, Amazing Spider-Man) as they discuss their current and upcoming high-profile Marvel projects with one another and take questions from the audience. Room 6B

    11:30-12:30 David Mack, Michael Avon Oeming, and Brian Michael Bendis: MOB
    Dying to know what's happening next in Powers, Ultimate Spider-Man, Alias, or any of the other gazillion comics Brian Michael Bendis writes? Curious when David Mack will unveil the next chapter in the saga of Kabuki? Wondering how Michael Avon Oeming will follow up Hammer of the Gods and Parliament of Justice? Then make sure you're in the audience for their only joint Comic-Con panel appearance as they discuss upcoming projects and answer your questions. Room 1AB

    12:30-2:00 Kevin Smith
    He.s baaaack! And even we don.t know what he has planned. Maybe he.ll tell us about Ben and Jen in his upcoming movie, Jersey Girl. Maybe he.ll talk about his new house. Maybe he.ll tell us about his comics shop. You.ll have to ask him. All we know is Kevin Smith is back at Comic-Con (and aren.t you glad?). Room 20

    3:30-5:00 Art of Marvel's Golden Age
    Comics historian Blake Bell takes you on a 20.year ride showcasing the artists who made Marvel Comics the powerhouse it is today. From Bill Everett and Jack Kirby to Gene Colan and Steve Ditko, rarely has the story of the first 20 years of Marvel Comics (1939.1958) been told through the artwork of the creators who brought Marvel.s classic characters to life. Over 200 images are featured in this PowerPoint slide show. Room 2

  • 08/07 - [Another Mack interview]

    The Pulse has posted an interview with David Mack where he talks some more about the forthcoming Echo story. If you missed my interview on June 29th, check out my CREATORS/INTERVIEWS section.

    Pulse interview with David Mack

  • 07/07 - [Marvel revamps ratings]

    Starting August 6, Marvel will be using a different rating system for their comics. Diamond has posted the changes at their site. Daredevil will most likely be getting stamped with a 'PSR' rating.

    Diamond News

  • 04/07 - [DVD print ads]

    Several comics this week had Daredevil DVD ads in them, but if you haven't seem them, the Comics Continuum has images of both ads.

    * DVD ad 1
    * DVD ad 2

  • 04/07 - [Kingpin #2 First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has posted next week's First Look comics, and Kingpin #2 is among them. The cover and first 4 pages are available for preview.

    Comics Continuum

  • 02/07 - [Nestle DVD contest]

    I caught a commercial on TV last night for Nestle Drumsticks, and saw that you can instantly win a copy of the Daredevil DVD (and other prizes). This is a Canadian contest, and you can go to the link below for more details:

    Nestle Drum-Up A Winner

  • 01/07 - [Buy Magazine Garner interview]

    This month's Buy Magazine has an interview with Jennifer Garner and also one with Colin Farrell, and both talk about their roles in Daredevil. Here are links to the interviews. You can buy the issue from the site as well, if you are interested.

    * Jennifer Garner
    * Colin Farrell

    June 2003

  • 30/06 - [Shipping update]

    July 2

    * Elektra #25
    * Alias #24 (may be DD-related)
    * Paradise X #12 (may be DD-related)

    July 9

    * Kingpin #2
    * Ultimate X-Men #35 (Ultimate DD)

  • 29/06 - [Another DVD Magazine]

    In addition to the 2 magazines from yesterday, Kyt has informed me of another magazine... this one is MovieFX Video Magazine, and its issue #6 is available now with DVD clips. Check out their site for more info, including how to order.

    MovieFX Video Magazine

  • 29/06 - [Interview with David Mack]

    David Mack will be returning to Daredevil with issue #51 in September. I recently had a chance to speak with him about his work on Kabuki and Daredevil. He also was kind to provide some preview art from the upcoming Echo storyline. Many thanks to Mr. Mack for this opportunity!

    Interview with David Mack

  • 28/06 - [Total DVD and DVD Monthly]

    Thanks to Matt D and Pete who posted on the message board about some magazines in the UK with Daredevil movie news.

    From Matt D:

    I was reading the the July issue of Total DVD - a UK DVD mag (which has DD and Elektra on cover) and next to the review is a little interview with one of the producers of Daredevil - Gary Foster I think his name was. Anyway, he gave the impression that the mythical extended edition DVD was still a goer, but gave the impression that it would not be out this year. He refered to it as "Daredevil 1.5" and how it would have the extra footage when it "eventually" comes out. He also said if the deleted scenes had been included on the current DVD, other extras would of had to be lost, and both Fox and the film-makers wanted the first DVD release to be the best possible for the "best version" of the film. Hah! He also said Elektra movie would be shot before DD2, and that the plan was to have DD and Elektra come together again in DD3. I believe Daredevil 1.5 will most likely be held back from release and be timed with the theatrical release of Elektra (similar to what Fox did with X-Men 1.5.

    I hope all this info is not completely old news, but it was the first I had read in a little while concerning the extended DVD and first confident reference to a DD3.

    Pete then responded with some more excellent news concerning DVD Monthly Magazine:

    ...(or rather stuck to the cover)...they've got a lovely DD DVD preview disc with selections from the DVD, including interviews, behind the scenes snippets, and film clips. Nice!

    Thanks for the heads up, guys! I managed to find images of the magazines, to let you know what covers to look for. Click on the pics to go to the sites for each magazine!

  • 27/06 - [Elektra #25 First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has posted next week's First Looks, and Elektra #25 is among them...

    Comics Continuum

  • 25/06 - [1602 DD details]

    (may have spoilers... so if you don't want to know ANYTHING about the 1602 series, don't read!)

    The latest Wizard has details on the 1602 series by Neil Gaiman. If you want to get the basic idea of the premise, essentially the Marvel Universe has come into existence 500 years early (paraphrasing Gaiman's comments).

    There's a 'Sir Nicholas Fury' who is the head of Queen Elizabeth's intelligence organization... and guess who is the blind Irish street singer that's also Fury's number one mercenary agent?

    Apparently this is NOT a What If? story...

  • 23/06 - [New DVD clip]

    Fox has provided manwithoutfear.com with a clip from the extras on the Daredevil DVD. This clip is of Ben Affleck getting his mould created for his costume. It's available in Quicktime and Windows Media formats. In the coming few weeks, the site will have a contest to give away a copy of the DVD!

    Quicktime HI | Quicktime LO
    Windows HI | Windows LO

    In case you missed last week's postings, there are several other clips online accessible through Comics2Film. Check the news posting below this on 20/06. Also, the official DVD site is almost done... check out what's currently online at: http://www.daredevildvd.com!

  • 23/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 25

    * Nothing DD-related

    July 2

    * Alias #24
    * Elektra #25
    * Paradise X #12

  • 20/06 - [DVD clips online]

    Fox has released some clips from the DVD coming out next month, and Comics2Film has links to the archive. There are 8 clips in total and are available in Quicktime or Windows Media formats.


  • 19/06 - [Daredevil DVD site]

    Fox's official site for the Daredevil DVD is not yet 'open' but have a quick peek at what's in place already... looks pretty good!

    Daredevil DVD site

  • 17/06 - [Previews preview]

    Previews magazine comes out next week, but here's a sneak peek at what to look for that is DD-related. Daredevil will ship two issues in September!

    * Daredevil #51 (Certified Cool!)
    * Daredevil #52
    * Kingpin #4
    * Elektra #27
    * Marvel Must Haves Daredevil #41-43 (STAR18157) $3.99
    * Marvel Universe Elektra Bust (O/A) $45.00
    * Marvel Universe Black Widow Bust (O/A) $45.00
    * ACTOR Earth X Daredevil Mega Bust $49.99
    * Marvel Select Black Widow Action Figure (STAR18118) $18.99
    * Marvel Select Elektra Action Figure (STAR17580) $18.99

  • 17/06 - [CHUD reviews DVD]

    Dan Whitehead at CHUD posted his review of the Daredevil DVD about a week ago, so if you've missed it, please head on over. He does a good job at examining the various extras on the 2-disc set, and also the movie itself.

    CHUD DVD review

  • 16/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 18

    * Daredevil #48
    * Earth X Daredevil Mega Bust (O/A) $49.99
    * Marvel Heroes Collectible 5 Magnet Set $9.99

    June 25

    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 13/06 - [DD#48 First Look]

    Mile High Comics has posted First Look previews for next week, and DD#48 is among them. If you don't mind having the first few pages spoiled for you, head on over...

    DD#48 First Look at Mile High Comics

  • 09/06 - [European DVD dates]

    Fox has provided manwithoutfear.com with the Daredevil DVD release dates for several European countries:

    Belgium DVD 06-Aug-03
    France DVD 19-Sep-03
    Germany DVD 27-Sep-03
    Italy DVD 10-Sep-03
    Netherlands DVD 06-Aug-03
    Spain DVD 02-Jul-03
    U.K. DVD 14-Jul-03

    Region 1 DVD's are still expected to ship 29-Jul-03.

  • 09/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 11

    * Kingpin #1
    * Marvel Universe: The End #6 (may have DD appearance)
    * DF Ultimate DD/Elektra #1 Signed $14.99
    * Elektra Vol. 2 TPB $16.99
    * Alias Vol. 3 The Underneath TPB $16.99

    June 18

    * Daredevil #48

  • 05/06 - [Journal of Religion and Film]

    Julien R. Fielding has written a review of the religious imagery used in the Daredevil movie and it has been printed online in the Journal of Religion and Film. The online journal is prepared by the Department of Philosophy and Religion at the University of Nebraska in Omaha.

    Journal of Religion and Film - Daredevil review

  • 04/06 - [News digest]

    Just a small update on some DD-related items of interest:

    * Paradise X #11 has appearances by this universe's Matt Murdock, Elektra, Bullseye and Kingpin
    * Darkdevil and Kingpin appear in the MC2 universe in Spider-Girl #61
    * Elektra #24 came out this week as well, with a different viewpoint of the story that took place in #23
    * Daredevil placed at #24 in Maxim Magazine's Lamest Superheroes of All Time list (thanks for the info, Brian!)
    * If you are a member of the Gene Colan mailing list, you've already heard details of his contribution to issue #50 and who he hand-picked to ink his work...
    * Jennifer Garner won for 'Breakthrough Female Performance' at the MTV Movie Awards for her role of Elektra in Daredevil

  • 02/06 - [Shipping update]

    June 4

    * Alias #23 (may be DD-related)
    * Elektra #24
    * Paradise X #11 (may have DD/Matt Murdock appearance)

    June 11

    * Kingpin #1
    * Marvel Universe: The End #6 (may have DD appearance)

    May 2003

  • 30/05 - [Garner talks Elektra]

    Jennifer Garner talked with Access Hollywood, and she was asked about the Elektra movie.

    "I think that there is something in the works to be made next summer, definitely. We still need to read the first draft of the script, and if it isn't great than none of us want to do it."

    Please check out Comics2Film for more info:


    Also, you can read the interview and see a clip at the Access Hollywood site:

    Access Hollywood

  • 29/05 - [Another Ultimate DD/Elektra?]

    The latest issue of Wizard is quoting 'sources' in Marvel that another Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra series is planned, but with new 'non-comic' talent.

  • 27/05 - [Rodi's Elektric Elektra]

    New Elektra writer Robert Rodi discusses his take on the character in an interview with Jen Contino at Comicon.com Pulse.

    Rodi interview

  • 27/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 29

    * Punisher #27 (guest-stars Elektra)
    * Daredevil Yellow T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Marvel Snerdles Fruit Snacks
    * Marvel Klik Candy Dispenser

    June 4

    * Elektra #24
    * Alias #23 (may be DD-related)
    * Paradise X #11 (may have alternate universe DD/Matt Murdock appearance)

  • 23/05 - [Punisher#27 First Look]

    In case you didn't know, Elektra appears in next week's Punisher #27. Comics Continuum has a first look of it up today.

    Punisher #27 First Look

  • 22/05 - [Revell, Johnson interview]

    The UK magazine "Music From the Movies" has an in-depth interview with Daredevil composer Graeme Revell and movie writer/director Mark Steven Johnson. If it's not available in your area, you can order a copy from their website. Both Revell and Johnson talk about their collaboration, and what was involved with filming and creating a score to match the film's action and low-key scenes. There are many pics of Revell, Johnson and others in the music studio.

    Music From the Movies

  • 21/05 - [Previews preview]

    Next week's Previews magazine has info on three new Marvel projects, including 1602 and Supreme Power. Here is a list of DD-related items that will be in Previews next week, with more details forthcoming.

    * Daredevil #50
    * Marvel Must Haves Daredevil (O/A)
    * Daredevil Ace Edition #1 (O/A)
    * DD Logo T-Shirt (O/A)
    * Daredevil 3D Lenticular Poster $3.99
    * Elektra #26
    * Kingpin #3
    * Ultimate X-Men #36

  • 19/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 21

    * Daredevil #47
    * Daredevil Vol. 6: Lowlife TPB $13.99
    * Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan TPB $11.99

    May 28

    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 19/05 - [Game trailer download]

    For those of you wishing to view the Daredevil game trailer that I talked about a few days ago, Gamezone.com has it available for download. Gamezone requires you to first download some software to access their downloads, so please read the fine print before you try to download the trailer! It is in Real Media format. Thanks to Mike for letting me know about this!


  • 17/05 - [Kingpin #1 First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has posted a First Look for Kingpin #1:

    Kingpin #1 First Look

  • 15/05 - [DD#47 First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has posted several First Looks for Marvel and DD#47 is among them. Have a peek if you're interested:

    DD#47 First Look at Comics Continuum

  • 14/05 - [DD Game Trailer Summary]

    I had a chance to view the 'trailer' for the Daredevil game coming out later this year. I hope to get some screenshots of it next week. But in the meantime, here's a quick rundown of the 1 minute and 33 second clip.

    * The clip begins with Elektra on a rooftop, in her traditional red costume. She's looking at something going on below at street level.
    * Switch to Daredevil fighting some thugs, in his traditional red costume, with a white billy club.
    * DD jumps across rooftops, uses his billy club line (which looks like it's influenced by Joe Quesada's rendition of DD), and swings from flagpoles
    * We get to see Elektra fighting Bullseye (in his traditional blue costume)
    * We also get to see 'Shadow World', as this is how DD's radar is represented
    * Also get to view a fight between Bullseye and DD

    If you've seen the Spider-Man game, it has that look to it, with 3D versions of all characters and buildings. It doesn't look bad at all! See my news article from yesterday for the game storyline and more details.

  • 13/05 - [Target news]

    Once upon a time, a comic called Daredevil/Bullseye: The Target #1 came out. It was November 2002. Apparently #2 is done. In fact, Kevin Smith had this to say on his message board:

    "Also, for the comics curious: issue two of "Daredevil/Bullseye:Target" is in and being drawn by an Ultimate artist (hint, hint)."

    No word on when it will be solicited in Previews. The earliest it can come out is August, if it's in the next Previews.

  • 13/05 - [Daredevil Game Fact Sheet]

    Encore has released info on the next Daredevil video game for consoles this year.

    Platforms & Availability: Console systems, Q4 2003

    Genre: Action adventure

    Ages: 15 and up

    Game Description:

    Daredevil -- also known as the Man Without Fear -- is lawyer Matt Michael Murdock by day, vigilante hero by night. Blinded in a childhood accident, Daredevil upholds his passion for justice and rises to superhuman levels through hyper-developed senses of hearing, smell and touch, and extraordinary acrobatic abilities. The plot of the videogame revolves around Daredevil's mission to rescue his best friend and law partner Foggy Nelson , who has mysteriously disappeared. Around the same time, the Kingpin has been murdered, causing the worst gang war in New York's history. To add to the intrigue, Daredevil has discovered his former love, Elektra , is in New York and is in some way linked to the Kingpin's murder. Players will take on Daredevil's persona as they hunt to find Foggy and Elektra throughout the dark streets of Hell's Kitchen, all the while battling yakuza punks, mafia thugs and ninjas.

    Game Elements:

    " Featuring classic Daredevil comic book characters including Elektra, Bullseye, the Kingpin, the Hand and many others
    " Cool Hell's Kitchen NY scenery and backgrounds based on original Daredevil comic book art
    " Many of Daredevil's known hangouts from the comic book series - as well as several new ones - as settings for solving crimes and unlocking mysteries
    " Unique weapons, including radar sense, the billy club and grappling hook
    " Numerous power-ups and bonuses

    Number of Players: Single player

    Daredevil . the Marvel Comics Super Hero:

    Daredevil is one of the most popular and best-selling comic book Super Heroes of all time. Since his introduction in 1964, over 40 million Daredevil comic books have been sold. The character was created by comics legend Stan Lee, who also introduced Super Hero icons Spider-Man , The X-Men , The Fantastic Four and The Incredible Hulk , among others. Daredevil continues to be one of Marvel's most successful series, with a dedicated fan base estimated at millions worldwide, consistently placing the book as one of the industry's top-selling titles.

    Publisher: Encore www.encoreusa.com

    Developer: 5000ft, Inc. www.5000ft.com

    Motion Capture: House of Moves Motion Capture Studios www.moves.com
    Credits include films such as The Patriot and Titanic, as well as hundreds of interactive games including Rogue Spear and Parasite Eve

    Price: Approximately $50

    ESRB Rating: Not yet rated; anticipating a "Teen" rating

    # # #

  • 12/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 14

    * Marvel Universe: The End #5 (may have DD appearance...)

    May 21

    * Daredevil #47
    * Daredevil Vol. 6 Lowlife TPB $13.99
    * Spider-Man Legend of the Spider-Clan TPB $11.99

  • 12/05 - [Bendis interview]

    As a follow-up to the previous news, here's the Bendis interview at Newsarama!


  • 12/05 - [Artists named on #50]

    There have been hints that Daredevil #50 will feature Gene Colan and a host of other past DD artists... well, Scott Hinze from Fanboy Radio forwarded me info from his interview with DD writer Brian Michael Bendis and here's the news:

    There will be a sequence in Daredevil #50 which will be illustrated by Gene Colan, John Romita, John Romita, Jr., Lee Weeks, Klaus Janson, Joe Quesada and David Mack!

    More details are coming today at Newsarama... but you can still listen to the interview at the Fanboy Radio site!


  • 09/05 - [Daredevil on D-VHS]

    Comics2Film posted news on a Variety article that says Daredevil will be the first film from Fox that will be sold in the D-VHS format.


  • 09/05 - [Frank Miller at Anime North]

    Former Daredevil writer/artist Frank Miller will be the guest of honour at Anime North on Saturday May 17, here in Toronto. More details:

    Anime North

  • 09/05 - [Bendis on FanboyRadio]

    Daredevil writer Brian Michael Bendis will be the guest on Fanboy Radio this Sunday at 6PM CT. Head on over to their web site for more details on how to listen through the web site or call in your questions.

    Fanboy Radio

  • 09/05 - [Another Chen interview]

    Elektra artist Sean Chen spoke with Arune Singh at CBR about his work on the title. There are also several preview pages of issue #24 to view.

    Sean Chen interview at CBR

  • 08/05 - [DD Game at E3]

    Encore Software forwarded some info about the DD game that they will be showcasing at E3!


    Encore Announces its E3 2003 Line-Up

    Los Angeles, CA - May 8, 2003 - At the Electronic Entertainment Exposition taking place here next week, Encore, a leading interactive videogame and PC CD-ROM publisher, will showcase Marvel Comics' Daredevil, Grooverider: Slot Car Thunder, and games created by JoWooD including AquaNox 2: Revelation, Cold Zero and Chaser. These exciting new games will be at Encore's booth, #1624 in the South Hall.

    Said Michael Bell, Encore's CEO, "Encore's game lineup is bigger and better than ever. With premium titles such as Daredevil and value titles such as Grooverider, coupled with a gaming pipeline of close to a dozen titles from JoWooD, Conspiracy Entertainment and Prolific Publishing, Encore's E3 presence will be our most exciting yet."

    Marvel's Daredevil Comes to Life

    Gamers will scale the heights of high-action combat and adventure when they join Daredevil - "The Man Without Fear," one of Marvel Comics' most popular Super Heroes - over the rooftops and through the sewers of New York's Hell's Kitchen. Daredevil will battle Kingpin, ruler of the East Coast underworld, and Bullseye, the assassin who never misses. The game will also feature Elektra, a beautiful yet ruthless assassin, martial arts expert and Daredevil's femme fatale lover. With cool Hell's Kitchen scenery and backgrounds based on original Daredevil comic book art, unique weapons, and numerous power ups and hidden secrets, this game will bring Daredevil's comic book persona to life.

    Platform: Console systems
    Availability: Q4 2003
    Price: Approximately $50
    Expected ESRB Rating: Teen

  • 08/05 - [This week's books]

    Just a few notes on comics that came out yesterday:

    * See the news following this post for info on the Typhoid Mary TPB
    * Alias #22 shows that Jessica Jones's secret origin has some Daredevil references, among others...
    * Elektra #23 debuted the team of Robert Rodi/Sean Chen/Tom Palmer/Bill Sienkiewicz
    * Spider-Girl #60 has a 'non-appearance' of Black Widow and Elektra and other female heroes...

  • 07/05 - [Typhoid Mary TPB]

    The Daredevil Legends: Typhoid Mary TPB came out today. It reprints DD Vol.1 #254-257, 259-263. There are no extras, except for a small cover gallery in the back. The TPB does say to look for more Typhoid Mary in Daredevil Volume 7: Hardcore... which will probably appear later this year after issue #50 ships. If you want to learn more about Typhoid Mary, be sure to pick up the TPB, or pick up the individual issues. And also be sure to pick up DD/Deadpool '97 if you can find it.

  • 06/05 - [Shipping update]

    May 7

    * Daredevil Legends Vol.4: Typhoid Mary TPB $19.99
    * Elektra #23
    * Alias #22

    May 14

    * Marvel Universe The End #5 (may have DD appearance)

  • 05/05 - [Hulk DVD]

    The "Trial of the Incredible Hulk" TV movie is now available on DVD in the "Incredible Hulk" collection that is out this week. Previously available on VHS (and on an illegal DVD version in Canada), this movie featured Daredevil in a black costume. Rex Smith portrayed DD/Matt Murdock. Check out Comics2Film for more details:


  • 02/05 - [Elektra #23 First Look]

    Comics Continuum has posted next week's First Looks and Elektra #23 is among them. This is the first issue by new writer Robert Rodi, and new artists Sean Chen and Tom Palmer. Bill Sienkiewicz is now the cover artist.

    Comics Continuum

  • 01/05 - [Appearances]

    A reminder: Paradise X #10 has appearances by Daredevil/Matt Murdock, Elektra, Kingpin and Bullseye, in their alternate future costumes and storyline.

    Marvel Universe: The End #4 has a one panel appearance of DD.

    And if anyone has ever seen "Comic Book Villains", one of the characters wears a DD T-Shirt during the film's climax.

  • 01/05 - [DD commercial]

    If you live in Minnesota and want to be the star of a Daredevil commercial, check this out:

    Comicon.com Pulse

    April 2003

  • 28/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 30

    * Paradise X #10 (DD appearance)
    * Marvel Universe: The End #4 (possible DD appearance)
    * Black Widow Bust $45.00
    * Daredevil Movie Trading Card Set PI

    May 7

    * Alias #22
    * Elektra #23

  • 24/04 - [Sean Chen interview]

    New Elektra artist Sean Chen spoke with Alex Segura, Jr., at Newsarama. Several preview pics are available as well.

    Newsarama interview with Sean Chen

  • 24/04 - [Paradise X #10]

    If you haven't been following Paradise X (or any of the Earth X trilogy), be sure to pick up Paradise X #10 anyway, since Matt Murdock/Daredevil is the focus of the issue. For a quick peek of the first four pages of the issue, check out the Comics Continuum, and read about this alternate future for DD.

    Comics Continuum First Looks

  • 21/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 23

    * Daredevil #46
    * Elektra #22
    * Daredevil and Elektra 24 Candy Bar Box ($PI)
    * Daredevil Movie Glass Shooter Set $9.25
    * Marvel Movie Heroes Gummy Candy 12 ($PI)
    * Marvel Movie Heroes Gummy Heroes 12 ($PI)
    * Marvel Movie Heroes Powerpop Candy 12 ($PI)
    * Marvel Movie Heroes Slinger Gum 12 ($PI)

    April 30

    * Marvel Universe: The End #4 (possible DD appearance)
    * Paradise X #10 (possible alternate-DD appearance)

  • 21/04 - [Genre Online DVD review]

    Yet another Daredevil DVD review, this time by Mark Rivera at GenreOnline.net.

    GenreOnline.net Daredevil DVD review

  • 20/04 - [IGN DVD review]

    IGN has posted their own review of the Daredevil DVD, and include several screen shots of menus and extras, including pics of the creators who are interviewed on Disc 2. Lots of interesting stuff on the 2-DVD set!

    DVD.IGN.COM Daredevil DVD Review

  • 18/04 - [DD#46 First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has posted their First Looks for next week, and Daredevil #46 is among them. As always, don't look at it if you don't want anything spoiled...

    DD#46 First Look

  • 17/04 - [Elektra movie writers]

    Newsarama has posted info from Variety that filming on Elektra will begin in 2004. Writers Stu Zicherman and Raven Metzner will base their story shortly after the events in Daredevil, and Elektra will fight The Hand. Mark Steven Johnson is producing, not directing the movie. No word yet on who has that job.


  • 16/04 - [Alex Maleev interview]

    Comicon.com's PULSE has a new interview up with Daredevil artist Alex Maleev. He talks a bit about himself and his work on DD.

    Maleev interview

  • 16/04 - [July DD items]

    Here is a list of items that you should look for in next week's Previews Magazine for July!

    * Daredevil #49
    * Kingpin #2
    * Elektra #25
    * Marvel Must Haves Daredevil (O/A)
    * Art of John Romita, Sr. HC $34.95
    * Marvel Universe Elektra Bust $45.00
    * Earth X DD Mega Bust (O/A) $49.99
    * Daredevil Movie DVD $29.98
    * Daredevil Movie VHS $22.98

  • 16/04 - [Daredevil DVD Review]

    It appears the DD DVD is already making the rounds for review, and DVDFile.com has posted lots of details on what to expect in the DVD!

    Look for more details here on the DVD this week.

    DVDFile.com DVD Review

  • 15/04 - [Elektra Mini Bust]

    I'm sure most of you have seen the latest Daredevil Mini Busts, in the masked and unmasked versions...

    Now an Elektra Mini Bust is coming in September from Diamond Select, and you can check out a pic of it their site!

    Elektra Mini Bust

    It's sculpted by Rudy Garcia and limited to 5000 pieces.

  • 15/04 - [Starlog #310]

    If you're still picking up Daredevil-related magazines, Starlog #310 ($7.99 US/$11.99 CDN) has two interviews. One is with Ben Affleck and the other is with Colin Farrell. Also, the site gets a quick mention in their Fanlog section!

  • 14/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 16

    * Alias TPB Vol.1 (has Matt Murdock appearance) $19.99
    * Daredevil Movie Affleck Poster $5.49
    * Daredevil Movie Group Poster $5.49
    * Daredevil Movie Garner Poster $5.49

    April 23

    * Daredevil #46
    * Elektra #22

  • 14/04 - [Daredevil DVD cover!]

    SHH! has posted images of the widescreen and fullscreen versions of the Daredevil DVD.

    SHH! DVD cover

  • 14/04 - [B&N DD Masterworks]

    Softcover editions of several Marvel Masterworks are now available at a very low price, so if you've been waiting to pick up the Daredevil Masterworks because of the high price of the hardcover, check out the price on the softcover! $11.65 US! These editions are exclusive to Barnes and Noble.

    Barnes and Noble

  • 11/04 - [DD around the world]

    Ian, who resides in France, has been sending me updates on how the movie is doing in his home country.

    Daredevil opened in second place behind a comedy, and had the 8th highest opening this year in France.

    The movie has recently opened in Japan, India, and also in Europe. If you've got an update from your country, please send it on over!

    I stumbled upon the Indian version of the DD web site (http://www.foxmoviesindia.com/daredevil), and found they linked to my site! :)

  • 09/04 - [DD Eisner Nominations]

    Brian Michael Bendis posted some info on his board about Eisner Nominations Daredevil has received this year.

    Best Serialized Story Daredevil #32-37: "Out," by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev (Marvel)

    Best Continuing Series Daredevil, by Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev (Marvel)

    Best Writer Brian Michael Bendis, Powers (Image); Alias, Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-Man (Marvel)

    Best Coloring Matt Hollingsworth, Alias, Daredevil (Marvel)

  • 09/04 - [MSJ takes on Ghost Rider]

    Daredevil writer/director Mark Steven Johnson will be taking on Ghost Rider, which will begin production later this year. Nic Cage is still seen as the front-runner for the role of GR. According to producer Gary Foster, on the Comics Continuum site, he and MSJ are still involved as producer for the Elektra film in April/May 2004, and DD2 is on deck after Ghost Rider. More details at Comics2Film and Comics Continuum:

    MSJ takes on GR
    MSJ to direct Ghost Rider

  • 07/04 - [DD Ace Edition #1]

    Wizard has already mailed copies of their ACE Edition of DD #1, and I asked regular contributor Clayton to provide a description for everyone, since he's got a copy. Thanks Clayton!

    Wizard Magazine and the Previews offered this reprint of Daredevil #1 (Vol.1) for $12.99 US for US residents and $18.00 US for Canadian residents. Wizard Magazine still offers this issue in their most recent publication (see Hulk Wizard Ace Edition #1 coupon). For those of you that do not know what an acetate cover is, it is basically a clear plastic-like cover that is wrapped around the comicbook's front and back. This essentially allows for the comicbook to have 2 covers. One printed on the clear cover and another printed on the cardstock cover underneath the clear cover.

    J. Scott Campbell (Danger Girl) pencils and inks this wonderful cover. If you did not already know, this is Campbell's second cover gig on Daredevil. He did a great variant cover for Daredevil #2 (vol.2). On the clear cover, an imposing Kingpin stands behind a red-suited Daredevil in a subway. On the cardstock cover, an imposing yellow-suited Daredevil stands over the Fixer (the main villain of Daredevil #1 vol.1) in the very same subway as the clear cover! The clear cover uses the subway from the cardstock cover as background.

    Bendis! provides an introduction to this issue. He has the ability to sell you a wig for your fully-haired head and he should be writing introductions for every Marvel book. He tells us that this is Stan Lee's favorite character and has the reader (at least me) believing this without question.

    After the reprinted origin story (printed on quality glossy paper), there is a 2-page "Twisted Toyfare Theatre Presents..." entitled Daredevil Buys a Car. It is really quite silly (as it is meant to be) and I am quite puzzled that six writers take credit for this.

    It should also be noted that this issue is Silver Age sized.


  • 07/04 - [Shipping update]

    April 9

    * Daredevil Ace Edition #1 $13.99
    * Marvel Universe: The End #3 (possible DD appearance)
    * Daredevil Digital Watch Gift Set $19.99
    * Daredevil Magnet Set $23.99

    April 16

    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 07/04 - [Johnston interviews Bendis]

    Rich Johnston has posted an interview with Brian Michael Bendis on the DF site for his Waiting For Tommy section. Thanks to Niko for the heads up!

    Bendis interview

  • 02/04 - [News items]

    * Daredevil #45, Elektra #21 and Alias #21 all come out today!
    * Circle June 10 on your calendar... the Daredevil DVD is rumoured to be coming out that day
    * Pining to see Rex Smith as DD again? The Incredible Hulk collection comes out May 6...
    * The Ultimate version of Daredevil will appear in Ultimate X-Men when Brian Michael Bendis starts his stint on that title
    * If you missed it, DD did appear in the first issue of Marvel Universe: The End
    * DD's box office is up to $99.5 million domestically
    * Will "Midnight Nation" be Mark Steven Johnson's next film? Go here

    March 2003

  • 31/03 - [Shipping update]

    April 2
    * Daredevil #45
    * Elektra #21
    * Alias #21
    * Wizard Postermania 2003 (O/A)

    April 9
    * Marvel Universe: The End #3

  • 27/03 - [Interview with R&H's Caleb Howard]

    I recently had the chance to discuss the visual effects in the Daredevil movie with Rhythm and Hues' Digital Effects Supervisor, Caleb Howard. He talked about the origin of "Shadow World" and what was involved with creating over 300 effects in the movie. R&H also provided me with images of "Shadow World", so thanks to them for this great bonus for the interview. Many thanks to R&H's Scot Byrd for making this interview possible.

    Interview with Caleb Howard

  • 27/03 - [DD, Elektra First Looks]

    The Comics Continuum has posted First Looks for next week's Marvel comics, and DD #45 and Elektra #21 are available. A WARNING... THERE IS A VERY BIG SPOILER IN THESE PREVIEWS FOR DD#45!!!!

    Comics Continuum - SPOILERS!!!

  • 26/03 - [Cinefex article]

    Cinefex sent me a preview copy of their latest issue, and it has an article about all the visual effects used in Daredevil. Many companies were involved with creating over 300 effects (Rhythm and Hues, Pixel Magic, Digital Domain). Many of the artists talk about the processes involved with Shadow World, DD's CGI leaps across rooftops, and much more. So, if you're interested (there are several images as well), pick up Cinefex #93 on the magazine stands today! It's $9.50 US/$14.00 CDN.

    Watch for my interview with Rhythm and Hues, coming soon!

  • 24/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 26
    * Daredevil Vol. 1 HC $29.99
    * Marvel Universe: The End #2
    * Paradise X #9
    * Cinefex #93 $9.50
    * Tripwire Vol. 5 #1 $5.95

    April 2
    * Daredevil #45
    * Alias #21

  • 22/03 - [Interesting Links]

    The SodaJerks.com has posted a new comedy flash animation that has a special appearance by Ben Affleck as our favourite hero. Thanks to Daniel!


    Devilseye has provided the site with a look at the new 12" Marvel Studios version of DD!

    Marvel Studios DD

  • 21/03 - [Kingpin now ongoing]

    Newsarama has a great interview with writer Bruce Jones, finisher Klaus Janson and editor Axel Alonso on the new Kingpin title that is now an ongoing series! There are several preview pages as well.

    Newsarama Kingpin interview

  • 19/03 - [June Previews Items]

    Here's your monthly look at what to look for in Previews magazine! Next week will be for items shipping in June.

    Daredevil #48
    Elektra #24
    Kingpin #1
    Elektra Vol.2 TPB
    DF Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra #1 signed $14.99
    Daredevil Yellow T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    Daredevil Distressed Action Pose Ringer T-Shirt $16.95
    Marvel Studios 12 inch Daredevil Figure $41.99!

  • 18/03 - [Cinefex article]

    Cinefex magazine sent me some info on an upcoming article about the visual effects in Daredevil. Be sure to pick up your copy!

    Cinefex, a quarterly film magazine devoted specifically to visual effects, has released its spring issue, featuring an in-depth article on the making of Daredevil.˙ The article delves into the work of visual effects supervisor Rich Thorne and principal vendors Rhythm & Hues, Digital Domain and Pixel Magic, who relied heavily on the use of digital doubles in combination with practical effects and live-action stuntwork to achieve a realistic portrayal of the film's vigilante superhero.Also discussed in detail is the creation of the Shadow World effect by which the blind Daredevil perceives his surroundings by exercising his other heightened senses.The article features effects images from the film and behind-the-scenes photographs – many exclusive to Cinefex.

    For more information, visit the Cinefex website at: Cinefex.com

  • 17/03 - [Catching Typhoid]

    Newsarama has an interview with Brian Michael Bendis, where the current DD writer talks about Typhoid Mary and the build up to issue #50!

    Newsarama - Catching Typhoid

  • 17/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 19
    * DD by David Mack wall scroll $17.99
    * DD by Joe Quesada wall scroll $17.99
    * DF Marvel Universe 60's Litho by Steve Rude $19.99
    * Elektra in red wall scroll $17.99

    March 26
    * Marvel Universe: The End #2
    * Paradise X #9

  • 14/03 - [Scheduled downtime]

    My hosting company Boiling Point is doing some work on the server this Sunday, so if you can't get at the site, I apologize in advance. It shouldn't be more than 3 hours.

  • 14/03 - [American Cinematographer]

    If you're still picking up magazines relating to the movie, there's a feature on D.O.P. Ericson Core in American Cinematographer. There are many interesting revelations about how the movie was shot, including a detailed map of the buildings in L.A. and what type of set-up was done on each building. If you didn't pick up Arena Magazine, it's still out there as well, with either a Jennifer Garner or Ben Affleck cover.

  • 13/03 - [DD Survey needs You!]

    A group of graduate university students are conducting a survey to determine the impact of the Daredevil movie. Are people drawn to the comic because of the movie? Check out the message board and take the survey if you are interested!

    ManWithoutFear.com message board

  • 13/03 - [Marvel Universe: The End]

    Daredevil makes an appearance in this week's Marvel Universe: The End #1, for a few pages. Most of the heroes and teams in the Marvel Universe make an appearance and some meet their demise!

  • 12/03 - [Interesting links]

    Kopah has made a page that describes the real props used in movies. Check out this section of the site that lets you know how to furnish your office just like the Kingpin!

    Designing For the Evil

    Adam sent me a link to a web cartoon which stars a big fan of DD! :)

    FoxTrot by Bill Amend

  • 10/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 12
    * Marvel Universe: The End #1
    * Daredevil vs Vapora #1
    * Daredevil Fearless T-Shirt $15.95
    * Daredevil I T-Shirt (some O/A) $17.95
    * Daredevil III T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * DF Daredevil Canvas Giclee Double Signed $699.99
    * Earth X DD Mega Bust $49.99
    * Earth X DD Mega Bust Bronze Edition $199.99
    * Marvel Classic DD Long Sleeve Shirt (some O/A) $23.95/$26.95
    * Marvel Classic DD T-Shirt (some O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Marvel Select Black Widow Action Figure $18.99

    March 19
    * Daredevil Wake Up TPB $9.99

  • 10/03 - [DD slips to #7]

    Daredevil's box office total is inching towards $100 million, as the movie slips to #7 with an estimated total of $91 million after 4 weeks of release. For a more detailed analysis of DD's box office, check out:

    Box Office Mojo

  • 06/03 - [Interview with Tim Flattery]

    I had a chance to speak with Daredevil movie illustrator Tim Flattery about his designs. You can see his artwork on the official movie site and his own site. Many thanks to Mr. Flattery for this opportunity!

    Interview with Tim Flattery

  • 05/03 - [News digest]

    * If you are still picking up magazines that have DD movie articles, check out Starlog (Elektra article), Empire, Total Film, Arena Magazine (two different covers... Affleck or Garner)
    * The Starlog issue has an interview with Daredevil voice actor Edward Albert, from the Spider-Man cartoon
    * If you missed the 'Heroes' flash animation that parodies 'Clerks' with Marvel characters, Kris and Brad let me know it's back online: Heroes
    * Some 'appearances' if you are interested: Alias #20 continues its close ties to the storyline in DD, last week's Peter Parker: Spider-Man had DD in one panel on a TV screen, and Darkdevil appears in one panel in this week's Spider-Girl
    * The word 'irony' comes to mind (thanks to Simon for this): DD web site is inaccessible to blind readers
    * 'Fallen' the new album by Evanescence is in stores this week, and the group will appear March 6th on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Want to see their new video for "Bring Me to Life"? Go here
    * The official DD movie score album is also out this week, by Graeme Revell. If you missed my interview with Mr. Revell, check out the interviews section

  • 03/03 - [DD Marvel Must Have]

    Marvel will be printing a Marvel Must Have for Daredevil that will include #41-43 for $3.99. So if you've missed the first three issues of "Lowlife", this collection is an affordable alternative to buying the individual issues.

    From Marvel:

    Last month Marvel offered its first MUST HAVES collection of consecutive issues from one title (VENOM - ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN #33-36), and comic shops responded with record orders. Hearing its fans and retailer partners loud and clear, this month Marvel is pleased to offer the latest low-cost Must Haves compilation, MARVEL MUST HAVES: DAREDEVIL (JAN035084 D), collecting DAREDEVIL #41-43, the first three chapters of the current critically-acclaimed "LOWLIFE" story arc.

    "Response to the 25-cent DAREDEVIL #41 has been tremendous, with people checking the issue out because of the attention generated by the movie and the USA TODAY review, and then discovering the work of writer Brian Bendis and artist Alex Maleev," said Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada. "Issue-in, issue-out, DAREDEVIL is one of the best comic books on the stands of any genre. MARVEL MUST HAVES: DAREDEVIL was created to give new readers just catching on to that fact an opportunity to continue with the story started in issue #41, and with the series as it heads to its next big story arc, "HARDCORE".

    "I'm so excited about this collection because ever since we announced Matt Murdock would be outted as Daredevil by the tabloids, people kept waiting for the trick finish or easy way out," added Brian Bendis. "What these issues illustrate is that we have no intention of doing anything like that, so I'm thrilled that people are looking for them and want to continuing following the story!"

    The 80-page MARVEL MUST-HAVE: DAREDEVIL (JAN035084 D) is available for order immediately from Diamond and has an on-sale date of 3/19 and a cover price of $3.99. DAREDEVIL #45, concluding the "LOWLIFE" storyline, goes on sale 3/26 and has a Final Order Cut-off (OIC) date of Thursday, 3/6.

  • 03/03 - [Shipping update]

    March 5
    * Alias #20
    * Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan #5
    * Classic DD I Symbol T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95
    * Classic DD II Symbol T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil/Elektra T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * DD Symbol II T-Shirt (some O/A, some new) $17.95/$20.95/$23.95/$26.95
    * DD Frank Miller (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * DD Logo T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * DD Symbol Long Sleeve T-Shirt (some O/A, some new) $23.95/$26.95
    * DD Symbol T-Shirt (O/A) $17.95/$20.95
    * DD VII T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * DD Yellow T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95

    March 12
    * Marvel Universe: The End #1

  • 02/03 - [Miller audio available]

    An update from the Miller interview with Todd McFarlane... there is an audio archive of the radio show in the mlb.com site if you are interested. It is in Real format, so you will need RealPlayer to listen.

    Frank Miller interview with Todd McFarlane

  • 02/03 - [DD drops to #3]

    The Daredevil movie lost about 40% of its audience this week and fell to #3, behind Cradle 2 the Grave and Old School. DD has earned $84 million in three weeks of release.

    Yahoo! Movies

    February 2003

  • 27/02 - [Miller on McFarlane show]

    Frank Miller is a guest today on Todd McFarlane's show on MLB radio. For more details (the show begins at 2:30 ET today!), go to Comics Continuum and scroll down the page.

    Comics Continuum

  • 26/02 - [Miller talks DD]

    Thanks to the folks at the Bendis board for pointing this out. There's an audio interview with Frank Miller in RealPlayer format at the KCRW web site. Miller talks a lot about DD, including how he first got on the title, creating Elektra and the influence of movies in his comics.

    KCRW interview with Frank Miller

  • 26/02 - [Marvel Minimates]

    If you've checked out today's Previews, you may have noticed the new Minimates of DD, Elektra and other Marvel characters. You can visit the Diamond Select Toys site to get more info!

    Diamond Select Toys

  • 26/02 - [Elektra Movie!]

    N E W S R E L E A S E


    February 26, 2003


    Fox/Regency Announce New Film Based On Character Introduced to Movie Audiences in Daredevil

    Jennifer Garner to Reprise DD Role

    LOS ANGELES - The hidden clues to the biggest mystery in the blockbuster film DAREDEVIL have been revealed: Elektra lives! With audiences clamoring for more of the female warrior, Twentieth Century Fox and Regency Enterprises today announced that, in addition to a DAREDEVIL sequel, they are moving forward with a new event film based on the Elektra character.
    The new ELEKTRA story will be set after the events depicted in DAREDEVIL. Jennifer Garner will reprise the role she brought to life in that film, and script development will begin immediately.
    Elektra first appeared in Daredevil comics in 1980 with words and art by comics legend Frank Miller. The character is the daughter of powerful and rich Greek business tycoon Nikolas Natchios and the girlfriend of Matt Murdock / Daredevil. Although she possesses no superhuman abilities, Elektra is a consummate practitioner of the martial arts, and wields a pair of three-pronged daggers, or sai. ###

  • 24/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 26
    * Daredevil #44
    * Elektra #20
    * Daredevil Symbol Women's T-Shirt $17.95
    * Daredevil (V) T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95
    * Daredevil (VI) by Glenn Fabry T-Shirt XL $17.95

    March 5
    * Alias #20
    * Marvel Encyclopedia HC $29.99
    * Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider-Clan #5

  • 24/02 - [Blind lawyer reviews DD]

    The Toronto Star had an interesting piece yesterday on Jason Mitchell, an articling student for the Department of Justice in Toronto. Mitchell is blind, and describes watching the Daredevil movie with the help of 'descriptive video' (DV). So what did he think of DD?

    Toronto Star

  • 23/02 - [DD stays at #1]

    The Daredevil movie has reached $70 million, and managed to stay at #1 for a second week. Yahoo! has posted some info on the other movies that opened this weekend. Despite dropping by more than 50% in its second week, DD still managed to sneak ahead of 'Old School'.

    Yahoo! Movies

  • 21/02 - [New DD Movie Figure]

    Thanks to Matt for letting me know of the new 12" DD figure coming in July! Check out Action-Figure.com for over 10 pics of the figure!


  • 21/02 - [DD, Elektra First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has posted First Looks for DD#44 and the delayed Elektra #20.

    Comics Continuum

  • 20/02 - [Site update]

    If you've submitted fan fiction, wallpapers, fan art etc. in the past month, please be patient as I try to get back on track with updates. With the movie news slowly going back to normal, I can get back to the rest of the site. :) Thanks for your understanding.

    The movie has brought lots of new visitors, and the site is currently WAY above normal for bandwidth. Comic Book Resources, where I host my site, was very generous to help alleviate some of the costs associated with the extra hits. It's not an issue right now if my bandwidth goes back to normal next month, but if it continues to stay at these levels, I'll have to do something about it.


  • 20/02 - [May 2003 items]

    Here's a quick rundown on what's coming in May that is DD-related... Check out Previews when it comes out next week!

    * Daredevil #47
    * Elektra #23
    * Daredevil Vol.6: Lowlife TPB
    * Daredevil Legends Vol.4 Typhoid Mary TPB
    * Topps DD Movie Cards (O/A)
    * Daredevil In The City T-Shirt $15.95
    * Daredevil Montage by Gray Morrow Litho S&N (O/A) $19.95
    * Elektra Greg Horn poster $5.95
    * Marvel Select Elektra Action Figure $18.99 (O/A?)

  • 19/02 - [New DD TPBs]

    Two new TPBs make their debut in May 2003! Finally, some of Ann Nocenti's work is being reprinted!


    Written by Brian Michael Bendis, art by Alex Maleev.

    After his secret identity as Daredevil is publicly exposed, Matt Murdock is forced to reckon with the problems and legal ramifications that emerged as a result of his public outing. But there isn't much time for Matt to dwell on his problems, as a new love appears on the horizon and one of Daredevil's most dangerous foes returns to take over the NYC underworld. Collects Daredevil (Vol. 2) #41-45.

    128 pages, $13.99.


    Written by Ann Nocenti, art and cover by John Romita Jr.

    One of the industry's best artists in a collection of one of his best creative runs! John Romita Jr. draws Daredevil in a story arc that introduced one of his most lethal and insane foes, Typhoid Mary, who makes her return to the pages of DD in this month's Daredevil #47. Collects Daredevil (Vol. 1) #254-257,259-263.

    224 pages, $19.99.

  • 18/02 - [Bendis updates DD]

    Daredevil writer Brian Michael Bendis posted a message on his board concerning his upcoming work. Here's the DD-related stuff:

    ITEM! DD 50 is turning out to be a real happening. something really special. i don't want to give it all away, but i will say this- GENE COLAN!!!

    ITEM! RUMOR CONTROL! I am not leaving DD after fifty, absolutely not, in fact alex and i have found a recommitment to our run on DD that was too god damn exciting. mack is doing 51-55, i have read the scripts and they are awesome. after that alex and i come back refreshed.

    ITEM! RUMOR STARTING!! and you guys will NEVER guess what is happening to DD and alias. never, ever, ever... HAHAHAH

  • 18/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 19
    * Daredevil Movie Tin Lunch Box $17.99
    * Daredevil vs. Spider-Man DVD, Video (out in major stores already...)

    February 26
    * Daredevil #44
    * Daredevil Legends: Man Without Fear TPB $16.95
    * Elektra #20
    * Marvel Encyclopedia HC $29.99

  • 17/02 - [Movie news for 17/02]

    Daredevil debuted this weekend and came in at #1 at the box office, with a 4-day total coming in around 47 million dollars. Could a sequel already be in development? Once I get back to 100% health I'll continue to update the MOVIE REVIEWS section. Check it out when you get a chance. Be sure to visit the MESSAGE BOARD as well.

    From Comics Continuum:

    Daredevil tops Box Office

    From SHH!:

    Coolio's lost footage
    Costume tests
    4-day Box Office
    Snowstorm affect Box Office

    From Newsarama!:

    DD takes $47 million

    From Comicon.com Pulse!:

    DD's $43.5 million opening

  • 16/02 - [DD $43.5 million+]

    According to estimates posted at Yahoo! Movies, DD is this week's top movie with $43.5 million at the box office. Final numbers later on will include Monday's totals as well.

    Yahoo! Movies

  • 14/02 - [Movie news for 14/02]

    Well, the day has finally come... the movie is now 'officially' out there. Some of you will hate it, some of you will like it, some of you will love it. The reviewers here in Toronto haven't been too kind (Toronto Star - 1 star, Now Magazine - 2 stars, Eye Weekly 2 stars, Toronto Sun - 3 stars). If you've seen a DD review on the web, please send me the link so I can add it to the MOVIE REVIEWS section. Have fun if you're seeing it tonight!

    Thanks to Matt for posting this full TV schedule for DD-related shows!

    ManWithoutFear.com message board

    From JoBlo.com:

    Affleck interview

    From Comics2Film:

    Box office expectations
    Movie review

    From SHH!:

    Banned in Malaysia?
    Affleck does Farrell impersonation
    Box office expectations
    Interview with MCD
    Interview with MSJ
    Premiere Magazine article

  • 13/02 - [Midnight DF Special]

    Visit the DF site tonight at midnight (ET) and get a chance to purchase the Elektra litho, drawn by Greg Horn, with an original sketch on it as well! It's originally $89.99, but they have 12 left for $19.93 each.

    Dynamic Forces

  • 13/02 - [Movie news for 13/02]

    Thanks to Matt for posting this full TV schedule for DD-related shows!

    ManWithoutFear.com message board

    If you've seen a DD review on the web, please send me the link so I can add it to the MOVIE REVIEWS section.

    Be sure to read my interview with composer Graeme Revell in the INTERVIEWS section.

    There's a new sweepstakes at the official site: DaredevilMovie.com

    * Check listings above for TV appearances...
    * HBO First Look will repeat often...
    * Daredevil soundtrack now available...
    * Daredevil GBA game now available...
    * Daredevil Topps trading cards now available...
    * Ritz Bits DD cards are out...
    * DD vs Spider-Man DVD is out...
    * DD Head-Knockers (and Elektra) is now available...
    * Empire magazine review now available...
    * TV Guide DD (cover/article) is out
    * Entertainment Weekly (cover/article) is out...
    * WizBang (cover/article) is out...
    * Starlog #308 (cover/article) is out...
    * Tribute Magazine (Canada) cover/article is out
    * Arena Magazine (interview with Affleck by Kevin Smith... out?)
    * Vanity Fair (interview with Affleck is out)
    * ScreenTalk magazine (DD cover/interview with MSJ) is out...
    * CFQ (cover/article) is out...
    * Premiere (cover/article) is out...
    * Cinescape (cover/article) is out...

    From Comics2Film:

    Affleck interview part 2
    Under the Horns documentary
    Another C2F movie review

    From Comics Continuum:

    Movie update

    From JoBlo.com:

    Mark Steven Johnson interview

  • 12/02 - [Movie news for 12/02]

    Thanks to Matt for posting this full TV schedule for DD-related shows!

    ManWithoutFear.com message board

    Matt wrote in today with some updates:

    Wed 12 6:00 PM Movie Special: Daredevil VH1
    Wed 12 11:35 PM Late Show w/David Letterman (Farrell) CBS

    Be sure to read my interview with composer Graeme Revell in the INTERVIEWS section.

    There's a new sweepstakes at the official site: DaredevilMovie.com

    * Check listings above for TV appearances...
    * HBO First Look will repeat often...
    * Daredevil soundtrack now available...
    * Daredevil GBA game now available...
    * Daredevil Topps trading cards now available...
    * Ritz Bits DD cards are out...
    * DD vs Spider-Man DVD is out...
    * DD Head-Knockers (and Elektra) is now available...
    * Empire magazine review now available...
    * TV Guide DD (cover/article) is out
    * Entertainment Weekly (cover/article) is out...
    * WizBang (cover/article) is out...
    * Starlog #308 (cover/article) is out...
    * Tribute Magazine (Canada) cover/article is out
    * Arena Magazine (interview with Affleck by Kevin Smith... out?)
    * Vanity Fair (interview with Affleck...out?...)
    * ScreenTalk magazine (DD cover/interview with MSJ) is out...
    * CFQ (cover/article) is out...
    * Premiere (cover/article) is out...
    * Cinescape (cover/article) is out...

    From JoBlo.com:

    Interview with Jennifer Garner
    Interview with Michael Clarke Duncan
    Interview with Colin Farrell

    From Newsarama:

    Journey into Comics review

    From Comics Continuum:

    Rob Zombie talks DD

    From Comics2Film:

    Affleck interview
    More DVD shots of Trial of the Incredible Hulk
    DD adaptation sells out
    Stan Lee talks DD
    Entire soundtrack online

    From SHH!:

    L.A. costume contest
    2 new music clips
    DD review
    Duncan talks DD
    DD ads stolen
    Premiere quotes

  • 11/02 - [Movie news for 11/02]

    I am attending the Daredevil press screening here in Toronto this morning, so I'll let you guys know details once I get back!

    Thanks to Matt for posting this full TV schedule for DD-related shows!

    ManWithoutFear.com message board

    Be sure to read my interview with composer Graeme Revell in the INTERVIEWS section.

    There's a new sweepstakes at the official site: DaredevilMovie.com

    * Check listings above for TV appearances...
    * HBO First Look will repeat often...
    * Daredevil soundtrack now available...
    * Daredevil GBA game now available...
    * Daredevil Topps trading cards now available...
    * Ritz Bits DD cards are out...
    * DD vs Spider-Man DVD is out...
    * DD Head-Knockers (and Elektra) is now available...
    * Empire magazine review now available...
    * TV Guide DD (cover/article) is out
    * Entertainment Weekly (cover/article) is out...
    * WizBang (cover/article) is out...
    * Starlog #308 (cover/article) is out...
    * Tribute Magazine (Canada) cover/article is out
    * Arena Magazine (interview with Affleck by Kevin Smith... out?)
    * Vanity Fair (interview with Affleck...out?...)
    * ScreenTalk magazine (DD cover/interview with MSJ) is out...
    * CFQ (cover/article) is out...
    * Premiere (cover/article) is out...
    * Cinescape (cover/article) is out...

    From Comics2Film:

    Interview with Jennifer Garner
    DD early shows
    Auction, billboard

    From SHH!:

    Interview with Colin Farrell

  • 10/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 12
    * Daredevil #43
    * Daredevil: Out TPB $19.99

    February 19
    * Nothing DD-related yet...

  • 10/02 - [Movie news for 10/02]

    Thanks to Matt for posting this full TV schedule for DD-related shows!

    ManWithoutFear.com message board

    Be sure to read my interview with composer Graeme Revell in the INTERVIEWS section.

    There's a new sweepstakes at the official site: DaredevilMovie.com

    From Comics Continuum:

    DD World Premiere

    From Comics2Film:

    DD on popcorn bag
    Arad/Foster interview
    IGN exclusive clips
    DD 2 plot?

    From SHH!:

    Garner interview
    DD around the web
    Affleck talks costume
    DD Premiere
    DD Movie cards
    DD week on GMA

  • 09/02 - [Interview with Graeme Revell]

    I had the chance to ask Daredevil film composer Graeme Revell a few questions about the movie, so please check out my interview if you're interested:

    Interview with Graeme Revell

  • 09/02 - [Movie news for 09/02]

    * Daredevil official premiere this Sunday in L.A.
    * HBO First Look will repeat often...
    * Daredevil soundtrack now available...
    * Daredevil GBA game now available...
    * Daredevil Topps trading cards now available...
    * DD vs Spider-Man DVD out Tuesday...
    * DD Head-Knockers (and Elektra) is now available...
    * Empire magazine review now available...
    * TV Guide DD (cover/article) is out
    * Entertainment Weekly (cover/article) is out...
    * WizBang (cover/article) is out...
    * Starlog #308 (cover/article) coming...
    * Tribute Magazine (Canada) cover/article is out
    * Arena Magazine (interview with Affleck by Kevin Smith... out?)
    * Vanity Fair (interview with Affleck...out?...)
    * ScreenTalk magazine (DD cover/interview with MSJ) is out...
    * CFQ (cover/article) is out...
    * Premiere (cover/article) is out...
    * Cinescape (cover/article) is out...

    From IGN Filmforce:

    DD exclusive clips

    From DaredevilMovie.com:

    More clips added

    From ManWithoutFear.com:

    An interview with Jennifer Garner appears in today's Toronto Star

    If you missed Mental Image's review of the movie, scroll down to the articles below and click on the link!

  • 08/02 - [Daredevil movie auction]

    Authentic items from the Daredevil movie are now up for auction. If you are interested, head on over to this site:

    Daredevil Auction

  • 08/02 - [DF HSN Daredevil show]

    Dynamic Forces Launches The Biggest And Best HSN Show EVER In Celebration Of Our 10th Anniversary!

    Get ready comic fans, because the first show of the year is the biggest, and the best show ever! On February 18th, 2003 at 11PM EST Dynamic Forces will be making a special birthday appearance on HSN debuting some of the coolest comic book memorabilia ever! And not only is this a birthday celebration, but a Daredevil Movie Premiere celebration as well!

    Dynamic Forces will be premiering everything from a Marvel Premiere Daredevil Giclee Signed by the two greatest Editor-In-Chief's of all time The Mighty Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada and Legendary Stan 'The Man' Lee. This beautiful Giclee will not only be signed by Quesada, but features a DF certificate of authenticity and is fully framed and ready to be hung in a place of honor in your home. Collectors wait all their lives for pieces of art like this, but thanks to DF, you don't have to - you just have to wait until February 18th at 11:00 PM when Nick Barrucci brings you the biggest comics show in the world!

    We're also showcasing the Hulk vs. Thing Lithograph painted by John Watson, with a little something extra on each piece by Mr. Watson -- it's our Birthday and we are bringing you the presents and the surprise will be unveiled on the show! Watson, an up and coming painter from the UK, has recreated the classic battle between the Hulk vs. Thing from Fantastic Four #'s 25 and 26 with the two titans pounding each other in the middle of New York and the Avengers and the FF in the background.

    Think we're done? Not even close! It's our birthday, but we're bringing you the presents! Therefore, we have the Marvel Millennium Lithograph Signed by John Estes and featuring all of the major Marvel characters that have prospered through to the new millennium -- the X-Men, Daredevil, Hulk, Spider-Man and more! Wait until you see this painting signed by Estes (and the extra bonus he's added to this baby!)! This one is not to be missed! This show will feature a Lucky 21 Starter Set and this Set is going to be the most ambitious of the year featuring Signed 1st printings of Batman #608 signed by super-star artist Jim Lee himself! And since it's our B-Day, we're adding in extra guaranteed books including the Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra #1 1st print that's sold out everywhere - all for under 20 bucks! We're also offering our world-famous 40 books for $40.00 which usually includes a minimum of 4 guaranteed books in each set, but this time, because it is our 10th anniversary, we're guaranteeing 10 Books in each Set! The fun factor in this is now multiplied by 10!

    Now, we can't tell you everything we're preparing for this Birthday Blowout, but we do need to let you know about the awesome Mighty Marquee Birthday Set. Usually in our B-Day sets, we give you approximately 8 items with super signatures and sketches that you can't get anywhere else. Well this time, we're preparing 15 ultra cool books including: Adventures of Superman #600 Signed and Remarked, Detective Comics #627 Signed and Remarked, the X-Men Movie adaptation Signed by the creators of the movie, the Marvel Knights convention book featuring over 10 signatures including Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada, Daredevil/Spider-Man #1 Signed by classic Spidey artist John Romita and Uncanny X-Men #325 Signed by X-Men movie producer Tom DeSanto and the man of the hour... X-Men co-creator Stan "The Man" Lee!

    What a show!

    Well folks, looks like we've run out of room to tell you everything that's going be happening on HSN February 18th 2003 at 11PM EST(and that's 8:00 PM for our fans on the West Coast) for our premiere show of the year, celebrating our 10th anniversary, and featuring coolest comic collectibles on TV! Be there or be square!

    For further information check out www.dynamicforces.com

  • 08/02 - [DD original art]

    Former Daredevil inker Bill Reinhold contacted me and wished to inform DD fans of his auction on eBay. The complete set of illustrations from Daredevil: Predator's Smile is available (20 images!). If you are interested:

    Bill Reinhold auction

    Also, former DD inker Joe Rubinstein wanted to let fans know that he is available for commissions. If you are interested in getting some artwork done by Mr. Rubinstein, please contact me and I can forward your request to him.

  • 07/02 - [IGN exclusive clips]

    IGN Filmforce has five exclusive clips of Daredevil posted, with the promise of more on Monday!

    IGN Filmforce

  • 07/02 - [Movie Review!]

    Long-time contributor to the site, Mental Image, was one of the lucky people who saw the Daredevil movie last Friday in California. What follows is a brief excerpt from MI's review:

    Daredevil is a beloved character, for whom generations of comic writers and artists have made a place in the cannon of modern mythology. Into his Daredevil, writer/director Mark Steven Johnson has distilled the essential elements from forty years and hundreds of issues of Daredevil comics. This distillation to a single narrative required MSJ to make choices, some of which may be more painful than others for long-time fans to accept.
    For the complete (spoiler-filled) review, please click here.

    Many thanks to Mental Image for this review! If you want to submit reviews after you've seen the movie, please feel free to contact me. My review comes next week...

  • 07/02 - [Movie news for 07/02]

    * Daredevil official premiere this Sunday in L.A.
    * Access Hollywood segment tonight!
    * HBO First Look will repeat often...
    * Daredevil soundtrack now available...
    * Daredevil GBA game now available...
    * Daredevil Topps trading cards now available...
    * DD vs Spider-Man DVD out next week...
    * DD Head-Knockers (and Elektra) is now available...
    * USA TODAY article in section D yesterday...
    * TV Guide DD (cover/article) is out
    * Entertainment Weekly (cover/article) is out...
    * WizBang (cover/article) is out...
    * Starlog #308 (cover/article) coming...
    * Tribute Magazine (Canada) cover/article is out
    * Arena Magazine (interview with Affleck by Kevin Smith... out?)
    * Vanity Fair (interview with Affleck...coming...)
    * ScreenTalk magazine (DD cover/interview with MSJ) is out...
    * CFQ (cover/article) is out...
    * Premiere (cover/article) is out...
    * Cinescape (cover/article) is out...

    From Comics Continuum:

    Stan Lee interview

    From LatinoReview:

    Flaming DD pics

    From Comics2Film:

    Michael Clarke Duncan interview
    DD group on TV Tonight

    From SHH!:

    Entertainment Tonight
    Access Hollywood
    DD in 3500 theatres
    Foster talks DD

  • 06/02 - [Pizza Pizza Promotion]

    Ontario residents can enter a Pizza Pizza contest to win tickets to the Canadian premiere of Daredevil in Toronto (Feb.13 7PM at the Paramount downtown on Richmond). Head on over to PizzaPizza.ca and click on the Contests and Promotions link and scroll down. Click on the rules and regulations to find out how to enter. Hurry, contest ends in a few days!

    If you live in the T.O. area, The Edge 102.1 is still running their Daredevil contest as well, where you submit dares for Todd to do. If Todd takes your dare, you can win DD prizes. Tomorrow is the last day.

    Pizza Pizza
    The Edge

  • 06/02 - [DD#43 First Look]

    Comics Continuum has posted their Marvel First Looks, and if you are interested, DD#43 is now available to view.

    Comics Continuum

  • 06/02 - [Movie news for 06/02]

    * HBO First Look will repeat often...
    * Daredevil soundtrack now available...
    * Daredevil GBA game now available...
    * Daredevil Topps trading cards now available...
    * DD vs Spider-Man DVD out next week...
    * DD Head-Knockers (and Elektra) is now available...
    * USA TODAY article in section D today...
    * TV Guide DD (cover/article) is out?
    * Entertainment Weekly (cover/article) is out...
    * WizBang (cover/article) coming...
    * Starlog #308 (cover/article) coming...
    * Tribute Magazine (Canada) cover/article is out
    * Arena Magazine (interview with Affleck by Kevin Smith... out?)
    * Vanity Fair (interview with Affleck...coming...)
    * ScreenTalk magazine (DD cover/interview with MSJ) is out...
    * CFQ (cover/article) is out...
    * Premiere (cover/article) is out...
    * Cinescape (cover/article) is out...

    From Comics Continuum:

    Interview with Michael Clarke Duncan

    From Comics2Film:

    Colin Farrell interview
    Enter Shadow World!
    DD Ray-Ban glasses

    From SHH!:

    The Calling
    DD in USA Today
    UK Billboard
    DD featurette & 4 commercials
    Possible DD 2 storyline

  • 05/02 - [DD candy/food]

    If you've checked out this week's comics, you'll see ads for various Marvel characters' food products!

    * Daredevil, Elektra (and others) appear on Frigo's Cheese Heads, and if you send in 3 proofs of purchase, you can get a Marvel T-Shirt (go to FrigoCheeseHeads.com for more info!)
    * Au'Some Candies has several items with Marvel characters, so you can pick up DD or Elektra Poper Pops, Klik Candy Dispensers or Gummy Heroes (go to Au'Some Candies for more info!)

  • 05/02 - [Farrell interview]

    Comics2Film continues their interviews with the stars of DD, and today is Colin Farrell's turn. Links to Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are listed on the interview page. Tomorrow will be Michael Clarke Duncan.

    Comics Continuum

  • 05/02 - [Screentalk Magazine]

    Add another magazine to your list if you're picking up DD-related mags. Screentalk Magazine has an interview with Mark Steven Johnson in their January/February 2003 issue. It has a DD movie cover (same picture you've seen many times) and is $6.95 US/$9.95 CAN. Check the news below for more magazines...

  • 05/02 - [Shadow World opens!]

    The official DD site's Shadow World is now ready to be explored! Head on over to DaredevilMovie.com and see the world Daredevil sees. Thanks to train for the heads up!

  • 05/02 - [UK DD showings]

    Odeon Cinema in Nuneaton in the UK forwarded me their showtimes for DD. If you have theatre info you want me to display on the site, just let me know.


    Advance Preview: Feb.13
    Release Date: Feb. 14

    1:45, 4:15, 6:45, 9:15 (times apply for advance showing as well)

  • 05/02 - [Movie news for 05/02]

    * Jennifer Garner on ET Tonight
    * HBO First Look premiered last night, will repeat often...
    * Daredevil soundtrack released yesterday...
    * Daredevil GBA game released yesterday...
    * TV Guide DD cover/article is out?
    * Entertainment Weekly cover/article is out...
    * WizBang cover/article coming...
    * Starlog #308 cover/article coming...
    * Tribute Magazine (Canada) cover/article is out
    * Arena Magazine (interview with Affleck by Kevin Smith... out?)
    * Vanity Fair (interview with Affleck...coming...)

    From Comics2Film:

    * DD coming a day early!
    * Joe Pantoliano interview
    * Flaming billboard
    * DD GBA game

    From SHH!:

    * Fuel talks soundtrack
    * Jennifer Garner on ET
    * DD Predator glasses
    * Pixel Magic
    * Another review

  • 04/02 - [Garner transcript]

    The Comics Continuum has posted an edited transcript of Jennifer Garner from the weekend's press junket. Tomorrow they will post Colin Farrell's transcript.

    Comics Continuum

  • 04/02 - [DD for GBA ships!]

    Encore Software has provided a press release for the Daredevil Game Boy Advance video game that is shipping today!

    Watch for a review of the game here at ManWithoutFear.com

    Press Release

    Screenshots of the game are available in the VIDEO GAMES section of the site.

  • 04/02 - [Movie news for 04/02]

    Here's your daily look at DD movie news!

    * HBO First Look today 10:30 PM ET
    * Daredevil soundtrack released today ($9.99 at Future Shop!)
    * Daredevil GBA game released today
    * TV Guide DD cover/article coming...
    * Entertainment Weekly cover/article coming... (see article below)
    * WizBang cover/article coming...
    * Starlog #308 cover/article coming...
    * Tribute Magazine (Canada) cover/article is out
    * Arena Magazine (interview with Affleck by Kevin Smith... out?)
    * Vanity Fair (interview with Affleck...coming...)

    From Comics2Film:

    * Incredible Hulk DVD collection
    * Entertainment Weekly article
    * Daredevil soundtrack
    * Daredevil Video clips

    From SHH!:

    * TiVo clip
    * Flaming DD billboard

    From ManWithoutFear.com:

    Look at the news articles from yesterday for info on a theatre promo and Tribute Magazine!

  • 03/02 - [Ultrastar Promotion]

    Ultrastar Movie Theatre, in Chula Vista, California, wanted to let (brave) fans know that if you show up February 14 in the evening, dressed in a Daredevil character costume, you can win free movie passes for yourself and 3 guests. If you want more details on this promotion, please ask me and I can pass along the questions to the theatre's G.M.

  • 03/02 - [Tribute Magazine cover]

    If you live in Canada, be sure to pick up Tribute Magazine in theatres this month. The mag has a DD/Elektra cover, and also has a brief interview with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. You can read the article online:

    Interview in Tribute Magazine
    Main Tribute site (cover is shown)

  • 03/02 - [Shipping update]

    February 5
    * Alias #19
    * Elektra Greg Horn Poster $5.95
    * Daredevil Head Knocker $10.99
    * Elektra Head Knocker $10.99

    February 12
    * Daredevil #43

  • 03/02 - [Movie news for 03/02]

    A reminder:

    * HBO First Look on Tuesday 10:30 PM ET (see article below for schedule)
    * Daredevil soundtrack on Tuesday
    * Daredevil GBA game on Tuesday
    * TV Guide DD cover/article coming...
    * Entertainment Weekly cover/article coming... (see article below)
    * WizBang cover/article coming...
    * Starlog #308 cover/article coming...

    From Comics Continuum:

    * Interview with Ben Affleck

    From Comics2Film:

    * HBO DD First Look schedule
    * Mark Steven Johnson interview part 4

    From SHH!:

    * Entertainment Weekly article
    * SHH! reviews DD!

  • 01/02 - [The latest movie digest]

    If you collect magazines that feature news on DD, be sure to pick up TV Guide, an upcoming Entertainment Weekly, WizBang magazine, Starlog #308 and more. If you're a fan of the comics, WizBang has a profile on DD and an interview with Gene Colan.

    If you missed my interview with Daredevil adaptation author Greg Cox, it's here.

    Thanks to Cuda for reminding me that HBO's First Look of Daredevil airs this Tuesday, February 4 at 10:35 ET.

    Also, remember that the Daredevil soundtrack ships this Tuesday as well, as does the GameBoy Advance DD game.

    Reviews are trickling in after a screening in California on Friday, so if you want to spoil anything about the movie, head on over to www.aintitcool.com. It's looking positive so far... watch for a review here at ManWithoutFear.com.

    From SHH!:

    Official DD site update
    Wal-Mart Nabisco challenge

    January 2003

  • 31/01 - [More Movie news]

    I'm trying to best to keep up with all this... :)

    Another ET clip is now up, this time of DD fighting thugs in a bar:

    Daredevil bar clip

    DaredevilMusic.com added two new clips on their audio page, of Evanescence's "My Immortal" and BOYSETSFIRE's "High Wire Escape Artist".


    CHUD has an Atlanta screening of DD, so if you want to get some tickets:

    CHUD Atlanta screening

    Also, be sure to pick up Wiz Bang Magazine, and Starlog #308 when they come out. Both have DD movie and comic reports!

  • 31/01 - [Barnes & Noble Masterworks]

    Barnes and Noble Books is producing their own softcover collections of some Marvel Masterworks books, and in April, their version of Daredevil's MM will ship. For more details:

    Barnes and Noble

    (Thanks to Newsarama for the tip!)

  • 31/01 - [Movie news digest]

    From Comics2Film:

    Mark Steven Johnson interview Part 3

    From Latino Review:

    Interview with Michael Clarke Duncan

    From Comics Continuum:

    Daredevil star Ben Affleck will be appearing on the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly. He will also be doing a walk-on on the Saturday Night Live show hosted by Daredevil co-star Jennifer Garner.

    From SHH!:

    More DD pics

  • 30/01 - [Another new ET clip]

    Entertainment Tonight continues their promotion this week, and yet another DD clip is presented, this time of Matt Murdock and Elektra talking on a rooftop!

    Clip #4

  • 30/01 - [Greg Cox interview]

    Be sure to visit the INTERVIEWS section where Greg Cox talks about adapting the DD movie! Many thanks to Mr. Cox for this opportunity.

  • 30/01 - [Movie news digest]

    From Comics2Film:

    Mark Steven Johnson interview part 2

    From SHH!:

    TV Guide cover, article
    Tivo pacts with Fox
    Entertainment Tonight interview with stunt coordinator

    From Comics Continuum:

    TV Guide cover, more news

    From finally from ManWithoutFear.com:

    * Anyone in the Toronto listening area can enter a Daredevil contest on "The Dean Blundell Show" on The Edge (102.1 FM). Send a suggestion of a stunt for Todd to do, and you can win prizes. More details soon, as the contest starts next week.

    * If you have a Future Shop in your Canadian city, they are having a one day promotion on Feb. 4, where the Daredevil soundtrack will be available for $9.99.

  • 29/01 - [New clip, TV Guide]

    Entertainment Tonight is still running their contest, and tonight they featured a clip with DD and Bullseye, which you can download here:

    DD vs Bullseye clip

    ET also showed next week's TV Guide which will feature Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck on the cover.

  • 29/01 - [Previews DD items]

    For those of you who buy DD-related merchandise, here's what to look for in today's Previews. I'll try to post pics soon on manwithoutfear.com.

    * Page 216-217 - Daredevil #1 Wizard Ace Edition ($13.99 and $89.99 signed by Joe Quesada)
    * Page 298 - DF Daredevil: Death of Elektra Statue (Offered again) $189.99
    * Page 357 - Animation Reporter Vol. 1 #5 (has DD movie cover) $4.95
    * Page 363 - Dreamwatch #105 Elektra movie cover $5.99
    * Page 399 - Daredevil Digital Watch Gift Set $19.99
    * Page 450 - Marvel Movie Heroes Decorated Gummy Candy $1.25 ea (DD, Spidey, Hulk, Storm, Elektra, Wolverine)
    * Page 450 - Marvel Movie Heroes Gummy Candy $1.25 ea (DD, Storm, Spidey, Cyclops, Wolverine, Elektra)
    * Page 450 - Marvel Movie Heroes Powerpops $1.25 ea (DD - strawberry, Elektra - strawberry)
    * Page 450 - Marvel Movie Heroes Slinger Gum $1.25 ea (Wolverine, Hulk, Spidey, Elektra, Storm)
    * Page 450 - Daredevil & Elektra candy bars $1.25 ea
    * Page 452 - Daredevil Magnet Set (set of 7) $23.99

  • 29/01 - [Wizard DD checklist]

    Wizard has published a Daredevil checklist in this week's issue, with the help of Kevin Hall's Daredevil Resource at daredevil.dreamhost.com. Good to see Kev getting some well deserved recognition!

  • 29/01 - [JoBlo New York screening]

    If you live in the New York City area, head over to JoBlo.com if you want to see the movie a day early!


    UPDATE: Latino Review has passes for New York and Hollywood, Florida, so you can check them out too:

    Latino Review

  • 29/01 - [MSJ interview]

    Jason Lethert, at Comics2Film, spoke with DD director Mark Steven Johnson at the L.A. Comic Convention, and here's part one of the interview:


  • 28/01 - [Bendis interview]

    The CBR's Arune Singh had a chance to speak with Brian Michael Bendis about DD, Ultimate Spider-Man and more. Bendis talks a bit about the identity issue in DD, and what's coming up. Thanks to Jim!

    Bendis interview at CBR

  • 28/01 - [Movie news update]

    As the movie date draws closer, more news keeps coming in... so here's a quick rundown:

    * If you haven't checked out etonline.com, there are two clips you can watch, in addition to entering the contest
    Clip 1
    Clip 2
    * SHH! says Jennifer Garner is hosting Saturday Night Live on February 15
    * SHH! also posted that the official site has been updated with info on DD's billy club
    * Dark Horizons has posted news of the January edition of International Cinematographers Guild, which has an interview with Ericson Core (thanks to SHH! for the tip)
    * Be on the lookout for Wiz Bang Magazine, which features an article on DD's history in the comics
    * The Comic Continuum posted images from the Super Bowl commercial

  • 27/01 - [Win tickets to DD Premiere]

    Ben Affleck appeared on Entertainment Tonight... err... tonight and showed a few scenes from the movie. Also, there is a contest running where you can win tickets to the premiere screening in L.A. So head on over to the ET site, and you can watch the clip and answer the easy question. This contest is only for US residents.

    Entertainment Tonight

    If you live in Canada, Muchmusic is still running their contest for the premiere as well, so don't miss out!


  • 27/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 29
    * Daredevil/Elektra Love Hate T-Shirt $15.95
    * Topps Daredevil Movie Cards Box PI

    February 5
    * Alias #19 (drug storyline which is running in DD)
    * Daredevil Cover Poster - Flat Version $5.99

  • 24/01 - [JoBlo.com new DD pic]

    JoBlo.com has posted a new pic from the DD movie, so head on over if you're interested:


  • 23/01 - [DaredevilMusic.com update]

    DaredevilMusic.com has added two new songs on their audio page:

    "Right Now" by Nappy Roots feat. Marcos Curiel of P.O.D., and Finger Eleven's new track "Sad Exchange" are now available in Real or Windows formats.

    Also check out the Fanzone section for a chance to have your wallpapers displayed on the site.


  • 22/01 - [DD Promo Kit]

    I stumbled upon this item on eBay, so I don't know if it's authentic just yet, but this may be the promo kit for the movie. It includes a mini-poster, character sheets, buttons, tattoos and more.

  • 22/01 - [April Previews items]

    As I usually do before the Previews come out, I post a listing of things Daredevil-related that will be solicited. What's coming out in April?

    * Daredevil #46 $2.99
    * Elektra #21 (RES)
    * Elektra #22 (RES)
    * Daredevil Ace Edition #1 $13.99
    * Signed $89.99
    * DF Death of Elektra Statue (O/A) $189.99
    * Daredevil Digital Watch Gift Set $19.99
    * Daredevil & Elektra Candy Bar $1.25
    * Daredevil Magnet Set $23.99

    More details soon!

  • 22/01 - [Free Thwip! fanzine]

    The February issue of "Thwip!" is devoted to Daredevil, featuring reviews of classic DD/Spidey comics, and an interview with Brian Michael Bendis, and original Adam Hughes DD cover. Also a DD Hostess ad reprint, and original DD-themed Feline Follies cartoon, and the 'Nuff said scripts from Elektra #6 and DD (vol. 2) #28 are also presented.

    The fanzine is created by Ivan Martin, and if you e-mail him your mailing address and say you were sent from manwithoutfear.com, he'll send you a free copy!

    Contact: spideyivan@aol.com

    E-mail me your mailing address and say you were sent from the ManWithoutFear site and I'll send you a FREE copy.

  • 21/01 - [DD#42 First Look]

    Courtesy of the Comics Continuum

    Daredevil #42 FIRST LOOK!

    Cover | Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3 | Page 4

  • 21/01 - [Dinner For Five recap]

    Comics2Film has posted a recap of yesterday's Dinner For Five episode that featured members of the DD cast.


  • 20/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 22
    * Daredevil #42
    * Spider-Man Legend of the Spider-Clan #4

    January 29
    * Daredevil Parts of a Hole TPB
    * Elektra Greg Horn Poster

  • 20/01 - [Convention Reports-UPDATED]

    If you want to have anything spoiled for the movie, Mental Image and Raiden have provided excellent coverage of the L.A. Convention from yesterday. So head over the to message board and check out their postings!

    Manwithoutfear.com Message Board

    UPDATE: The Comics Continuum has posted a transcript of the presentation

    Comics Continuum

  • 18/01 - [AOL clip available]

    Thanks to everyone who mailed about this... the AOL clip is now available to download in Real Video:

    AOL DD clip

  • 18/01 - [Movie reminder]

    These have been mentioned before, but just in case you've missed it:

    * January 19th - L.A. Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention has Mark Steven Johnson on hand for a Daredevil presentation, where you can get a poster and promo coin with your paid admission
    L.A. Comic Book Convention

    * January 20th - "Dinner For Five" with the Daredevil cast, airs on the Independent Film Channel, at 8 and 11 ET.

  • 18/01 - [Bendis talks #50+]

    Michael Sangiacomo had the chance to speak with Brian Michael Bendis about his future plans for DD. There are interesting revelations about issue #50 and the story arc following David Mack's return to the title.

    Journey Into Comics @ Newsarama

  • 16/01 - [New Site Design]

    To help celebrate the 7th year of the site, I added new sections and redid the site. I hope you guys like the new design. Some parts of the site don't function correctly just yet, so please bear with me as I go through and make changes to all the pages of the site.

    Kuljit Mithra

  • 16/01 - [Wal-Mart DD Promos]

    The Comics Continuum has updated its site with press kit images and word that Wal-Mart will be having in-store promotions for DD (with Kraft and Nabisco).

    Comics Continuum

  • 16/01 - [Send a DD E-Card]

    Buzztone has partnered with the site to promote the DD movie through an e-card. You can listen to clips from the soundtrack and later on, clips from the movie... so click on the banner if you're interested.

  • 16/01 - [New French DD Statue]

    The international exclusives continue, and thanks to Ian comes this image of a French DD statue produced by Attakus. The cost is around 285 Euros. More details on how to order, coming soon!

  • 16/01 - [Puma DD Contest]

    Thanks to Shannon for letting me know that the official DD movie site now has a link to a contest run by Puma. Match footwear to DD characters and win prizes! Here's a direct link and a window should pop up. Open to US residents (argh) only.

    Puma contest

  • 16/01 - [7 years!]

    January 16, 2003 brings the 7th year for the site and I wanted to thank each and every one of you for making the 7 years a great ride. The site exists because I know there are people like you who visit as often as they can to get their DD fix. I never thought I'd still be doing this all these years later and I am lucky to have been given this chance to showcase this great character to the world and to its dedicated fans.

    Kuljit Mithra

  • 15/01 - [International Release Dates]

    Fox International has posted the release dates for DD all over the world... so head on over to www.foxinternational.com!

    DD Release dates

  • 15/01 - [Hungover Gourmet article]

    The Hungover Gourmet #6 (Fall/Winter 2002) has an article by editor Dan Taylor called "Daredevil 101" where he gives a sort of 'primer' for his readers on who DD is and why they should check out the movie. There is also a small sidebar written by yours truly detailing some essential Daredevil TPBs. The zine describes itself as "The Journal of Food, Drink, Travel and Fun" and is available on the Hungover Gourmet web site for order. For more details:

    The Hungover Gourmet

  • 15/01 - [Japanese Mini-Bust]

    JB contacted me to let DD fans know of a limited Daredevil Mini-Bust in Japan. It is based on the Mini-Bust available elsewhere, but it has DD unmasked!

    Japanese Mini-Bust

    UPDATE: Shannon informed me of some pages in English for the Mini-Bust:

    Japanese Mini-Bust in English
    Masked Mini-Bust in English

  • 14/01 - [Fuel's DD Video]

    "Won't Back Down" by Fuel is now online at the Daredevil Music site in video form. Take a look at the video in Real Video or Windows Media formats.


  • 14/01 - [Manuel Garcia interview]

    The Pulse has a new interview up with Daredevil Comic Adaptation artist Manuel Garcia. He talks about his favourite DD artists, adapting the movie and what's next in terms of projects. There are also several pages of the comic available to view.

    The Pulse interview with Manuel Garcia

  • 14/01 - [Farrell talks Bullseye]

    The Sci-Fi Wire talked with Colin Farrell about the role of Bullseye and why he doesn't wear the blue costume from the comics. Thanks to SHH! for the tip!

    Sci-Fi Wire Colin Farrell interview

  • 14/01 - [DD vs Spidey Trailer]

    The trailer for the upcoming Daredevil Vs. Spider-Man DVD is now online on the official BV site. Thanks to SHH! for the tip.

    DD Vs. Spider-Man

  • 13/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 15
    * Daredevil/Elektra Love and War HC (RES) $29.99
    * Daredevil Movie Adaptation $3.50
    * Daredevil Movie TPB $12.99
    * Ultimate DD & Elektra TPB $11.99

    January 22
    * Daredevil #42 $2.99
    * Daredevil Born Again TPB $17.95
    * Spider-Man Legend of the Spider-Clan #4 $2.25

  • 13/01 - [Continuum Movie update]

    The Comics Continuum has posted two images from Fox, and also has some details of cast members.

    Comics Continuum

  • 13/01 - [Movie News Reminder]

    These have been mentioned before, but just in case you've missed it:

    * January 19th - L.A. Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention has Mark Steven Johnson on hand for a Daredevil presentation, where you can get a poster and promo coin with your paid admission
    L.A. Comic Book Convention

    * January 20th - "Dinner For Five" with the Daredevil cast, airs on the Independent Film Channel, at 8 and 11 ET.

    * Premiere magazine has a DD cover and article, and Cinefantastique (CFQ) is out, with a DD cover and article as well

    * The movie novel adaptation has been out for a few weeks, and this week sees the movie comic adaptation

    * Listen to several clips from the Daredevil soundtrack:

  • 12/01 - [Toronto Star article]

    If you live in the Toronto area, there is an article by Peter Howell in today's Toronto Star (Sunday) which talks about "The Year of the Cult Film", and Daredevil is mentioned, and a picture of Ben Affleck as DD is printed as well.

    Toronto Star

  • 10/01 - [Latest Movie News Digest]

    The Comics Continuum has posted all the latest news that's been circulating in the past few days into one nice page, so if you've missed anything, check out their site. They also have some exclusive pics of MCD as the Kingpin. So, if you want to know more about the pics, the trailer, the action figure, the album, the Dinner For Five show, and some scans of the novel, head on over...

    Comics Continuum

  • 09/01 - [New Trailer Debuts!]

    The latest Daredevil movie trailer is now online at the official site! Check out new scenes with Scott Terra as the young Matt Murdock, Michael Clarke Duncan and Colin Farrell as the Kingpin and Bullseye, respectively, and much more!


    If you can't download it, the good people at TalkFilm.Co.Uk have screen caps of it, so please head over there to check them out!


  • 09/01 - [Daredevil Album Listing]

    Wind-Up Records has sent the site the complete track listings for the Daredevil movie album, which will be released on February 4.

    1. Fuel - "Won't Back Down"
    2. The Calling - "For You"
    3. Saliva - "Bleed For Me"
    4. Seether - "Hang On"
    5. Nickelback - "Learn the Hard Way"
    6. Drowning Pool feat. Rob Zombie - "The Man Without Fear"
    7. Nappy Roots feat. Marcos Curiel of P.O.D. - "Right Now"
    8. Moby - "Evening Rain"
    9. Evanescence - "Bring Me To Life"
    10. Chevelle - "Until You're Reformed"
    11. Hoobastank - "Right Before Your Eyes"
    12. Palo Alto- "Fade Out/In"
    13. Revis - "Caught In The Rain"
    14. BOYSETSFIRE - "High Wire Escape Artist"
    15. Autopilot Off - “Raise Your Rifles”
    16. Graeme Revell and Mike Einziger - “Daredevil Theme (Blind Justice Remix)”
    17. Evanescence - "My Immortal"
    18. Finger Eleven - "Sad Exchange"
    19. Endo - "Simple Lies"
    20. 12 Stones - "Let Go"

    Please visit DaredevilMusic.com for more details, and also check out the site tomorrow for some great additions!

  • 09/01 - [Magazines update]

    Issues of Premiere Magazine are now appearing in stores (thanks Raiden) with the DD/Elektra cover and there are interviews with many of the main players.

    In other magazine news, Dreamwatch has a small section on movies to watch for in 2003, and DD is in there, and also Cinefantastique relaunches CFQ with a Daredevil cover. Their sister magazine Femme Fatales comes February 11 with a Jennifer Garner cover (not a DD-related pic however...). Starlog will have an article on DD in their February issue as well.

  • 09/01 - [Official site update]

    The official Daredevil movie site has updated their gallery section with some new images of Bullseye and Elektra. Check them out in the 'About the Film' section under Gallery.


  • 08/01 - [Rodi, Chen on Elektra]

    Newsarama has confirmed that writer Robert Rodi and artist Sean Chen will be taking over Elektra with issue #23. Alex Segura spoke with Rodi about what readers should expect. Also, it looks like Elektra: Assassin legend Bill Sienkiewicz will be the cover artist!


  • 08/01 - [Free TX & NM Screening Passes]

    If you want to see the DD movie a day early, and you live in Texas or New Mexico, go to this link right away!


  • 08/01 - [Free DD#1 Ace Edition]

    Well, not exactly... If you pick up Toyfare #67 today (with the DD movie figure cover), you'll find that if you subscribe to the magazine, you'll automatically receive a copy of the Daredevil #1 ACE edition. The special reprint has a cover by J. Scott Campbell and has a 'bonus' Twisted Toyfare Theatre.

  • 08/01 - [DD#41 for 25 cents!]

    Remember to pick up your copy of DD#41 today for 25 cents and try to get others who've never bought an issue to give the series a try. Let's get DD out there before the movie and show people what the comic is all about!

  • 06/01 - [DD HBO First Look]

    The Comics Continuum has posted info that a special first look of Daredevil will air on HBO, starting February 8. For more details:

    Comics Continuum

  • 06/01 - [Shipping update]

    January 8
    * Daredevil #41 (25 cents promo)
    * Daredevil Legends Vol.1 Yellow TPB $14.99
    * Elektra #19 $2.99
    * Ultimate DD & Elektra #4 $2.25
    * Toyfare DD Movie Toy Cover #67 $4.99
    * Daredevil Digital Clip Strip Watch $79.92
    * Daredevil Digital Watch Gift Set $19.99
    * Daredevil VI Glenn Fabry T-Shirt $17.95/$20.95

    January 15
    * Daredevil/Elektra: Love and War HC (Res) $29.99
    * Daredevil Movie Comic Adaptation $3.50
    * Daredevil Movie TPB $12.99
    * Ultimate DD & Elektra TPB $11.99

  • 03/01 - [DD on ET, in Premiere]

    Daredevil will be featured in Premiere Magazine (shipping January 14th), and Entertainment Tonight will be showing images from the magazine on tonight's show, according to their web site.

    Entertainment Tonight Online

  • 03/01 - [Fan Art Contest Winner!]

    After sorting through all the great entries for the Daredevil Internet Fan Art Contest, I'm proud to select Bill Turner's entry as my finalist for the competition. Bill's wallpaper will be judged against the winners from Comics2Film, SHH!, and IGN, by Fox. All 4 finalists will be displayed on the official Daredevil movie site and will be available for download there. Until then, here's a sneak peek at Bill's winning entry (this small jpg doesn't do the full wallpaper justice)! Thank you to all the people who entered. It was a very difficult choice, as there were many outstanding wallpapers.

  • 02/01 - [Appearances]

    Just a quick note that Matt Murdock appears in Alias #18 (and DD gets mentioned & Jessica reveals something too...) and the Earth X Daredevil appeared in last week's Paradise X #8.

  • 02/01 - [Continuum Movie update]

    The Comics Continuum has some comments from movie producer Gary Foster and some other news tidbits, so head on over!

    Comics Continuum

  • 01/01 - [Movie Novelization info]

    The Daredevil movie novelization is done and printed and is available online at Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Author Greg Cox was kind to pass along info to my DD site about his work on the book. It's a paperback and should be arriving in stores shortly for $6.99 US. Also, Cox mentioned that there is an 8 page insert of images from the movie! Many thanks to Greg Cox!

    Buy the novel at Amazon.com

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