Daredevil #502

Title :"The Devil's Hand: Part Two"
Writer:Andy Diggle
Penciler:Roberto De La Torre
Inker:Roberto De La Torre
Cover:Esad Ribic
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Joe Caramagna
Editor:Warren Simons/Stephen Wacker
Assistant Editor:Alejandro Arbona/Tom Brennan
Cover Price:2.99


Becky Blake
Black Tarantula
Dakota North
Foggy Nelson
Judge Kramer
Lady Bullseye
Master Izo
Matt Murdock
Milla Donovan
The Hand
White Tiger (Angela Del Toro)

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Andy Diggle
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Esad Ribic
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Roberto De La Torre
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Issue Summary

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At an underground clinic in Harlem, Leland Owlsley -- The Owl -- is paralyzed in his bed. The nurse caring for him is trying to convince the Owl that he needs to eat. The clinic is run by Doc Parker, who appeared in Ed Brubaker's run (#103). Several of the Owl's Lieutenants enter the room and tell the nurse to scram.

With the Owl out of commission, the 3 Lieutenants tell him that they are taking over. Owl suspects that someone put them up to this. Dennison, one of the men, wanted to tell Owl to "...your face, out of respect, like... but respect only goes so far, y'know?". He places a rat on the Owl's face and says "From here on out, you're on your own."

Meanwhile, Daredevil is jumping across rooftops, but Matt figures out he is dreaming when he confronts Dakota, Milla and Elektra, all taking turns scolding Matt... telling him he will never change. Matt awakes from his nightmare as we find him sitting on a throne in the Hand's lair. Black Tarantula and White Tiger wonder if Matt is okay. White Tiger needs to talk with Matt alone. Matt orders all the others (except Tarantula) to leave. White Tiger is outraged that Matt killed Izo. Matt asks BT "You haven't told her?". BT responds that the walls have ears...

In a separate room, Izo's body is on a bed. Matt reveals that Izo can control his heartbeat, enough to fool the others. BT uses his healing powers on Izo, and the old Master rises from his coma. Matt tells Izo to get out of the lair quietly, or else the whole charade will be over. They are going to work to destroy the Hand from the inside... but Matt doesn't know how he's going to do it.

Elsewhere, at the New York County Criminal Court, Foggy and Becky are awaiting the verdict on a case involving police officers. The judge has received the verdict from the jury (not guilty), but he soon overrules the verdict and declares the defendants guilty as charged. Foggy is out of his mind with rage. He accuses the judge of being a Norman Osborn cronie, like Judge Walden was (see The List). Foggy is led away by court officers as he's charged with Contempt of Court.

In midtown, the Kingpin meets with the Owl's former Lieutenants. They wonder why they didn't just kill Owl, but Kingpin has a plan for him. Dennison wonders why he should be working for Kingpin now and demands to run his own empire. Lady Bullseye appears from the shadows and chops off his head.

Back in Hell's Kitchen, WT and BT detail how Norman Osborn is influencing the police in NYC. DD wants to find out more about this...

At the Oscorp Cargo Dock, a drug shipment is exchanging hands, when the NYPD show up to make some arrests. But then it seems that the police themselves are in on it and are about to kill one of the mob buyers, to make it seem like the cops did a great job. Before the cop can pull the trigger, his hand and wrist fall to the ground, severed from his arm.

Daredevil, BT, WT and The Hand descend on the area. Daredevil says "Take them all."


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