Daredevil #81

Title :"The Murdock Papers: Part Six"
Writer:Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler:Alex Maleev
Inker:Alex Maleev
Cover:Alex Maleev
Colours:Dave Stewart
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Randy Gentile
Editor:Jennifer Lee
Assistant Editor:Cory Sedlmeier
Cover Price:2.99,4.25


Black Widow
Delilah Novak
FBI Director Leland Drummond
Foggy Nelson
Gladiator (I)
Jessica Jones
Ken Goldberg
Luke Cage
Matt Murdock
Milla Donovan
Mr. Fantastic
Paul Delacourt
Peter Parker
Steve Rogers
Warden Cole

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Alex Maleev
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Brian Michael Bendis
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Issue Summary

Summary by Alice Lynch

Federal courthouse: The United States vs. Matthew Murdock, Franklin Nelson for the defense. The judge is not going to allow any character witnesses, so Reed Richards is denied the opportunity, along with others who filed. Foggy asks for a formal arraignment and trial by jury. The judge asks for the plea, and Foggy stutters a not guilty. The judge asks for Matt to make his own plea. Matt turns to Foggy and simply says, "I'm sorry." He then escapes the courtroom and dodges the media and gunfire to meet Natasha on a rooftop, where she blasts off his handcuffs, and takes him to Milla.

In Paris, France, where they have both dyed their hair and taken on new identities. It doesn't last long, as Matt awakens to find a blood-soaked ace of spades slashing Milla's neck, and Bullseye taunting him with "That's three for three." Matt lunges at Bullseye, wrestles him out the window and to the street below where Matt snaps Bullseye's neck. Shocked Parisians run away in fear.

Another city, a bedraggled looking Matt is accosted by a couple of thugs in an alley. They do not fare well. He is on his way to see Elektra, and it becomes apparent that they are in Japan. He finds her, and she asks if he killed Bullseye in Paris a year ago. Matt admits to it, and that he has no place to go. They make love, then he asks her why she helped him with the Murdock Papers. She answers that he needed help and she could give it. He says again that he has no place to go in the entire world.

And he is back to reality, in the courtroom, where the judge repeats himself: "I asked you a question, Mr. Murdock! For the court records WHAT DO YOU PLEAD?"

Matt looks at Foggy. "Not guilty, your honor."

Foggy asks for bond. The judge denies it at any level. He turns to FBI Director Delacourt, with whom he had already made "arrangements", and Matt is to be taken straight to Rykers. Someone in the courtroom says "NO! Your honor, this is bull#$%?!" The judge calls for order, and Matt is taken away as his friends look on.

Outside the courthouse, the Kingpin is holding court with the media and is about to tell them of his plans to leave the country, when US Marshalls arrest him.for the murder of Jonathan Roche, because they have a witness who will testify that the Kingpin personally committed the murder. As Kingpin protests that this was not the deal he had made, FBI director Delacourt smugly tells the Kingpin that he has a special place for him.

Ryker's Island Prison

Kingpin has plenty of company: the Owl, who it seems is the one who ratted him out, Hammerhead, and.Matt Murdock.

As the FBI Director signs over the new prisoners to the warden, he is asked why in the world he would throw all these men together. The smarmy director replies, ".you say they might kill each other. Sounds like a fantastic idea."


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