Daredevil #59

Title :"The King of Hell's Kitchen: Part Four"
Writer:Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler:Alex Maleev
Inker:Alex Maleev
Cover:Alex Maleev
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit
Editor:Joe Quesada
Assistant Editor:Kelly Lamy
Date:June 2004
Cover Price:2.99,4.25


Ben Urich
Foggy Nelson
Iron Fist
Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
Matt Murdock
Milla Donovan
Sano Ren
Special Agent Del Toro
Special Agent Harold Driver

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Alex Maleev
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Issue Summary

Summary by johndunbar

*Federal Court House, now

Agent Driver and Agent Del Toro have a conversation about Sano Ren being released from custody, Driver says he's going to get on a plane and walk on the charges. Del Toro suggests maybe they find Matt and get Daredevil to do something about the Yakuza. Driver says you think DD is one of the good guys, but he is a lying sociopath. Del Toro believes Murdock has done good things for the city, and should be warned that the Yakuza may come after him to finish what they started. Driver is convinced they took their shot, and will forget about Murdock. A Hummer with several Yakuzas pulls to a quick stop in front of the agent's vehicle, and opens fire, striking Driver numerous times, Del Toro returns fire as they drive off. The agent's vehicle explodes, as Del Toro looks on in distress.

*Night Medic Center

Ben presses on about Matt perhaps having a breakdown because of Karen Page's death. Matt argues that she simply died, and that he isn't the Kingpin, he just doesn't know how else he was supposed to stop the madness that killed his father. Ben adds and Karen. Matt forcefully says to stop this line of questioning. Ben again states his premise that Matt did all of the things he's done the last year, including pushing Ben away, so perhaps it would give him a chance to come back into Matt's life and point out what is going on and to help Matt. Matt slips into unconsciousness because he is still weak. Foggy comes into the room having heard Ben nervous breakdown take, and is in agreement. Ben gets a phone call from Kat, and tells Foggy the Yakuza are out in force.

*An apartment in Hell's Kitchen, 9 days later

Matt can hear Milla reading, she is relieved he is feeling better. As Milla holds Matt's face, he tells her that his sensei trained him to accept the pain and to then let it go when its times is done. Milla gets Foggy on the phone for Matt; they discuss Matt needing to take care of the Yakuza, and Foggy tells Matt he now owns the building that the apartment is in. Matt lets Foggy know that he'll fix the situation, but he needs him to bring him something to wear.

*The home of Jessica Jones and Luke Cage

Jessica and Luke are talking when Jessica is startled by the appearance of DD. Luke grabs Matt in a neck hold, but they quickly break apart when Luke realizes who it is. Matt says hey to Jessica, but she's mad because in the entire time she was guarding him, he never let her know he was DD. Matt says I'm DD, but she walks away in anger. Luke tells Matt she's pregnant, and then they go to the roof to speak. Matt tells Luke that he screwed up and needs his help, that apology is enough for Luke.

*Yakuza hideout

Sano Ren is going over his plan to take DD out with some other men. DD along with Luke, Iron Fist, and Spider-Man bust in.

*Matt & Milla's new apartment

Milla is talking to Foggy about not wanting Matt to get hurt, but she can sense he has something else to talk about. Foggy asks Milla if Matt has ever talked about Karen Page with her.


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