Daredevil #78

Title :"The Murdock Papers: Part Three"
Writer:Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler:Alex Maleev
Inker:Alex Maleev
Cover:Alex Maleev
Colours:Dave Stewart
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit
Editor:Jennifer Lee
Assistant Editor:Cory Sedlmeier
Cover Price:2.99,4.25


Angela Del Toro
Ben Urich
Black Widow
FBI Director Leland Drummond
Foggy Nelson
Iron Fist
Luke Cage
Matt Murdock
Milla Donovan

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Alex Maleev
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Brian Michael Bendis
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Issue Summary

Summary by Alice Lynch

At some undisclosed location, a police van backs up to a remote farmhouse and a SWAT team jumps out to secure the grounds. The van backs into a barn, and the doors open to reveal Wilson Fisk, strapped securely with metal bands, and a terrified Ben Urich. Fisk introduces Urich to the FBI director. Delacourt says no press, but Fisk insists that if Urich is not present to record the proceedings, the deal is off. The Kingpin is running this show. The director says he wants ironclad proof that Murdock is Daredevil. Only then Fisk gets his money and his freedom and a ticket out of the country. Fisk asks Urich if he got all that, and tells him to call it in to his editor. The director asks where is this proof? Fisk replies, "Somewhere safe. But I'm not the only one who knows."

Back at the hotel, Elektra tries to talk to Matt, but he coldcocks her before she gets anything out. Matt tells Milla to run. Milla grabs a sheet and runs out into the hallway. Matt continues to battle with Elektra until she tells him to turn on the TV. Milla hears the news through the door: "It seems it will be attorney Matthew Murdock who may have to answer for his crimes." Some pundit is on air talking about the deal the Kingpin has made with the FBI to out Matt once and for all as Daredevil, making Matt guilty of many crimes against the country.

Meanwhile, Matt has grabbed his costume, and in world record time, donned it and is out the window with Elektra.

Back at the ranch, Fisk toys with the director, saying he has "The Murdock Papers" that will prove Matt and Daredevil are the same, but there are two others that know about it. Two very dangerous people. Fisk calls the director a liar and a crook to his face, then whispers the whereabouts of these papers to him. The director then goes outside to call in the black ops reinforcements.

Foggy is being bombarded by the press. Luke Cage and Iron Fist come to his rescue and see that he gets away in a car to his house.

On a rooftop, Elektra and Daredevil watch as the press follows Foggy's car down the street. Matt asks Elektra what the Kingpin really has on him. Everything, Elektra says, down to the license plate of the truck that hit and blinded you, and digital recordings of every conversation you two had since he found out who you were. Matt is dumbfounded; how can this be? "You know how to get past my radar?" he asks incredulously. Elektra says that they were enemies, and their sensei always said that knowing everything about your enemies was how to defeat them.

Things really heat up when Natasha shows up on the roof, none too happy to see Elektra there. "If you and this ninja are back together.I'm killing you both! What's the ninja doing here?" Matt: "She knows where Kingpin's stash is." Elektra wants to know why Natasha is there. Oh, cat fight! Natasha tells Matt that Elektra just took over the Hand, and says she (Natasha) came to try to get Matt and Foggy out of the country before the defecation hit the rotary oscillator, or something to that effect. Foggy wouldn't leave, so Natasha sent Luke Cage and Iron Fist to protect him.

Elektra claims to have forgotten about the "Murdock Papers" until she saw the headlines, and she was there to get them. Natasha accuses Elektra of playing both ends against the middle to get rid of Fisk and Matt both so the Hand can step in and take over in New York. Elektra says she's there to help; Natasha says she's lying. Matt says Elektra is not lying, because he knows her too well, she can't lie to him without him knowing. But he doesn't know the best way to play this situation. "Show me where," he says.

In a community room at Ryker's Island prison, the news plays to a captive audience. The Owl stalks away, calling a guard and telling him he has something to tell the warden. He's not going to let Fisk get off free like this.

Back on the roof, Angela Del Toro shows up, wearing the White Tiger amulets. "Oh my god! Murdock?? You have backup singers now?" A lot more angry girl talk happens, and it's revealed that the papers are in the safe in Sam Baruch's law office, an attorney Matt knows. Angela tells Matt she's there to help, because she's been fired from the FBI. Matt asks who else knows about the location of the papers. As Elektra says "One other." Matt stops an ace of spades from slashing her throat.

"Never mind," Matt says. "I figured it out."


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