Daredevil #77

Title :"The Murdock Papers: Part Two"
Writer:Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler:Alex Maleev
Inker:Alex Maleev
Cover:Alex Maleev
Colours:Dave Stewart
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit
Editor:Jennifer Lee
Assistant Editor:Cory Sedlmeier
Cover Price:2.99,4.25


Angela Del Toro
Black Widow
FBI Director Leland Drummond
Foggy Nelson
Matt Murdock
Milla Donovan
SHIELD Director Hill

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Alex Maleev
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Brian Michael Bendis
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Issue Summary

Summary by Alice Lynch

In the Washington, DC, office of the FBI, Director Delacourt is looking over the crime board detailing the case of Matt Murdock. Agent Angela Del Toro comes in, and he tells her they have nothing on the Kingpin, but he wants Murdock because all of the trouble and embarrassment he has caused the Bureau. Del Toro is angry that he is sacrificing Murdock to let a major league criminal like Fisk go. She accuses Delacourt of selling Murdock down the river in order to make himself famous for breaking the case. Del Toro says she is quitting, and the Director says that's good, because she's fired. (Could she file for unemployment?)

Chicago: In a penthouse suite, two men brag about a 2.4 billion dollar deal they just closed in Japan, and it's evident it's not legal. The elevator dings.it's a private one.and one of the men slumps forward, a sai in his back. Elektra hands the other man a folded note; he reads it and begins to sweat furiously. Elektra pulls the sai from the man's back, and sees the Chicago Tribune on the desk. It has Matt's picture on the front, along with the headline "Kingpin of crime offers Matthew Murdock for bid for freedom."

In the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier, Natasha Romanov approaches the new director for a favor; she wants S.H.I.E.L.D. to step in and squash the problem with the Kingpin forcing out Daredevil's identity. Director Hill refuses, saying it's a federal matter, not hers. The catty Ms. Hill says she doesn't owe Natasha any favors, Nick Fury does. Natasha retorts that Matt Murdock has done a lot for S.H.I.E.L.D. in the past, but the Director says it's only because Natasha was sleeping with Matt. Director Hill: "Your boyfriend should have kept his costume in the closet." Natasha, through gritted teeth: "He's not my boyfriend."

Late night finds Foggy passed out at his desk in the law office. He's very drunk, if the bottle on the desk is any indication. His private line rings, and he answers, expecting it to be Matt. It's the press. He slams down the receiver, and someone says out of the dark, "So you don't know where he is either." It's Natasha, who tries to talk Foggy into fleeing the country with her before things get any worse. Foggy's reply: "I just can't leave him." Natasha tells him he's on his own, then. Foggy sags into a chair, and says, "Matt will know what to do."

The morning light finds Matt asleep in a hotel bed. Milla wakes him up, and pillow talk ensues about why she left, disappeared for months, and then suddenly showed up to drag Matt off to her hotel room. It's clear they have done more than just talk. There are lots of panels with Milla in her skimpy undies, while they talk about how she freaked out about being a rebound romance after Karen Page was killed, and she didn't think she could compete with a ghost. Then, the greatest lines in history between the two of them: "Are you seeing someone?" (You expect Matt to lawyer his way out of that one since he technically couldn't be SEEING someone. The" it depends on what .It' means" defense. [See Bill Clinton.]) Matt replies, "No. I'm married." Milla: "That was a very good answer." They appear ready to get busy again when Matt stops and says "I can't believe it."

Elektra is standing on their balcony.


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