Daredevil #74

Title :"Decalogue: Part Four"
Writer:Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler:Alex Maleev
Inker:Alex Maleev
Cover:Alex Maleev
Colours:Dave Stewart
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit
Editor:Jennifer Lee
Assistant Editor:None
Cover Price:2.99,4.25


Archie Meyer
Foggy Nelson
Jennifer Morton
Matt Murdock
Milla Donovan
Reverend Bob Cumeo
St. Mary's Church group

Daredevil #73

Daredevil #75

Alex Maleev
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Issue Summary

Summary by johndunbar

*Matt Murdock and Milla Donovan wedding ceremony

A standard ceremony with Matt and Milla joining hands in front of a priest, with Foggy and Lynn as witnesses.

*Conversation support group meeting, St. Mary's Church

Archie says Matt Murdock aint married, it would have been in the papers. Doris doesn't understand what this has to do with the picture Lynn just showed them. An angry Archie wants to know what this has to do with the picture. Lynn begins to recount her relationship with Milla.

*Milla and Lynn at a restaurant

Lynn says she stayed away from Milla the entire first year they worked at the Hell's Kitchen Housing Commission, not consciously though. They became friends when Milla saved her on an accounting mistake she made that was about to get her fired. They became lunch buddies, then gossip buddies, Lynn groused about her daughter to Milla. Milla said she was the same way to her mother. Milla told her she was dating someone, but couldn't say who. A few months later, Milla finally dropped the big news at lunch...Matt Murdock. She's dating Matt, not Daredevil as Lynn tries to interject, and Milla is in love and wants to ask Matt to marry her. Lynn is coming from the position that she's dating DD, the now Kingpin, but Milla is solidly with Matt Murdock, even has a drawer of her own at his place. Milla says Matt is coming into some money to help out the city to help build a library the ladies have been wanting. Lynn worries it's drug money. Milla reiterates he's not the Kingpin, it's money from a big case he won a year ago. Lynn still on the Kingpin notion, Milla says she just has to trust her. Milla describes Matt as a good person, not the person in the tabloids, asks Lynn to understand that. Milla wants Lynn to be someone she can trust.

*Conversation support group meeting, St. Mary's Church

Archie still on about the picture. Lynn explains that's how much Milla trusted her, doesn't care about their game of secrets and lies now, that's what it has to do with it. Lynn asks if anyone knows who Jonathan Powers is.

Lawrence says the Jester.

Lynn says yeah, and describes a phone call she got at work one day. A frantic phone call from her daughter who is trapped in a bank being held hostage by the Jester. Her daughter is crying for her help, but the line goes dead. Milla hears Lynn's call, makes her own call to Matt and says get your uniform.

*Lynn's apartment

Lynn describes Milla waiting with her as she is left to trust Milla, waiting for whatever to happen. Daredevil arrives through the window carrying her daughter. DD and Milla speak about the bank situation not going well, DD says the Jester was different this time, DD exits to find out why. As her daughter goes to lie down, Lynn asks Milla what happened.

*Conversation support group meeting, St. Mary's Church

The blond asks Lynn what happened. DD found Jester, beat him up and sent him to prison. Doris asks about the meaning of the picture. Lynn says she went to her daughter's room. Found the picture, her daughter's last thought, thought it was of DD at first, and would have to kill him for being responsible for her suicide that night. Lynn came to the meeting not knowing where else to go. She doesn't know what Matt is, how he does what he does, if he's a hero or the Kingpin. She just knows her daughter is dead because of what's on the picture and begs the Reverend for answers. Lawrence mocks Lynn, and she gets angry. He says she's right to be scared of Matt Murdock, he's a ninja. Only five people on earth know what Matt knows, he can sit in a room and make it so no one actually sees him. You wouldn't notice him until you noticed him. "Isn't that right, Matthew?" The group turns to a man wearing a hat and red sunglasses. Matt says, "And you are?"


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