Daredevil #58

Title :"The King of Hell's Kitchen: Part Three"
Writer:Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler:Alex Maleev
Inker:Alex Maleev
Cover:Alex Maleev
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit
Editor:Joe Quesada
Assistant Editor:Kelly Lamy
Date:May 2004
Cover Price:2.99,4.25


Ben Urich
Foggy Nelson
Jack Murdock
Matt Murdock
Milla Donovan
Night Nurse
Sano Ren
Special Agent Del Toro
Special Agent Harold Driver

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Alex Maleev
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Brian Michael Bendis
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Issue Summary

Summary by johndunbar

*A diner in NYC, now

Ben asks Milla when she married Matt. Milla replies about four months ago, May 4th. A stunned Ben says he never thought Matt was the marrying type, that is until he found the right woman he guesses. A broken up Milla says Matt describes her as this whole city pushed into one woman. She says this is hell, Matt is out there somewhere and she doesn't know what to do. Matt told her the in case of emergency plan was to find Ben, but Ben says he hasn't even spoken to Matt in a year and a half. Milla says Matt trusts Ben over everyone in the world because he kept silent about Matt's identity, and couldn't continue to put Ben in a position to lie. Ben says he would have though, and that he'll never understand Matt. Milla thinks no one ever will. She explains how terrible the city has been to Matt, it took his sight and his father. She explains the difficulties of blindness in seeing someone's face, and the trauma it was when Matt had to touch his father's face after the gangsters shot him. But Matt did not back down from the city, he rebuilt his shattered self, and the sadness that he continued to face even after that, losing Elektra and Karen. Milla isn't sure that she can continue in the violence that surrounds Matt.

*An FBI interrogation

Agent Driver and Agent Del Toro question a man named Sano Ren, the lead man of the Yakuza members in the fight on the streets with Matt, and a member of the Philadelphia crime cartel. Ren's story is that he was walking home when Matt attacked him out of nowhere. Agent Driver doesn't believe him, tells him he will be charged with carrying a sword as a concealed weapon, that Ren is a disgrace to his father and his name, and then mutters something to Ren in Japanese.

*Law offices of Nelson & Murdock

Ben is there to see Foggy, but has to go through security that is manned by two giant men. They chatter about Foggy not sleeping, about the book offers Foggy keeps getting for his story on Matt, and Jonah Jameson. Ben says he really needs to see Matt. Foggy says he doesn't know where he is, Ben says Milla needs to know where he's at. Foggy is a little agitated about all the responsibilities he has now that Matt is not around, and ever since he declared himself Kingpin. Says ever since Karen Page died, it's been crazy.

*Night Medic Center

Ben is at the facility looking for a friend. The night nurse says he's not here, no one's here. Ben presses her, but she says he is not here. She receives a call, then tells Ben to go down the hall. Matt is there, bandaged and hooked up to a monitor. He's there to get his bullet and knife wounds patched up.

Ben asks Matt a question. "All of this crazy you have going on... declaring yourself Kingpin, marrying Milla, not being Daredevil anymore. After Karen died, do you think maybe, that you had a nervous breakdown? Is that what this is?" Matt's eyes are closed throughout this, and then tears begin to fall down his face.


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