Daredevil #75

Title :"Decalogue: Part Five"
Writer:Brian Michael Bendis
Penciler:Alex Maleev
Inker:Alex Maleev
Cover:Alex Maleev
Colours:Dave Stewart
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Cory Petit
Editor:Jennifer Lee
Assistant Editor:None
Cover Price:3.99,5.75


Archie Meyer
Jennifer Morton
Matt Murdock
Reverend Bob Cumeo
Special Agent Harold Driver
St. Mary's Church group

Daredevil #74

Daredevil #76

Alex Maleev
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Brian Michael Bendis
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Issue Summary

Summary by johndunbar

*Conversation support group meeting, St. Mary's Church

Matt apologizes if his intrusion upset the group, as they all look on in disbelief. Lawrence makes a move, but Matt warns him to remain calm. Matt gives everyone the opportunity to leave so e can deal with Lawrence, only the reverend does so. Matt says he is not a ninja, it's a myth, and the man is lying. He followed Lawrence to the meeting; he knows the group wants and deserves the truth. Matt recounts the fight in the bank with the Jester, a C list villain at best. Describes beating him every time he's faced the bipolar, out of work actor that seeks attention. He underestimated him in the fight this last time though; something was different about him on this day. He had something extra inside him than was natural, not MGH since Matt can detect its odor. He smelled .charcoal and eggs.' Jester throws Matt out of the bank, the police ask if he's ok.No. DD clears the banks hostages, except for the one he came there specifically to save through a feeling, and Jester had her. Matt describes how his senses build the world around him better than sight, but he doesn't understand the image he's getting from the Jester. Jester let's go of the girl, and regurgitates the little demon. The girl freaks out, but DD doesn't understand why, he can't see the thing. The thing tries to get the girl, but it scampers away as the police bust in. DD asks Jester what it was.

*Conversation support group meeting, St. Mary's Church

The blond asks Matt what Jester said. Matt tells her a man moved to the area recently who was versed in a black art of religion known as Mikkyo, secret teachings.

As Lawrence is shown sweating profusely, Matt breaks down the Japanese religious practice of Mikkyo, tells how Lawrence was kicked out of the demonic and desperate group known as .The Hand. and came to Hell's Kitchen to sell the secrets that no one should know, one person being the Jester who was looking to make a new name. He deduces Lawrence is now on the run from whatever his fraudulent work created and came to the meeting to seek answers.

Lawrence leaves after growing tired of listening to all this, Matt follows him and tells the group he will be right back.

*Lawrence's place

DD arrives to help Lawrence, who proceeds to go through the same regurgitating experience as the Jester. Before the little demon works itself out of Lawrence's mouth, he shoots himself in the head.

*Conversation support group meeting, St. Mary's Church

After forty-five minutes the group is still waiting, they look to the reverend for answers. The Reverend doesn't believe any of it. Lynn says she does. Matt comes back to tell them it's over, and they can go back to their lives. Archie wants to know why Matt revealed who he is to the group. Matt says they deserved the truth, and he actually only revealed that he wasn't a ninja. He's glad he found the meeting because he wanted to protect the city from the troubles like his of losing his father and mother, wanted the group to know he was trying his best to keep them from the heartaches they've all been through. The blond makes sure he knows they don't blame him for any of it. Matt explains he wants to build something that can't be attacked, not run the city like Fisk, but rebuild somewhere strong to live, and only they can do it. Matt tells them there is a van of federal agents outside, waiting for him to do anything to get rid of him. And they'll probably come to their homes and ask about what they all spoke about. Matt says he'll probably die before he gets to accomplish what he wants. Matt tells them this is why there is a man running around dressed as the devil, and has to lie at times.

*Outside St. Mary's Church

The agents see Matt walking towards van. Matt knocks on the door, an agent opens the door, but Matt is gone.

*A building rooftop

In a pouring rain, Matt stares out at the city as he holds his suit at his side in the blowing wind.


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