Daredevil #106

Title :"Sympathy For The Devil"
Writer:Ed Brubaker
Penciler:Paul Azaceta
Inker:Paul Azaceta
Cover:Marko Djurdjevic
Colours:Matt Hollingsworth
Letters:Virtual Calligraphy's Chris Eliopoulos
Editor:Warren Simons
Assistant Editor:Alejandro Arbona
Date:May 2008
Cover Price:2.99,3.05


Ben Urich
Dakota North
Foggy Nelson
Glorianna O'Breen
Heather Glenn
Karen Page
Matt Murdock

Daredevil #105

Daredevil #107

Ed Brubaker
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Issue Summary

Summary by Gloria Porta

One month has passed since the events of last issue. It's not an easy time for being a malefactor in Hell's Kitchen, for Daredevil stalks the neighbourhood and strikes the underworld with mad fury.

Ben Urich, editor of Front Line, is busy rejecting the idea of one of his reporters, who wants to make a story about Milla. Ben is angry about that, for he's well aware of Matt's troubles and the last thing he wants is one of his reporters writing stuff to prod his friend. He's aware, by reading the police reports, that Matt's loss has turned him into a raging avenger.

Foggy Nelson gets to Matt's home: his friend hasn't showed up in the offices of the law firm in the last month, and he's worried... and even more when he sees all of Milla's clothes packed in booxes, and the house dark and seemingly abandoned. Matt appears like a ghost: he's haunted by the scent of Milla being all around the house, so he's getting rid of her stuff. When Foggy suggests him that getting back to work will do him good, Matt jumps out of the window... His priority is to punish crime at the neighborhood. Foggy is anxious: how long it will be when Matt's dual identity gets him in trouble again? With the enforcement of the Superhuman Registration Act, it's only a matter of time until Matt might end in jail again.

Foggy and Ben confer in a bar. Ben tells Foggy that he phones Matt without getting responses. Foggy feels powerless as Matt seems deaf to his reasoning. They cannot reach him.

Dakota drives Matt to visit Milla three times a week. In their last visit, the doctor tells Matt he shouldn't be visiting her, for this is upsets Milla and is a hindrance to whatever progress she could make. Matt is angered, and Dakota takes him to have a pint and a bit of talk. Matt explains Dakota how Milla's internment is just another tragedy in his love life: Elektra Natchios, Heather Glenn, Glorianna O'Breen, Karen Page... they all paid a high price for loving Matt. Dakota feels that the conversation has done Matt a bit of good, but then Matt attacks two lowlifes in the bar whom he's just heard talk about comitting some petty crime, and Dakota has to take him out of the place. Once in the streets, Matt deserts a concerned Dakota to become Daredevil again. Dakota phones Ben and Foggy to keep them briefed.

Ben finds the reporter who wanted to do the Milla piece searching in his desk: he has found the police reports, and to him it is obvious that Ben should publish what he knows, and make it a big scoop out of it. Ben is angry forces him to leave: he won't have any of this in his newspaper. He wants to protect his friend and hopes that Matt will come back to his senses, and help his friends to take care of him.


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