Daredevil #300

Title:"Long Live The King"
Writer:D.G. Chichester
Penciler:Lee Weeks
Inker:Al Williamson
Cover:Lee Weeks
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Joe Rosen
Editor:Ralph Macchio
Assistant Editor:Len Kaminski
Date:Jan. 1992
Cover Price:2.00,2.45


J. Jonah Jameson
Jimmy Sabini
Kathy Malper
Matt Murdock

Daredevil #299

Daredevil #301

Al Williamson
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Issue Summary

Summary by Kevin Hollander

Kingpin stands in the ruins of his office following Hydra's assault. He has been attacked on many fronts. The physical aspect involved destroying most holdings in Manhattan as well as his office. He was financially crippled when their hackers planted a virus in his bank accounts, depleting most of his wealth. He incorrectly attributes his damaged reputation in the criminal underworld to them as well. This was Daredevil's contribution to the Kingpin's current situation.

Fisk waits impatiently for the reports on his holdings from the other boroughs when U.S. District Attorney Kathy Malper arrives with a search warrant. Using the information that Daredevil provided (#299) she informs Fisk that he's under suspicion of activities that fall under the Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations (RICO) act. When this news breaks, Daredevil manages to convince J. Jonah Jameson to move the article about Fisk's impending Grand Jury hearing to the front page of the Daily Bugle with the headline .Kingpin to Face Grand Jury..

During the hearing, Kingpin overplays his part as an .innocent, honest businessman. who has been railroaded into this trial and has been denied legal representation. Malper reminds Fisk that a Grand Jury hearing determines if a crime has been committed; legal counsel is not needed. They are trying to determine if the terrorist group Hydra had a stake in his television studio. When it becomes obvious that no progress is being made, they recess for the day. Later on Malper meets with Daredevil and admits that she sees some doubt in the jurors' eyes. Daredevil has an idea how this can be corrected.

While at Tavern on the Green, Kingpin discusses with his lieutenant Maltese why none of the lawyers he keeps on retainer will represent him. Maltese carefully explains that due to his financial trouble, he can no longer afford them. He quickly suggests an alternative. An unnamed state senator will pull strings for him provided he will help solve the murder of her cousin - a cab driver named Jon Gold. The Kingpin knows exactly who Jon Gold is and how he was murdered. He also knows who can be blamed for his demise.

When Kingpin discovered Murdock's dual identity (#227), part of his revenge was to frame him for the murder of a cab driver. Evidence was created to frame Murdock with his own billy club should the need ever arise (#228). Kingpin returns to the Port Authority Bus Station alone to reclaim the evidence from a storage locker. The clerk informs Fisk that he owes $550 in storage fees and late charges. Fisk provides one of his credit cards as payment.

As the clerk goes to charge Fisk's card, Daredevil appears and demands his billy club. Fisk, still pretending to be an upstanding citizen, refuses, claiming he's done nothing wrong. The clerk returns and informs Fisk that his card was rejected. At this point Fisk snaps and shatters the Plexiglas window. He pulls the clerk and the billy club (which was wrapped in leather) through the opening. He reclaims the parcel and charges Daredevil, striking him with the concealed billy club as he leaves. Fisk reacts like a wild animal, desperately knocking people over in an attempt to escape Daredevil. Daredevil follows him through a lengthy chase through Port Authority, enjoying Fisk devolve into an animal, returning the favor when Fisk destroyed his life (#227). If nothing else, people will finally see his true personality instead of a calculated facade. During the chase, Daredevil admits to the Kingpin that he faked the story about the .sympathetic senator. willing to help him.

Daredevil allows the Kingpin to leave Port Authority and escape to an abandoned nearby lot. This lot is occupied by the homeless keeping warm from the fire they started in a metallic 55 gallon barrel. They recognize the crazed look in the Kingpin's eyes and leave. Daredevil then appears and proceeds to beat the Kingpin mercilessly, wrestling the blood-stained billy club from him in the process. When he throws the billy club into the fire, the Kingpin immediately goes after it, ignoring the intense heat of the fire and the pain of touching the metal container. The Kingpin's rescue attempt is in vain as the manufactured evidence to connect Murdock with the death of the cab drive has now been destroyed.

The Kingpin is later put in jail pending a trial following his Grand Jury hearing. Jimmy .The Whale. Sabini provides the sizable bail for the Kingpin release. The humbled Kingpin is appreciative of the gesture until he realizes Sabini's true motivation. Sabini only paid the bail to have the Kingpin perform menial tasks as payback for his treatment over the years. Rather than accede, the Kingpin kills Sabini and escapes to look for his estranged wife Vanessa.

As part of her agreement with .Daredevil., Kathy Malper helps to reinstate Murdock's law license and gives him a new office. The original owner was a drug trafficker they arrested. Since the lease has already been paid for the next few years, she decided to add this in as a bonus.

After she leaves, Murdock has hallucinations about the Kingpin. He realizes that in order to defeat him, he had to descend to Fisk's level of manipulation and moral dubiousness. He is neither proud nor ashamed of his actions; he did what he had to do to protect his city. He promises to do everything he can to prevent the Kingpin . or someone like him . from growing this powerful again.

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