Daredevil #292

Writer:D.G. Chichester
Penciler:Lee Weeks
Inker:Fred Fredricks
Cover:Lee Weeks
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Jack Morelli
Editor:Ralph Macchio
Assistant Editor:Michael Heisler
Date:May 1991
Cover Price:1.00,1.25


Col. Strang
Foggy Nelson
Matt Murdock
Mr. Chin
Typhoid Mary

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D.G. Chichester
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Issue Summary

Summary by Kevin Hollander

The Taskmaster meets with Ernie Saltes, a martial artist for hire who demonstrates a very powerful killing stroke that took him ten years to learn. Through his "photographic reflexes", Taskmaster perfects the move and demonstrates his proficiency by killing Saltes.

Peter Chin meets with some entrepreneurs in an exclusive restaurant. It is revealed that this meeting was arranged under false pretenses by a third party. Chin abruptly leaves, furious that his time was wasted. As he arrives at the coat check station, he is pulled over the counter into the back room where Tombstone snaps his neck. He marks the kill on a small notepad and leaves.

Daredevil follows an underworld informant named "Mad Dog" whom he knows has information on a recent series of killings. One of the victims was Mad Dog's associate Ernie Saltes. Exposing him to a variant of the "water torture" method, Mad Dog eventually cracks and admits that he set up the meeting between Taskmaster and Saltes, but thought this was a strictly legit request.

In his skyscraper office, the Kingpin and Typhoid Mary meet with Colonel Strang about their multi-media business venture. Neither Kingpin nor Strang intend to remain content with their part of the arrangement.

Later at his makeshift office, Murdock meets with Foggy Nelson. Foggy has agreed to work with him on his appeal to get his law license reinstated. Prior to his arrival Matt was reading newspaper articles on the killings and is unable to focus on the task at hand. He knows that Taskmaster can't be responsible for all the killings; it's too widespread. He resolves to find out more tonight.

Following the unique sound of Taskmaster's heartbeat, Daredevil has tracked him to a warehouse where he's meeting Tombstone. He hides in the rafters and listens to them describe the assassin's game in which they are participating. As he plans his next move, he detects the Punisher is nearby and is about to enter the building. When the Punisher opens fire, his shots miss their intended targets thanks to Daredevil's timely intervention. While DD detains the Punisher, Tombstone and Taskmaster leave the building and steal a passing bus to escape the Punisher.

Punisher manages to stun Daredevil and resumes his mission. He lands atop the bus and plants an explosive device. As he turns, he realizes that Daredevil has recovered and is standing on top of the bus as well. Taskmaster tries to shake both of them off, but succeeds in placing Daredevil near the device. He is caught at ground zero when the device explodes, throwing him to the ground and effectively shutting down his hypersenses. The Punisher falls through the opening in the roof his device made and finds himself being strangled by Tombstone.

Outside, Daredevil is trying to focus past the sensory pain and locate the Taskmaster's bus which is now bearing down on him.

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