Daredevil #302

Title:"Nocturnal Hunter"
Writer:D.G. Chichester
Penciler:M.C. Wyman
Inker:Chris Ivy
Cover:Lee Weeks
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Bill Oakley
Editor:Ralph Macchio
Assistant Editor:Len Kaminski
Date:Mar. 1992
Cover Price:1.25,1.50


Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Nino Cortese

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Chris Ivy
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D.G. Chichester
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M.C. Wyman
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Issue Summary

Summary by Kevin Hollander

The Owl attacks Daredevil. During their battle, DD hears the electronic whine of his high-tech visor. He realizes that it serves two purposes: to allows his eyes to independently track nearby objects and sound amplification devices for his ears.

While they struggle, Nino tries to escape. The Owl comes after him, claiming Nino refused to sell weapons to him and now he will pay with his life. Daredevil pushes Nino out the Owl's path.

As Owlsley once again takes flight, Daredevil tracks his movements and leaps on his back. He directs their fall, forcing The Owl's talons into the trunk of Nino's corvette, trapping him. While Owlsley tries to free himself, he rants about his self-appointed task to reduce the "vermin" population in the city.

Daredevil tries to reason with him, stating that he's acting crazy. He soon discovers that Owlsley has taken on another characteristic of his namesake. While his body is facing toward the car, Owlsley is able to rotate his head a full 270 degrees and look at him directly. He asks his enemy how he can maintain sanity given this development.

At this point Cortese decides that now is the time to leave. He starts the car and explodes out of the alley onto 6th avenue dragging The Owl with him. The metallic exo-skeleton covering Owl's legs spark as they are rubbed against the pavement. This creates a distinctive scent for Daredevil to follow.

The Owl eventually frees himself and once again tries to kill Cortese. Daredevil stops him from delivering the killing stroke, but is unable to prevent him from slashing his tires. After dodging the oncoming traffic, he snares The Owl with his billy club and forces him into the A & S sign. DD then makes his way up to Owlsley and relieves him of his metal talons. He then makes his final discovery: Owlsley is literally mutating due to years of ingesting his "flying formula". His enhanced hearing paints a picture he's thankful he can't see. His eyes are able to rotate independently in their sockets; his ears are slowly disintegrating, leaving only aural holes.

Unable to control his car, Nino drives into the second floor of the mall. The vehicle takes a nose dive onto the first level, landing on a display that keeps it completely vertical. The impact severely damages the car, causing the engine to catch fire. To make matters worse the gas tank is cracked, leaking gasoline toward the engine. To further complicate the matter, Nino is trapped inside.

Daredevil detects the gasoline and the flames and rushes to save Corteste's ungrateful hide. The fire department arrives and puts out the fire before it causes an explosion. The police take Cortese into custody. When Daredevil returns for The Owl, he has freed himself and left.

Exhausted and left with no alternatives, Daredevil returns to Worldwide Plaza where he is currently living. Karen stops by to offer some encouragement after hearing news of his battle with the Owl. She knows he's feeling partially responsible for this since he took down the Kingpin. She tells him not to punish himself if someone else tries to fill the void Fisk left.

The Owl returns to his hideout: an abandoned, incomplete skyscraper in Queens. He takes inventory of his life. His legs are completely supported by his elaborate exo-skeleton, making him part machine. The flying formula is changing him physically and mentally into his predatory namesake. He finds a framed photograph of himself before he embarked on a life of crime. He reflects for a moment on the good he used to do for the city. He then abruptly reminds himself that it's all gone and focuses on his new role as an urban predator.

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