Daredevil #297

Writer:D.G. Chichester
Penciler:Lee Weeks
Inker:Al Williamson
Cover:Lee Weeks
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Jack Morelli
Editor:Ralph Macchio
Assistant Editor:Len Kaminski
Date:Oct. 1991
Cover Price:1.00,1.25


Foggy Nelson
Jimmy Sabini
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Susan Calkin
Tony Hoyt
Typhoid Mary

Daredevil #296

Daredevil #298

Al Williamson
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Issue Summary

Summary by Kevin Hollander

After the conclusion of a meeting with his criminal lieutenants, Kingpin returns to his office. He enters the dimly-lit room and finds Daredevil sitting in his chair with his feet propped up on his desk.

They have a discussion about their respective lives: Kingpin lives in a plush skyscraper funded by crime; Daredevil has financial trouble since Kingpin got him disbarred and destroyed his brownstone. Every action Daredevil takes is calculated to enrage the Kingpin, which it ultimately does. Fisk doesn't realize he's being manipulated until after Daredevil leaves. Kingpin spots the picture of his estranged wife Vanessa that Daredevil found and placed on his desk. Long-buried memories of her return and clash with his current arrangement with Typhoid Mary, causing the Kingpin to have a minor attack of conscience.

Matt later meets with Karen in an effort to make up for ditching her earlier (#296). Trying to remain distant yet interested, he does engage her in some flirtatious conversation. He poses to her the philosophical question of the "ends justifying the means". She agrees that in some cases, yes they do. As she leaves, Matt's hypersenses tell him that she is warming up to the idea of them being a couple again.

Back at the Kingpin's skyscraper, in his bedroom, Fisk ignores the additional requests of Typhoid Mary and stares obsessively at Vanessa's picture. His encounter with Daredevil has put him on edge and he takes his anger out on Typhoid for resolving a "business" matter later than he planned. Typhoid takes offense at this unexpected change in Fisk and leaves.

Matt returns to Foggy's office to work on his appeal to get his law license reinstated. When they hit a brick wall, Matt convinces Foggy to take a break. Matt suggests they look into a completely different area "for fun". They begin to look into commitment procedures for the mentally ill.

Typhoid makes an appearance at a warehouse on the piers that is owned - and currently occupied - by Jerry Sabini and his goons. When one of them attempt to throw her out, she almost guts him with her sword. Typhoid informs Sabini that he will now double his monthly percentage to the Kingpin. Though not stated, this was done in order to win back Fisk's approval.

At this point Daredevil arrives and announces to Typhoid that they have some personal business to discuss. Typhoid eagerly follows him outside. Daredevil makes advances toward Typhoid, reversing their roles, and ultimately seduces her. They leave for a motel room in Queens.

Mary Walker (Typhoid) suffers from multiple personality disorder. "Typhoid Mary" is one of them. It is assumed that since Daredevil knew both "Typhoid" and "Mary" were attracted to him in one or both of his dual lives, this facilitated his deception. At some point, Typhoid is no longer the dominant personality; "Mary" has returned and is sound asleep on the bed. Matt contacts social services and provides a forged court order to get Mary the psychiatric help that she desperately needs. Social workers arrive and find the bloody weapons, which convince them that she is a danger to society. They place the confused woman in a straight jacket and take her away.

The next morning Matt Murdock locks himself in the bathroom of Foggy's office. He is overcome with guilt and is unable to stop himself from either crying or vomiting over his actions.

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