Irwin Allen TV Show Part 3

Welcome back for the third part in my continuing look at the Irwin Allen Daredevil TV show from 1983 that never got produced.
If you remember from last week, Matt's father was shot and killed by Chic Tanner's men...

If you missed it, here's Part 2

ACT THREE (Part 1)

This act is longer than the others, so I'll split the summary in two parts.

The scene fades in on Matt's apartment during the day, and Freddie is feeding Herbert in the kitchen. Freddie is glum, subdued, and Matt, who is sitting in the living room, asks him what's the matter... he hasn't said two words since the funeral.

After a back and forth of "nothing is wrong", Freddie finally says that Matt has been keeping secrets from him... like how Matt was able to fight the thugs. Freddie doubts if Matt is blind.

Matt tells him he really is. But... he calls out to Herbert and asks for his ball. The dog comes over and drops the ball in his lap. Matt rolls the ball across the carpet and it stops by the couch. Matt gets up, goes to the couch, reaches under and grabs the ball. "How did you do that?" Freddie exclaims. Matt says he's like a bat. He tells Freddie to go hide and he'll find him.

As Freddie moves off, Matt goes to his closet and puts on the costume he bought for Karen's party. He moves around the apartment, and the blur of objects is shown for the audience... and Freddie's heartbeat is heard loudly from behind a door. Matt opens the door. Freddie steps through in amazement and asks about the costume. After a lengthy exposition about all of Matt's senses and powers, Matt asks Freddie to be his partner... he's going to use his powers to find the people who killed his father and who also left him blind. The costume will be a disguise for when he needs to move around freely and do things not appropriate that Matt Murdoch (with an "h") would do. Matt says Freddie will be the only person who knows his secret identity. Freddie is eager to get started.

The scene cuts to a restaurant, where Ben Urich is in his favorite booth. The angle widens and Matt is also there. A waiter comes by with a bottle of wine and pours it for both men. Matt says "Chardonnay... good choice." Ben wonders how Matt knows since he wasn't there when the wine was ordered.

They get down to business. Ben tells Matt that the three tenements were owned by a "dummy" corporation set up by Oscar Novak. Novak is an attorney who is under investigation by the police, but they can't prove his connection to the mob. Matt says that's why the mob wants him off the Flores' case! Ben says he'll do some more digging. Matt tells him to be careful, considering the mob killed his father and tried to kill him. They won't hesitate to add a nosey reporter to their list.

The scene switches quickly to the basement of a tenement. We're introduced to Rias, the manager of the building. He is kneeling on the floor, clipping wires on an incendiary device with a timer attached.

Outside the building, the angle is on Freddie as he returns to his car, where Matt and Herbert wait. "The manager's name is Rias, first door to your right."

Matt goes with Herbert to the door, knocks, then knocks again.

Rias hears the knocking and comes back upstairs. He opens his door. Matt hands him a card, wants to ask him a few questions. Rias lets them in, asks them to wait inside, while he goes down the hall into his office. He shuts the door.

Rias dials his phone and says quietly "I was about to blow up the place when he showed."

Chic Tanner is on the other end. He tells Rias to finish his job, which will also kill Murdoch in the process.

Matt hears a knock on the door. Surprisingly, it's Ben Urich, who thought he would investigate Novak's apartment manager as well. Matt wonders where Herbert has disappeared to, so he tells Ben to stay by the door while he checks inside. He finds Herbert, but suddenly, Herbert starts sniffing and pawing at the basement door. Black smoke is curling up through the floorboards. Matt yells out "The building is on fire!" He tells Herbert to go back to Freddie outside.

Ben is outside Rias' door, completely unaware the building is on fire. He looks down the hall as Daredevil yells "Fire! Fire!". A horned figure in a bright red outfit rushes towards him. "Where's Matt?" "He's safe, I took him out. Please call the fire department!"

Outside, the smoke is pouring out, as Ben explodes out a door and dashes for an alarm box on the street. At the car, Freddie asks Herbert why he left his master inside. Freddie asks where Matt is as Ben approaches the car. "It's okay, he's around back, this guy in red tights and a mask helped him out". Then Ben realizes what he just said. "Maybe we better go look for him!"

Inside the building, Daredevil moves from floor to floor, sometimes with the help of his nylon wire which shoots out of his cane. The inferno is causing the stairways to collapse. DD has sensed there is a boy trapped in a corner. He grabs the boy and tries to move outside, but the heat forces them to the roof instead.

The roof isn't stable and DD shoots his cable across the street, making a tightrope of sorts. The boy climbs on DD's back and he walks across gingerly as an anxious crowd looks on from below. Once he gets across, firefighters send a ladder up and the boy descends. DD waves to the firefighters below.

Later, the fire crew is mopping up. Ben is pacing back and forth. His eyes widen as he sees Matt, Freddie and Herbert approaching. He rushes to them. "Where were you? We searched everywhere!"

Freddie says he found Matt wandering around the railway tracks. "I wouldn't have gotten out if it wasn't for that man," Matt says. "Did you see him?"

Ben says he saw a looney tune dressed in red tights with a red mask with horns on top. "Did you get his name?" Matt asks.

"No, but whoever he is, he's one helluva daredevil!"

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