Irwin Allen TV Show Part 2

Welcome to the second part of my summary of the Daredevil show from 1983 that never came to be.
If you remember from last week, Matt Murdoch (with an "h") was caught in an explosion caused by Chic Tanner...

If you missed Part 1, click on the link to catch up!


The scene fades in as we're in a doctor's office during the daytime, two weeks after the explosion. Matt is sitting in an examination chair, getting the gauze bandages unwrapped from around his head by the doctor. Foggy and Jack Murdoch (with an "h") are also in the room, anxious to hear about Matt's condition. Jack is described as 60-ish, with the face of an ex-fighter who looks like he could still hold his own in a barroom brawl. The doctor squeezes some drops into Matt's eyes. Matt can see a blur of light for a moment. But the damage is done. Matt is blind.

It's at this point where the script introduces "Matt's Inner Voice", a way to convey Matt's thoughts to the audience.

Matt wonders what's going on, as he can see images in his head... not sight, but visions! He can't believe it, and he mentions that Jack and Foggy would never believe him. A fuzzy outline appears of Jack, Foggy and the doctor. Matt says it's as if the radiation from the accident has taken away his sight but given him a sixth sense in return.

The scene switches to a later time, as Matt and Freddie are walking side by side down a busy street. Matt is wearing dark glasses and is learning how to walk with his cane, counting each step.

Matt tells the audience it's like he has a radar in his brain, sending out sound waves that bounce off things, letting him know where they are.

There's another view of the radar, with objects appearing in fuzzy shadow shapes.

Freddie stops to watch a pretty girl walk by. Matt is still counting steps and says it's 125 steps from his front door to the mailbox on the corner. Freddie says he's concentrating on some other numbers... 36-24-36. They both have a laugh.

They visit a local park. Matt can sense some pigeons that quickly fly away. He mentions to the audience that he can't "see" the pigeons after they fly away... his radar is only good up to a certain point.
Matt asks Freddie if he scared the pigeons away. Freddie is amazed Matt even knows about the pigeons. Matt jokes that he can hear the pigeons cooing.

They walk over to a large oak tree. Matt asks Freddie why he was brought here. Jack Murdoch steps out from behind the tree with a German Shepard on a leash. Jack introduces Herbert, a seeing eye dog. Matt doesn't want the dog, but the other two convince him to give Herbert a chance.

Later that night, at Matt's apartment, Jack asks Matt if he is ready to go back to work. It's been a month since the explosion. Matt doesn't think he can. Herbert sits by Matt. Jack tells him "sure you can... I know how you feel. After your mother died I didn't think I could go on either. But the fighter in me wouldn't let me quit. And the fighter in you isn't going to let you quit either!" Matt hugs his father. The scenes holds on the embrace, then...

Matt is back at work the next day, at his desk, reading a transcript with his fingers (not Braille). Matt tells the audience he can literally feel the impressions on the page. As Karen walks in, Matt quickly pretends to struggle with the transcript.

The Flores' case was extended by two months so the transcripts could be made in Braille. Karen wonders why Matt is reading the originals. "If you need my help, why can't you ask me?" Matt says he needs to learn and doesn't want to be helpless. He goes to the filing cabinet to get the Braille copies.

That night, at Matt's apartment, the phone rings. Matt answers, and it's an unknown voice on the other side. "Do you wanna know who torches those buildings?" It's Chic Tanner, but Matt doesn't know. "Meet me tonight at eight, 901 San Julian, warehouse on corner of Ninth and San Julian. I'll bring you proof."
The phone clicks before Matt can ask why the police weren't called.

Jack is at the apartment and asks about the call. He says Matt shouldn't go alone to meet the anonymous source.

A half hour later, a car pulls up at a row of warehouses. Freddie is driving, Jack is in the passenger seat and Matt & Herbert are in the back seat. Jack doesn't like the whole situation... smells like a set-up. Matt and Jack get out of the car (Herbert stays by Matt's side). Freddie is told to wait in the car. Matt heads towards the warehouse with Herbert, and Jack keeps his distance but watches the surroundings.

Herbert starts whining. Two thugs appear from between two buildings and draw their guns. Matt tells the audience he can hear the guns are cocked and the smell of gun oil. Someone is in the shadows waiting to kill him. Jack notices the men and shouts. Matt leans back against a wall as a shot rings out. Herbert covers his head with his paws. As thug #1 tries to get off another shot, Jack rushes him from behind and slams him to the ground. Freddie fires up the car's engine.

Matt moves around a corner and thug #2 is in pursuit. A light fixture is jutting out from a wall, so Matt leaps up, swings back and sails through the air to crash into the thug. Freddie directs his high beams at the thug.

Jack is still grappling with thug #1. Suddenly a shot rings out and Jack grabs his chest and crumples to the ground.

A car screeches up from around the corner. It's Chic Tanner. The two thugs race toward it, jump in and the car speeds away. Tanner is angry at the thugs for not killing Matt.

Matt cradles Jack's head in his arms. Matt hears his father's heartbeat go fainter and fainter. "You're a fighter... I'm proud of you, son..."

Matt clutches his father closer to his chest. The scene pulls back slowly until there is total silence and fades out.

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