Daredevil related sites

Kevin Hall's The Daredevil Resource!
Click here to go to his page. has a board for DD, so head on over here.

Julian Darius's Continuity Page of DD is a cool place to visit. Check it out here.

The DaredevilVF site is a great place for French speaking fans to talk about DD!

Thomas's Daredevil Companion site is back online here.

Click here for Christine's The Other Murdock Papers!

Check out Daredevil-A-Day by Alice here!

F's Kitchen by Francesco is online here!

J.P.'s The Red Shaker is here!

Sympathy for the Devil is online here!

Fan Without Fear Comics!, the Completist Daredevil Guide is now available here!

If you have a Daredevil page, please let me know and I'll list it here.

Other links of interest...

    For all the latest news from the comics world!

  • Daredevil Slots Game
    Play the Daredevil Slots game at Slots Jam!

    Diana's fan site for DD artist Alex Maleev!

    Brian Michal Bendis's web site!

  • David Mack Guide
    David Thornton's fan site for DD writer/artist David Mack!

  • The real Hell's Kitchen

  • Frank Miller Resource
    Thomas' tribute to the works of Frank Miller!

  • Tim Sale Tribute
    Dan DeForge's tribute to Daredevil: Yellow artist Tim Sale!

  • Mad Science Media
    Home of several DD creators, including Steve Buccellato, Marc Siry, Marie Javins, Don Hudson and more!

  • The Work of Frank Miller
    A new page devoted to making a catalogue of all of Miller's work!

    Ojo Caliente Production Studios
    Visit former DD assistant editor Pat Garrahy's studio and check out his work on Powers, JLA and Daredevil!

  • Official Scott McDaniel website
    Former DD artist Scott McDaniel's website, where you can view his work as well as buy some of his original DD art.

    Marvel Links

    Alpha Flight

    Alpha Flight Character Database
    Avengers Forever

    Doctor Doom

    Latverian Embassy

    Doctor Strange

    Dr. Strange... Sorcerer Supreme

    Emma Frost

    Emma Frost Files

    Fantastic Four

    Arlen's Fantastic Four Page
    Fantastic Four (in Dutch and English)


    Hulk Rage

    Iron Man

    Advanced Iron - The Iron Man Fanzine
    Hube's Iron Man Review
    Hube's Iron Man What If?
    Invincible Iron Man
    Iron Man Armory

    Nick Fury



    Nova Prime


    Punisher War Page
    Frank Castle, War Journal


    Unofficial Spider-Man page
    Spider-Man Crawl Space
    Spider-Man Reviews
    Spider-Man Toy Reviews


    Gambit y Rogue: The X-Men (from Chile)
    X-Men Homepage

    General Interest

    Digital Webbing
    Jay's Comic Book Compendium
    Comic Books at Comics Etc.
    Comic Legacy
    Impulse Creations
    Marvel VS. DC
    Kings Comix Collections
    Superhero t-shirts at Tees N Things Daredevil RiffTrax
    Unreal Books Daredevil Art
    Nightwing Fan Club
    Probity Comics

    Other links, influenced by DD...

    Crave For Light

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