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Volume 1

Ryan, Matt

Issues: -1, 353-357, 359-362, 364-365
Matt Ryan has worked on many titles, and here on DD he inked over Cary Nord and Gene Colan. Also worked with CrossGen Comics.

  • Interview with Matt Ryan

    Everett, Bill

    Issues: 001, 021, 083
    The creator of the Sub-Mariner co-created Daredevil with writer Stan Lee. Only penciled one issue, but did help with inks on a few more issues of DD.

    Ditko, Steve

    Issues: 001, 162
    His comic with Madcap is still a favourite of mine. His greatest work was on Amazing Spider-Man.

    Colletta, Vince

    Issues: 002-004, 043-045, 113-118, 120-123

    Wood, Wally

    Issues: 005-008, 010-011
    The artist who changed DD's costume from yellow to the now famous red. Favourite story of mine is "The Fellowship of Fear!". Also was the creator of the THUNDER Agents, and worked on many EC Comics and Mad Magazine. Tragically, Wood committed suicide in 1981.

    Powell, Bob

    Issues: 009

    Sr., John Romita

    Issues: 012-013

    Ray, Frankie

    Issues: 014-017

    Giacoia, Frank

    Issues: 018-025, 027, 036, 038, 101-102, 112

    Ayers, Dick

    Issues: 021-022, 028
    Known for his work on Avengers, Captain America and the old M.E. Ghost Rider series.

    Interview with Dick Ayers

    Colan, Gene

    Issues: 026
    People tend to forget that there are such things as 'Colan Daredevils' besides 'Miller Daredevils'. Classic work by a great artist.

  • Interview with Gene Colan

    Tartaglione, John

    Issues: 029-035, 037, 040-041, 100

    Tuska, George

    Issues: 039
    Tuska worked on the 'Buck Rogers' sci-fi newspaper strip over forty years ago, but he is probably best remembered as the artist for IRON MAN during the 70's. After Iron Man, he did the 'Superheroes' newspaper strip for DC. Like fellow artist Don Heck, Tuska was never a cult favourite, but his work had a quality and a consistency that shone through.

    Adkins, Dan

    Issues: 042

    Klein, George

    Issues: 046-049, 051, 053-054

    Craig, Johnny

    Issues: 050, 052

    Shores, Syd

    Issues: 055-075, 084-085, 099

    Palmer, Tom

    Issues: 076-080, 086-095, 342-343

    Abel, Jack

    Issues: 081-082

    Chua, Ernie

    Issues: 096-098

    Trapani, Sal

    Issues: 103-104, 106

    Perlin, Don

    Issues: 105

    Buscema, Sal

    Issues: 107
    Sal Buscema was a long-time penciler on Spectacular Spider-Man. He drew some DD issues and also helped Cary Nord with layouts during Nord's stint on the title.

    Gulacy, Paul

    Issues: 108

    Heck, Don

    Issues: 109, 119

    Chiaramonte, Frank

    Issues: 110

    Mooney, Jim

    Issues: 111, 133-139, 141-142, 145-146

    Janson, Klaus

    Issues: 124-132, 140, 147-152, 156-161, 163-190, 192-197, 234
    A comics pro who is well-versed in penciling, inking, colouring and design.

    Pollard, Keith

    Issues: 143

    Green, Dan

    Issues: 144

    DeZuniga, Tony

    Issues: 153, 244-246

    Leialoha, Steve

    Issues: 154, 238

    Springer, Frank

    Issues: 155

    Rubinstein, Joe

    Issues: 163

    Austin, Terry

    Issues: 191

    Mignola, Mike

    Issues: 197

    Bulanadi, Danny

    Issues: 198-213, 235, 237, 242-243

    McDonnell, Luke

    Issues: 202
    Luke McDonnell has worked on many titles, including Iron Man and the Phantom.

  • Interview with Luke McDonnell

    Candido, Mel

    Issues: 207, 224

    Redding, Pat

    Issues: 212

    Mazzucchelli, David

    Issues: 214-217, 220-221, 225, 227-233
    It was only until he worked with Miller on Born Again that anyone noticed this great artist. After that story arc, Mazzucchelli moved to DC to do Bat-Man:Year One with Miller and now he works on independent comic series of his own.

    Akin, Ian/Garvey, Brian

    Issues: 218

    Talaoc, Gerry

    Issues: 219

    DeMulder, Kim

    Issues: 222-223

  • Interview with Kim DeMulder

    Patterson, Bruce

    Issues: 224

    Janke, Dennis

    Issues: 226

    Wiacek, Bob/Windsor-Smith, Barry

    Issues: 236

    Williamson, Al

    Issues: 237, 239-240, 243, 248-257, 259-285, 287-289, 293-300, 349, 366

    Isherwood, Geof

    Issues: 239

    Milgrom, Al

    Issues: 241, 362

    Hunt, Dave

    Issues: 247
    Dave Hunt has inked many titles, including Superman, and this was his fill-in issue over Keith Giffen's pencils. Hunt started his career with Marvel in the early 70's, and has worked for many major comic companies.

  • Interview with Dave Hunt

    Sanders-III, Jim

    Issues: 258

    Manley, Mike

    Issues: 264

    Morgan, Tom

    Issues: 283

    Hazlewood, Doug

    Issues: 286

    Weeks, Lee

    Issues: 288
    After this run, Weeks did the Gambit mini-series.
    He did a fine job on the Fall of the Kingpin storyline, and has been working on mini-series, including The Mysterio Manifesto, Spider-Man: Death and Destiny, and an arc in Tangled Web.

  • Interview with Lee Weeks.

    Fredricks, Fred

    Issues: 289-292

    Ivy, Chris

    Issues: 301-303, 305
    Chris Ivy has worked on many titles including Fantastic Four, Avengers, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Anima, Sovereign Seven, Flash, and Bloodshot.

  • Interview with Chris Ivy

    LaRosa, Bud

    Issues: 304, 306-318, 339, 367-368, 370, 373

    Adams, Greg

    Issues: 318

    Collazo, Hector

    Issues: 319, 321-327, 329-332
    Collazo worked on Fall From Grace, the Tree of Knowledge arc, and the Elektra:Root of Evil series.

  • Interview with Hector Collazo

    Candelario, Harry

    Issues: 319, 367, 370
    Harry Candelario has worked on pretty much all the Spider-Man titles and filled in for the majority of Marvel titles. He began working in the Bullpen right out of high school and eventually got his first inking job.

  • Interview with Harry Candelario

    Oeming, Mike Avon

    Issues: 320, 324
    Oeming has worked on Powers, Judge Dredd, and DD: Fall From Grace.

  • Interview with Mike Oeming

    Rankin, Rich

    Issues: 322-323, 330

    Ariane, Z.

    Issues: 328

    Kryssing, Ray

    Issues: 333

    Hudson, Don

    Issues: 334-340
    Don Hudson started with Marvel in '83 while still in high school. He inked these issues of DD back in 1995 and moved to LA in 1996 to pursue a career in animation. He has worked on Silver Surfer, Green Lantern and Spider-Man. In 1999, he launched his own creation, Forever Amber, for Image Comics.

    Parks, Ande

    Issues: 338-340
    Ande Parks has worked mostly with DC and Dark Horse. He's worked on Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, The Ray, Superboy and others. He's also created Uncle Slam and Fire Dog for Action Planet Comics.

  • Interview with Ande Parks

    Ramos, Rodney

    Issues: 339

    Severin, Marie

    Issues: 340

    Nicholls, Art

    Issues: 341

    Reinhold, Bill

    Issues: 344-348, 350

    McCain, Ron

    Issues: 347

    McManus, Shawn

    Issues: 351-352
    McManus had been working with Stan Lee Media and worked on a Sandman mini-series.

    Ferry, Pascual/Mendoza, Jaime/Thibert, Art

    Issues: 358

    Barta, Hilary

    Issues: 362

    Neary, Paul/Smith, Cam

    Issues: 363

    Brito, Pier

    Issues: 369, 371-372, 374-375

    Carlson, Chris/Jones, Robert/Leon, John Paul/Lipka, Mark

    Issues: 375

    Hanna, Scott

    Issues: 375, 377-378

    Martin, Jason

    Issues: 376, 379
  • Interview with Jason Martin

    Campanella, Robert

    Issues: 380

    Volume 2

    Cassaday, John/Conner, Amanda/Dillon, Steve/Jones, J.G./Nowlan, Kevin/Sr., John Romita

    Issues: 0.5

    Palmiotti, Jimmy

    Issues: 0.5, 001-011
  • Interview with Jimmy Palmiotti

    Mack, David

    Issues: 0.5, 018-019, 050-055
    The creator of Kabuki has written Parts of a Hole for DD and also painted the arc 'Wake Up' with Brian Bendis.

  • Interview with David Mack

    Lee, Jae

    Issues: 0.5, 065

    Haynes, Rob

    Issues: 012
    Haynes worked on this fill-in and was also the artist on the Daredevil web comic. He worked with Brian Bendis on the DD: Ninja series as well.

    Morales, Mark

    Issues: 013-016

    Scum, Pond

    Issues: 017

    Palmer, Tom

    Issues: 020, 050, 104

    Hodgkins, James

    Issues: 020-023, 025

    Pennington, Mark

    Issues: 023-024

    Maleev, Alex

    Issues: 026-037, 041-050, 056-081, 100
    The former artist on Sam and Twitch joined Brian Bendis for the 'Underboss' arc and created an acclaimed run on the title.

    Gutierrez, Manuel

    Issues: 038-039

    Dodson, Rachel

    Issues: 040

    Gutierrez, Dave/Miki, Danny/Oeming, Mike Avon

    Issues: 050

    Milgrom, Al

    Issues: 050, 100

    Janson, Klaus

    Issues: 050, 500
    A comics pro who is well-versed in penciling, inking, colouring and design.

    Finch, David/Golden, Michael/Horn, Greg/Parks, Ande/Quitely, Frank/Russell, P. Craig/Townsend, Tim

    Issues: 065

    Lark, Michael

    Issues: 082-087, 089-093, 095-105

    Gaudiano, Stefano

    Issues: 083-087, 089-105, 107-119, 500

    Aja, David

    Issues: 088, 500

    Bermejo, Lee/Colan, Gene/Djurdjevic, Marko/Sienkiewicz, Bill

    Issues: 100

    Azaceta, Paul

    Issues: 106

    La Torre, Roberto De

    Issues: 501-504, 508-509, 511

    Checchetto, Marco

    Issues: 503, 505-507, 510, 512

    Volume 3

    Martin, Marcos

    Issues: 001, 004-006, 10.1

    Rivera, Joe

    Issues: 001-003, 007, 009-010


    Issues: 008

    Checchetto, Marco

    Issues: 011

    Samnee, Chris

    Issues: 012, 014-016, 018-027, 030-032, 035-036

    Palmer, Tom

    Issues: 013

    Allred, Michael

    Issues: 017

    Lopez, Alvaro

    Issues: 028-029, 034

    Copland, Jason

    Issues: 033

    Pham, Khoi

    Issues: 10.1

    Volume 4

    Krause, Peter

    Issues: 0.1, 15.1

    Samnee, Chris

    Issues: 001-005, 008-015, 15.1, 016-018

    Palmer, Tom

    Issues: 1.50

    Lopez, Alvaro

    Issues: 1.50, 006-007

    Volume 5

    Garney, Ron

    Issues: 001-005, 010-014, 017-018, 020, 026-028, 598-600
    Known for his work with Mark Waid on the Captain America series and on Silver Surfer, Hulk and others.

  • Interview with Ron Garney

    Sudzuka, Goran

    Issues: 004, 008-009, 015-016, 021-022

    Buffagni, Matteo

    Issues: 006-007

    Laming, Marc

    Issues: 019

    Morgan, Alec

    Issues: 023-025

    Landini, Stefano

    Issues: 595-597

    Perkins, Mike

    Issues: 600

    Henderson, Mike

    Issues: 601-605

    Noto, Phil

    Issues: 606-612

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