Daredevil #227

Writer:Frank Miller
Penciler:David Mazzucchelli
Inker:David Mazzucchelli
Cover:David Mazzucchelli
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Joe Rosen
Editor:Ralph Macchio
Assistant Editor:Craig Anderson
Date:Feb. 1986
Cover Price:0.75,0.95


Ben Urich
Foggy Nelson
Glorianna O'Breen
Karen Page
Matt Murdock
Nicholas Manolis
Robbie Robertson

Daredevil #226

Daredevil #228

David Mazzucchelli
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Frank Miller
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Issue Summary

Summary by Dale Lakes

In a seedy back room south of the border, Karen Page sells Daredevil's secret identity for one fix to Raldo, street level thug and drug dealer. The information winds it's way several thousand miles, up the criminal spinal cord to Wilson Fisk: the Kingpin. He issues a command to find whoever came in contact with this information and await the kill order. Fisk then spends the next few months testing it's veracity and, once satisfied that a blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen is also The Man Without Fear, constructs the "perfect frame."

When Matt Murdock's world collapses, it is without mercy. In a precious few days he loses his girlfriend, his reputation, his money, his home and ultimately his license to practice law. Only the heroic legal efforts of his best friend, Foggy, keep him out of prison after being accused of perjury by an "honest" cop.

Matt is becoming increasingly paranoid: who is doing this to him? Early the next morning after dumping him, his ex-girlfriend Glori answers the phone at Foggy's house. Are they in on it? Was Foggy's brilliant legal defense all part of the plan to destroy his life?

Things are not going well for Karen, either. Hoping she can trade what's left of her good looks for another fix, she stumbles upon the execution of Raldo and barely escapes with her life. She knows there is only one man who can save her now: the man she sold for a single dose of heroin.

Foreclosure papers in his pocket, Matt is outside his stolen home when the entire property is obliterated by a massive explosion. This final, horrific incident does not drive Matt deeper into despair but, rather, brings clarity: "So you know. So that's why. I never would have connected it to you. Nothing about it said gangster-- until this. It was a nice piece of work, Kingpin. You shouldn't have signed it."

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