Daredevil #101

Title:"Vengeance In The Sky Diamonds!"
Writer:Steve Gerber
Penciler:Rich Buckler
Inker:Frank Giacoia
Cover:Frank Giacoia
Colours:George Roussos
Letters:Artie Simek
Editor:Roy Thomas
Assistant Editor:None
Date:July 1973
Cover Price:0.20


'The Man'
Angar the Screamer
Black Widow
Jason Sloan
Lieutenant Paul Carson
Matt Murdock
Officer McHeny

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Frank Giacoia
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Issue Summary

Summary by Michael Deeley

Daredevil faces the new villain Angar the screamer. Angar can create convincing illusions through his high-pitched screams. He quickly uses one to escape from DD. Angar has follows DD back to his San Francisco apartment. The Black Widow and Ivan return just in time.

Angar drives out to a mansion where his "boss" lives. This mysterious stranger is somehow responsible for turning Angar from a bitter, disillusioned hippie, into a sadistic, screaming super-villain. He also controlled Mordecai from issue #97. The boss demonstrates his control over Angar with a remote controlled electrode implanted in Angar's skull. He then orders Angar to kill Daredevil and the Black Widow.

Murdock ignores a city-wide announcement to stay indoors and goes to the law firm that employs him. He soon storms out over a disagreement on how to defend some young clients. He's captured by Angar, who uses Murdock as bait to lure out the Black Widow. (Murdock's relationship with the Widow is public knowledge.) Murdock talks with Angar and convinces him to let him go. Once outside, Murdock changes into DD. Just then, Black Widow and the police show up. DD tries to keep the peace, but Angar attacks. Angry and crazed, Angar lets loose a scream that seems to banish reality. The cops are shooting at each other, while Angar, Daredevil, and the Black Widow fight. DD keeps trying to talk to Angar, but he won't listen. Widow points her sting shooter at Angar's head, threatening to kill him if he doesn't surrender. Angar dispels his illusions but quickly escapes. Daredevil then remarks how Natasha's behavior scares him.

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