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03/26 - Daredevil Boxing Gloves

You may have seen the Hayabusa Marvel boxing merchandise last year... there were boxing wraps available featuring DD's logo and colors...

Now they have boxing gloves available, retailing for $249 US!

Attorney-at-law by day and masked vigilante by night, Matt Murdock leads a life of crime fighting in New York as both a lawyer and as his alter ego, Daredevil. Extraordinarily heightened senses, combined with a mastery of martial arts, make the devil of Hell’s Kitchen one of the most feared defenders of the city. Inspired by Murdock’s iconic devil suit, each glove embodies his deep red armor and classic Daredevil insignia.

  • Custom Daredevil design with intricate character details
  • Dual-X interlocking wrist straps deliver a comfortable & precise fit
  • World-renowned splinted support provides perfect wrist alignment
  • Multi-layered technology foam composition for max knuckle protection
  • Microfiber thumb allows you to wipe away sweat
  • Ultra-soft temperature-regulating lining keeps your hands cool
  • Hayabusa X Marvel certificate of authenticity

    DD1 DD2 DD3 DD4

    Hayabusa Daredevil Boxing Gloves

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