01/26 - Daredevil Set Pics

It's been quite a day of spoilers from the Daredevil: Born Again set.

Now I won't post *everything* and I want to try to be cognizant of fans who don't want to see set pics.

So some of these things are confirmations of rumors, so if you haven't been keeping up with anything, don't read on ahead.

If you have been checking out rumors and know a bit about what's going on behind-the-scenes, then please keep on reading.



Location Pics (with lots of spoilers)

The day started out with a nice surprise, with two confirmations of rumors...

One... the return of Nelson, Murdock... and Page!

And also... confirmation about Muse (check out the poster)

Charlie Cox filming

Then the star of the show made an appearance, mainly filming scenes walking down the street...

Is that White Tiger?

But then an interesting character showed up... is that Hector Ayala?

And here's the trio on set!

Then something we thought we'd never see again... and all is right in the DD universe...

We are back, after many, many years wondering if we'd ever get all these characters back together... so what do you think DD fans?


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