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06/05 - Marvel February 1964 Omnibus

February 2024 will see the 60th anniversary of Daredevil, and Marvel will be releasing an omnibus of all stories that shipped the same month way back in 1964.

Here's the solicitation from Amazon...

The House of Ideas is proud to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Daredevil with an Omnibus collecting every Marvel comic released during the month of his debut! DAREDEVIL presented a rougher, grittier take on the super hero concept, with young Matt Murdock growing up on the wrong side of the tracks with a father on the hook with the mob. Stan Lee and Bill Everett crafted a brilliant blend of crime, action and heroics that built the foundation for one of Marvel's greatest characters. But what else was happening that historic month? Marvel boasted a wonderfully engaging mix of romance, teen humor, Westerns and, of course, a growing stable of increasingly interconnected super heroes! Take a trip back to the spinner rack and relive them all! Collecting DAREDEVIL (1964) #1, AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (1963) #12, FANTASTIC FOUR (1961) #26, JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY (1952) #103, KID COLT OUTLAW #116, MILLIE THE MODEL #120, MODELING WITH MILLIE #30, PATSY WALKER #114, STRANGE TALES (1951) #120, TALES OF SUSPENSE (1959) #53, TALES TO ASTONISH (1959) #55, TWO-GUN KID #69, AVENGERS (1963) #5, PATSY AND HEDY #94, RAWHIDE KID (1955) #40, SGT. FURY #7 and X-MEN (1963) #5.

One cover will be drawn by former DAREDEVIL artist Javier Rodriguez, and he shared it online...

DD 1964

Let's see else Marvel has in store for DD's 60th!


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