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03/20 - Chip Zdarsky Interview

CBR's Dave Richards interviewed DAREDEVIL writer Chip Zdarsky about the Red Fist Saga.

The interview also contains four preview pages by Manuel Garcia and Marco Checchetto, which are spoilers for the next few issues.

Some quotes:

"Fate and faith go hand in hand for a lot of people, because there's a plan, right? God knows all, which means things unfold in the way He designed them. You still have to make those choices even if the outcome is pre-determined. You still have to live your life without full knowledge of how things will unfold.

So, I think Matt putting his faith in a higher power's plan for him makes sense. It’s the wrinkle of his old friend Goldy, the one who has the power to cause "God’s plan" to happen and makes it more a conundrum for Matt."

When asked about how the Red Fist Saga is going...

"We're closer to the end than the beginning! I just sent in my fifty-sixth Daredevil script -- if you count Devil's Reign and the one-shots, so I'd better be close to the end."



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