Daredevil #337

Title:"Heart of the Fire"
Writer:Gregory Wright
Penciler:Tom Grindberg
Inker:Don Hudson
Cover:Tom Grindberg
Colours:Christie 'Max' Scheele
Letters:Bill Oakley/NJQ
Editor:Ralph Macchio
Assistant Editor:Matt Idelson
Date:Feb. 1995
Cover Price:1.50,2.05


Deathlok I
Ed Arthur
Mr. Jenkins
Peacekeeper (Joshua)
Ralphie Jackson
Randi Jillette

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Don Hudson
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Gregory Wright
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Issue Summary

Summary/Review by Michael Deeley

Randi blackmails Jenkins with evidence linking him to the rash of bombings. After she leaves, DD comes in to back up her threats. But Jenkins has threats of his own. If he's arrested, he'll trigger more bombs planted to kill the tunnel people. No one knows else where they are, except the people who planted them. Wilson Fisk is currently torturing those people. He forces them to confess, which gets Ralphie and Ed out of jail. They know who helped them. And he's going to want the favor repaid.

When Ralphie and Ed come home, Blackwulf shows up looking for Demolisher. DD shows up with the locations of Jenkin's bombs. They all go looking for the explosives. While looking for the last, and largest, cluster of bombs, some of them go off. The debris separates Daredevil from everyone else, and traps him with the King. DD beats him quickly, then defuses the main detonator. Impressed with DD's heroics, Ralphie and Ed agree not to tell Fisk they know he's really Matt Murdock. Demolisher can't tell Blackwulf why his family acted differently in his timleline, then leaves to sort himself out. Back on the streets, Daredevil watches Jenkins go to prison with self-satisfaction. Also watching is Fisk. People are already talking about how he brought Jenkins down. The message is getting around: the Kingpin is coming back. These are the last monthly issues of 'Daredevil' written by Gregory Wright. In addition to this story, he's also written most of the Daredevil Annuals, and had long runs on 'Deathlok', 'Silver Sable', and 'Morbius: The Living Vampire'.

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