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06/12 - Denny O'Neil Dies At 81

Comics Legend Dennis "Denny" O'Neil passed away today at age 81. He left his mark on so many titles for DC and Marvel as an editor and a writer.

In 1985, I was just starting my comics hobby, gravitating towards Daredevil. While I started collecting DAREDEVIL monthly with issue #219 (by Miller & Buscema), the issues I bought after were #220 and #218. I started collecting monthly and worked my way backwards. Those issues were written by Denny O'Neil.

While other creators seem to get mentioned for their runs on this book, Mr. O'Neil's run only seems to be fondly remembered by fans. But these were some amazing issues with David Mazzucchelli, William Johnson, and with characters like Micah Synn, the "crossover" with Matt Hawk, Glorianna O'Breen... yes, it's mostly nostalgia for me, but these were good comics.

One of the first interviews I ever did for the site was with Mr. O'Neil. We talked about taking over writing after Frank Miller. If you want to read the interview, it is here.

Mr. O'Neil edited the title when Miller & Janson were doing their thing. He also edited BATMAN YEAR ONE and DARK KNIGHT RETURNS. His association and importance with Batman cannot be understated. His work with Green Arrow, The Question, so many great runs. Rest in Peace.

Denny O'Neil worked on the following issues of DAREDEVIL (as writer):

Hey Marvel, get more of these issues collected please?


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