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05/31 - Sideshow Elektra Giclee Print

Sideshow has a new Elektra giclee print available for pre-order, drawn by artist Kendrick Lim!

Sideshow presents the Elektra vs The Hand Fine Art Print by artist Kendrick Lim. This thrilling Marvel art demonstrates the strength and beauty of a master assassin.

The hunter has found her prey! Elektra’s stern expression shows her distaste for the demons at her feet. She wields two razor sharp silver sai against those fanged enemies while spirals of red fabric twist like open veins in the air. As shadows deepen and swords swing closer, Elektra prepares to strike down the next member of The Hand foolish enough to cross her…

Inspired by the character’s appearance in Marvel Comics, this Elektra art is now available to fans as an unframed giclée print or in a custom framed presentation. Each Elektra vs The Hand Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Sideshow Seal of Authenticity as part of the limited edition of 150 pieces.







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