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03/29 - Daredevil News Items

Some quick news items from the week so far...

Some Daredevil-related comics from this week...

* Daredevil #7
* Spider-Punk: Arms Race #2 (Mattea Murdock)
* DD by Brubaker & Lark Omnibus V2 reprinting
* Ultimate Spider-Man #3 (Ultimate Bullseye)

And here are Daredevil-related collections in your future...

04/02 - DD Epic Collection: The Concrete Jungle
04/09 - DD Omnibus V3
04/16 - DD by Ahmed V1: Hell Breaks Loose
05/07 - DD: Black Armor
05/14 - DD by Miller Omnibus Companion (reprint)
06/04 - DD Epic Collection: Fall From Grace (reprint)
07/02 - DD by Zdarsky Omnibus V1
07/23 - DD: Shadowland Omnibus (reprint)
08/06 - DD by Bendis & Maleev Omnibus V1 (reprint)
08/06 - DD Gang War
08/13 - DD Epic Collection: Root of Evil (reprint)
10/15 - DD Modern Epic Collection: Out

New Daredevil: Yellow Panini edition in France...

Roger McKenzie Interview at Dollar Bin Bandits!

Daredevil merch at Disneyland!


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