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02/04 - 60 Years of DAREDEVIL

60 years ago today, February 4, 1964, the first issue of DAREDEVIL by Stan Lee, Bill Everett and Jack Kirby, arrived on the newsstands.

Here's a short video from Marvel...

Now, you may be asking, doesn't it have an April cover date?

That April cover date was used back then as a "pull date" for the sellers, to let them know when to remove the comic from the newsstand to prepare for newer issues. While Marvel doesn't sell on the newsstands any more, you can still see that even January's DAREDEVIL #5 has a March 2024 date inside.

So, what does Marvel have planned to celebrate this occasion?

This week there will be a MARVEL: FEBRUARY 1964 OMNIBUS, with two coverrs, and will reprint DAREDEVIL #1.

In April, DAREDEVIL #8 will be an oversized issue with special guest writers and artists.

I'm hearing rumors of a DD 60th Pop! Vinyl, but haven't been able to get a firm confirmation yet.

So, what else? Any special line of variant covers? Any special projects? There is a GIANT-SIZE DAREDEVIL #1 coming. Anything else?

Any special books detailing DD's history? As always, I will keep an eye out and update.

I posted a few interviews to celebrate with Farid Karami and Aaron Kuder. I have a few more coming up.

And if I have time, I'd like to interview DD fans as well... stay tuned...


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