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08/23 - Saladin Ahmed Interview

ComicBook.com has an interview with forthcoming Daredevil writer Saladin Ahmed, and also some new full-color and lettered preview pages for issue #1 coming in September.

Some comments from Ahmed:

"I'm staying pretty mum until the book drops, because we really are trying to keep our cards close to the chest here, waging a sort of uphill battle to actually surprise readers each month when issues hit stands.

I will say that the central conceit I've had in my back pocket for a while for a Daredevil run happened to coincide BEAUTIFULLY with where Chip & Marco were headed ending their run."

Ahmed also had this to say about DD's faith:

"With Matt, there are two seemingly opposite-in-scale poles that I'm particularly interested in.

The first is the social realism that's part and parcel of the best Daredevil stories. Matt, even more than Peter Parker, is Marvel's most thoroughly 'street-level' character, and telling working-class stories of the streets has always been important to me as a writer.

Then there's the metaphysical/spiritual, which -- though he's Catholic and I'm Muslim -- has long attracted me to Matt as a character. Put simply, I've spent a lot of time worrying I've disappointed God -- and it's a thrill to get in the head and the soul of one of the few superheroes who's done the same.

Ultimately, though, I hope this run will show that these different sides to Daredevil's world aren't opposite at all, but intertwined."

SPOILERS ahead for the preview pages (especially if you haven't read the conclusion of the Zdarsky/Checchetto run)!



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