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11/12 - Stan Lee 1922-2018

Former writer, editor, publisher of Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, passed away today at age 95.

I don't need to describe the importance and influence Lee had on comics and movies. Daredevil was one of his many co-creations that has been around since 1964.

I never met Lee, but I did get in touch with him about 14 years ago for the 40th anniversary feature I did for the site. I asked him what did Daredevil mean to him personally and professionally, and he said:

"Daredevil was very important to me because he was the first superhero I created who had the serious physical handicap of blindness. It was a challenge to me to find ways for Matt Murdock to overcome his handicap and actually function as a credible superhero.

I'm enormously pleased that the project turned out so successfully, evinced by the fact that Daredevil has been a popular hero for four decades. It's also a source of great satisfaction to me that each succeeding writer has brought new, interesting concepts and characters into the series.

So here's to our good ol' Man Without Fear. Long may he reign!"

Thank you Stan.


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