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06/19 - Charles Soule Interview

Newsarama has a new interview with DAREDEVIL writer Charles Soule, where he discusses the current "Mayor Murdock" arc and what is ahead for the finale.

Some quotes:

"Well, the “Mayor Murdock” story in Daredevil covers a very specific, intense period in New York’s mayoral history. With #603, the last issue to hit, it’s not even three days since the Hand took down Fisk and Matt Murdock assumed the duties of mayor. So, he’s just trying to figure out how to save his city from the immediate threat. The rest…things like budget negotiations and arguing with Albany about fixing the subways…that will have to wait."

And what does Wilson Fisk think of Mayor Murdock?

"Well, he’s not happy that Matt Murdock’s been running the city during his convalescence, obviously. The Fisk of it all just adds a new layer of complexity to the story that I think will be fun to see as we move forward. The situation was bad enough in NYC without adding the Kingpin to the mix."

DAREDEVIL #604 ships June 20, by Soule, Henderson and Milla!

Charles Soule Interview


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