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Will Zdarsky's run end with a re-set button? (SPOILERS)

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Mike Murdock
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 16, 2023 8:56 am    Post subject: Will Zdarsky's run end with a re-set button? (SPOILERS) Reply with quote


I was thinking this more recently, but less after the last issue. There has been a lot of dramatic things that have happened, including the assassination of the President of the United States (in practically a blink and you'd miss it moment that hasn't been followed up enough). Matt is obviously in a very rough shape as well. I wondered if maybe there would be a re-set button that undid a lot of what has happened (maybe since Devil's Reign). On the other hand, Foggy and others (maybe the President?) was just rescued so I suppose it's less neccesary.

What do you think? Is there going to be a re-set at the end or will all the consequences of what happened still exist and be remembered by everyone.
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 27, 2023 1:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Keeping everything Zdarsky has set up seems a little tricky. Not knowing how his run is going to end yet, having the Fist remain a thing seems like unmanageable. (Right now Matt has been sent to the afterlife in both Daredevil and Daredevil and Echo.) I would very much like to see a lot of time pass before our next Hand story.

Otherwise, while I like the idea of Goldie, Zdarsky hasn't done nearly enough with him to justify introducing such a huge, over-arching presence over Matt's existence. I almost think Zdarsky has no business leaving the title before doing much more exploration of the Goldie character. If Zdarsky is leaving, perhaps it's best for Goldie to be forgotten rather than the character being a burden for Saladin Ahmed.

Ever since Matt got out of jail I have wanted Elektra to lose the Daredevil identity, and go back to being herself. That doesn't mean I want her to leave Matt; I just want her to have her own identity again. Again, we don't know how Zdarsky's run is going to end, so anything about Matt and Elektra is just speculation right now.

As for everyone being unable to trust Matt, I don't think that's a bad place for the character to be. I just think he has to put in the work to win his fellow heroes over one at a time. That suggests a compelling redemption arc.

I don't think Marvel has done very much with Mayor Luke Cage, and that seems like a lost opportunity.

I would like to see the Stromwyns remain as behind-the-scenes evil puppet masters. I think they're a great idea.

I would like to see Detective North remain a presence in Daredevil's supporting cast. Can we get Dakota North back too? They're probably not related, and it might cause confustion, but somebody out there make it happen! Bring back Becky Blake while you're at it!

I'm guessing Foggy is going to live, and that he will be a lawyer. I don't know if Matt will be a practising lawyer when Ahmed's run starts, but he always comes back to the law eventually.

So, it seems I don't want a total reset. While I think Zdarsky's run was going along like gangbusters until King In Black, it's been chaotic since then. Still, there are a lot of elements I enjoy that I think should stay. Let's see Mayor Cage a while longer, and let's see his dealings with the Stromwyns. But please. Please Saladin, leave the Hand (and the Fist) alone for a long, long while. (And let's see what you can do with Muse. He's a great villain Zdarsky should have used.)
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