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Elektra #4

ELEKTRA #4 - This is the issue that Brian Bendis asked Marvel to delay after September 11, presumably because it largely consists of Americans debating whether or not to drop shitloads of bombs on unco-operative Middle Eastern countries. Some very unusual storytelling here, with a more or less silent fight scene between Elektra and the Silver Samurai framed among talking heads panels from two different TV shows running in parallel. Yes, three concurrent narratives running in sequence - the sort of thing you really can't do in any other medium but still looks a bit clunky in comics. The problem here is that the central action sequence wants to rush ahead at a blinding pace compared to the sedate TV show panels, and the action sequence just ends up emasculated. Also, the art still isn't quite getting those action sequences to look fluid, and the Silver Samurai is oddly wasted as a generic martial arts opponent. A "reach exceeds its grasp" issue, I'm afraid.

Grade: B-