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Elektra #20

ELEKTRA #20 - Given that the solicitations make it blindingly obvious that this is all being swept aside at the end of the run, it's increasingly hard to get involved. Nonetheless, Rucka is continuing to do solid work with the character; the question mark is over the art. In parts, Carlos Meglia's work appeals to me, but it's a ridiculously jarring shift from earlier issues of the series. The book now looks like a particularly exaggerated cartoon, and that's totally at odds with the story Rucka is trying to do. Drake now looks positively deformed for most of the story, and Locke, who was previously merely in a wheelchair, seems to have joined the Steven Hawkings Impersonation League. I can see this art working for some stories, and there are moments when I quite like it here, but on the whole it's detracting from the writing.

Grade: B-

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