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Daredevil #51

DAREDEVIL #51 - David Mack arrives for a new storyline, and kicks off with an issue that amounts to a one-issue monologue summarising the history of Echo. It is, of course, beautiful. On the other hand, it raises my hackles by spending several pages rhapsodising about the glory of visual storytelling. Why can't comics artists just prove how good they are instead of droning on about it? I'm fed up of reading comics about how good comics are. The very fact that people seem to feel the need to keep producing them is, if anything, testimony to how few people agree. Anyway, if you can ignore the tedious promotion of the medium (even the converted can be bored by preaching), it is undeniably a very well put together monologue. I am open to persuasion as to whether it actually constitutes a comic.

Grade: B+

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