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Daredevil #50

DAREDEVIL #50 - Celebrating fifty fabulous issues since the last renumbering. Still, multiples of ten, eh? Gotta love 'em. This is the final issue of the "Hardcore" storyline and in traditional anniversary style, it's the climactic fight between Daredevil and the Kingpin. A bunch of guest artists, mostly from the series' past, turn up to contribute individual panels of the fight. It's a cute device intended to illustrate that this is an eternal conflict for the two characters which will never go away, and because of that it doesn't really matter that the continuity is shot to hell (nobody seems to have told the guest artists that the Kingpin wouldn't be wearing his usual suit, though the colourist has tried mightily to distract attention from the problem). Not quite sure what Michael Avon Oeming is doing in the list - when did he ever draw Daredevil? - but it's still a nice way of making the anniversary artist jam look like something more than a gimmick. And this time round the fight actually gets a convincing ending - though we've said that before, haven't we?

Grade: A-

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