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The X-Axis by Paul O'Brien (

Daredevil #14

DAREDEVIL #14 - This is where critics say that despite the long delays, the wait was worth it. Well, bollocks to that. This storyline is only on part five and is now into its third calendar year. That long since crossed the line between giving the creators the time they need, and indulging creative egos - especially since replacement penciller Dave Ross's pages are pretty hard to tell apart from Quesada's. This issue was due out LAST JUNE. The delays have damaged the pacing, wrecked the storytelling (since other books have blown the ending in the understandable assumption that the story would be finished by now), and however well done it may be, this has ceased to become a storyline and become little more than an industry joke. And yes, it's a good issue, but you just can't divorce it from the scheduling when the damage has become this serious. Publishing four issues of a supposed monthly storyline in the whole of 2000 is pitiful, laughable and unprofessional, and it does make a difference.
Grade: B