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Daredevil #13

DAREDEVIL #13 - An issue of Daredevil? Why, it must be a leap year! This is dated as the October 2000 issue. It is only the fourth issue to come out with a 2000 coverdate. This is pathetically unprofessional, and to say it was disrupting the flow of the story would be putting it mildly. Remember, issue #12 was a fill-in - how many months has it been since the last part of the story came out? The book long since passed the point of no excuse. As for the issue, it's an above average superhero thing which doesn't really live up to the potential of earlier issues, and certainly can't match up to expectations after such an absurd delay. Get Quesada the hell off this book and put somebody else on who can actually draw the sodding thing on schedule. A little slippage from the schedule is acceptable, but this is ridiculous.
Grade: B