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Marvel Knights #2

Marvel Knights #2: Thunder Below
Chuck Dixon: Story
Ed Barreto: Pencils, Klaus Janson: Inks

The non-team continues to investigate the monsters under the city, each for their own reasons.

First Impression:

And Deeper Into the Story:
None of these characters seem to be acting the way I'm used to them behaving in their regular books (or in the case of Dagger, in New Warriors, which is where I've been most exposed to her). Well, I can't think of _any_ stories I've read with Shang-Chi, but he's not that big a talker here anyways. Dagger seems far too unsure of herself. Daredevil and Punisher working together, for whatever reason, bugs me. And does anyone know what Black Widow is saying on pages 6 and 19 (not counting ads)? Chuck just doesn't seem to have the same handle on these characters as he does on the Bat-books he writes.

Brief Comments About the Art:
Barreto and Janson do a fine job. I especially enjoyed the shocked reactions of the other subway travelers, upon seeing Dagger, Widow and Shang-Chi. Again, it's the little details that I notice. For instance, on page 10, Punisher has night vision lenses on both eyes. For the rest of the book, it's just his right eye. Only the kind of thing you'd notice on reading a couple of times, right in succession, as you have to when you want to review a book properly. But, it's still there.

Final Thought:
Anyone else look at the final panel on page 13 and think for a second, "Wow, that's some bark for a little poodle?"

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