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Daredevil Yellow #4

Daredevil battles his first super-powered villain, Matt, Foggy and Karen go bowling, Matt watches the execution of his father's killer, and Foggy tells Matt he intends to propose to Karen. That's the goings on in this, the fourth issue of Loeb and Sale's take on the beginnings of Daredevil.

Especially after witnessing Slade's execution Matt ruminates more on his father's influence. He applies his father's tactics of laying low until his opponent runs out of gas to his developing relationship with Karen. Somehow he fails to notices Foggy's infatuation with Karen until Foggy reveals his plans to him at the end. This doesn't ring quite true for as smitten as Matt is with Karen how could he miss Foggy's physiological responses to Karen and the difference in Karen's heart rate, pulse and breathing in her reactions to Foggy as opposed to himself.

The opening sequence of the fight between Daredevil and Electro is well done. The action is good and Daredevil's questioning of why he is moving up from street criminals to super villains is a good angle. Even Electro taunts him about facing a different league of foe. Daredevil's reveling in the adulation of the dancing girls and it's carrying over into his confidence with Karen is an insightful piece of character development.

Two issues left in this miniseries which has essentially been a character study of Matt's and Daredevil's early development. It remains to be seen if Loeb and Sale have a big emotional finish in mind involving the switch from the yellow costume to the red or will be content to continue in the rather subdued vein of the first four issues with the emphasis on establishing Matt's motivations and evolution as Daredevil.

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