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Daredevil Yellow #3

Issue 3 begins with Nelson and Murdock obtaining their first clients, the Fantastic Four, and ends with the first appearance of the Owl. In between the Matt, Karen, and Foggy triangle begins to take shape and Matt teaches some college punks in a bar a lesson. Daredevil's only appears on the two pages it takes Matt to swing from the office to the aforementioned bar. The focus is clearly on Matt.

Loeb and Sale handle the FF's visit very well. Sale does a great early Sixties Thing and Loeb accurately captures the group's personality and interaction from that era. After the FF depart Matt's enhanced senses begin to pick up signs of Karen's attraction to him. Then comes their night out at the college bar where it finally dawns on Matt that Foggy is also romantically interested in Karen. Following Matt's dispatching of the three punks in an alley by the bar he visits with his father's killer, Slade, who is now on death row. Here Loeb seems to be signaling that in intends to twist the original Daredevil mythology by having a larger, more sinister force behind his father's murder. Like say the Kingpin?

As with last issue very little actually happens here to further the overall story along. But that is not a problem. The establishment of the Nelson and Murdock law firm and the development of the Karen/Matt relationship are integral to the beginnings of Daredevil and Loeb and Sale are correct to take their time in depicting them. No face off with any costumed villain could be as important at this point. However with the appearance of the Owl one seems to be just around the corner.

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