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Daredevil Yellow #2

Issue 2 of Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale's take on Daredevil's beginnings. Here only two things happen, Matt as Daredevil tracks down his father's killers and Foggy hires Karen Page. At first I was disappointed with this bare bones approach but on a second read through I appreciated the pacing very much and the narrative focusing on the relationship between Matt and his father.

Last issue we learned where the yellow uniform came from. Here Loeb ties the name Daredevil to Matt's childhood and the promise he made to his father to never fight. I glad Loeb worked the no fisticuffs pledge into this issue since it felt strange that last issue focused on Battlin' Jack Murdock and it was never mentioned. Also the inference from last issue that Battlin' Jack didn't know his winning fights were fixed is corrected.

Matt's tracking down Slade and the Fixer while ruminating internally about how similar he is to his father is a very strong sequence. Writers usually have a field day describing what Daredevil senses and Loeb, not surprisingly, does it very well. Having ignored it in the first issue he gives a passing reference to Matt having trained intensely and having heightened senses but there's still no specifics of how he obtained those senses nor how he acquired his acrobatic skills.

Sales turns in more superb pencils, effortlessly handling the extended action sequences that make up the bulk of the book. He doesn't miss a beat when the tone changes with the humorous interview process that ends the story.

We now have Matt and Foggy's office open, Karen Page hired as their secretary and Daredevil established as a costumed crime fighter. I'm anxiously awaiting where Loeb and Sale take us from here.

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