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Daredevil #34

More of the same from Bendis and Maleev. And while that is generally a very good thing here it means more very good stuff but also more of the creeping sense of impatience that started to build for me last issue.

This issue features two excellent sequences. The first is a staff meeting at the Daily Bugle where J. Jonah Jameson lashes out at his reporters for missing the Daredevil is Matt Murdock story.  Bendis nails Jameson's reaction but also shows him to be a strong newspaper man with a journalistic sense that sets the Bugle apart from the rag that is the Daily Globe. While Bendis presents a sharp take of Jameson Maleev delivers possibly the worst rendition of him ever. Without the dialogue I would have had no clue who the guy was supposed to be. Ben Urich and Peter Parker make noteworthy appearances, each trying to help their friend, Matt Murdock, by trying to convince Jameson that Matt is not Daredevil. Urich makes a good case as to why Daredevil's secret identity is not news.

The rest of the book picks up with the ending of last issue with Foggy trying to get Matt to hang up his red tights. He makes a good case and even tries his hand at amateur psychology to explain Matt's recent bouts of anger as Daredevil. Maleev pits this all on a background of Daredevil making his way from building top to building top on a rainy night. This is a bit confusing but I think Daredevil's little jount is meant to take place after Matt's talk with Foggy. Again, as in last issue, Matt doesn't offer any thoughts on how to get out of the mess or show any curiosity as to how his identity was revealed.

Bendis is known for his way with dialogue and his stunning cliffhangers. Here the dialogue is as sharp as ever but the conclusion leaves something to be desired. Just what is Maleev trying to portray? Is Daredevil approaching the reporters to make a statement? Is he just swinging by them? The art isn't clear and Bendis offers no captions or dialogue to help. Also how did Daredevil get out of the apartment without being seen by the horde of media staking the place out?

In isolation this is an extremely strong issue.  However it has to seen in the context of the current arc and Bendis and Maleev's time on this book. In that sense the focus on process and detail is starting to wear thin. If this were published as a graphic novel I wouldn't have a problem but as a monthly these guys need to pick up the pace before frustration with the lack of progression overtakes appreciation for their fine craftsmanship. Oh and by the way, dynamite cover.

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