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Daredevil #28

We interrupt the regular flow of the "Underboss" arc from Brian Michael Bendis and Alex Maleev so Daredevil can participate in Marvel's 'Nuff Said Silent Month.  While this is easily the best of the silent issues I've read I can't help but feeling slightly cheated. Bendis handles the story very well, especially for someone whose strength is terrific dialogue.  However the "Underboss" story was off to such a strong start that I can't help but think of this issue as a gimmicky sidetrack at best as it does little or nothing to further the main story along.  That said it is very well done and as I pointed out before easily the cream of the silent issues I read.

Plot wise Matt returns to his office to find a note from Elektra warning him there's an open half million dollar bounty on his head.  Bendis cheats the silent month here by allowing us to read Elektra's note.  From Bendis' script, partially published in the back, we are told Matt finds Karen Page's obituary which Elektra had been reading and it triggers memories of Elektra, Karen Page and Bullseye. On my own I didn't get that Karen's obituary was in the scene at all.  Such is one of the many shortcomings of silent month. Soon his remencising is interrupted by Matt's feeling the light from the scope of a rifle on his forehead.  Quickly, as Daredevil, he confronts the assassin on the roof across from his office.  Daredevil subdues him, finds a flyer concerning the bounty on Matt in his pocket and then spies another assassin.  This one wears a small mask and uses a boomerang.  After a short chase he too is quickly subdued and turned over to the police. Among the crowded street we see Bullseye with a hat and overcoat covering his costume. We also see the bounty note in his pocket.  Daredevil seems to sense his presence but the crowd overwhelms his senses before he can be sure.

This issue establishes there's an open bounty on Matt and that Bullseye may soon enter the picture.  This pushes the "Underboss" story along slightly but hardly seems worth a whole issue to do so.  Again, based on the first two issues without the Silent Month gimmick I think we get a much more intriguing and compelling comic. In a format like this the artist has to shine and Alex Maleev does.  Initially I was uncomfortable with his work on this book but the last two issues have brought me into his corner.  He handles the storytelling load well conveying the emotional moments with as much skill as he handles the action. Bendis also continues to impress as he delivers a story which is easy to follow (except for the Karen obit part) and keeps it simple and effective, generally avoiding things which just wouldn't come across well without words.

This is a tie-in with Elektra number 6 but I don't think missing the other comic would impact on the "Underboss" tale at all. This is probably as good as the 'Nuff Said issues get but I still resent the gimmick from putting a detour in "Underboss."

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